Retain your Gen Z workforce with these tips
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Retain your Gen Z workforce with these tips

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Gen Z! What is it? Well, the ideal answer to this question will be – Gen Z or Generation Z, sometimes, also known as ‘iGeneration’ or ‘iGen’ refers to the generation that is familiar with devices like iPads. This generation lies in the era of 1996 and 2016.

When you talk about work, what are the expectations of Gen Z?

Gen Z wants their managers to be good listeners as well as value their ideas. They are the ones who strongly believe that the workplace should highlight the advantages of ideas rather than for the number of years an employee has stayed in the organization.

This generation gives high importance to in-person communication rather any type of social interaction taking place in the form of All Hands Meet. They are the true believers of soft skills and interpersonal relationships.

The iGeneration comes with a mindset of commencing their own business sometime in the lifetime. In other words, people with this mentality are the ones you would like to have in your team because they believe in implementing ideas to make the business flourishing. You should think about how you might integrate that attitude into your process.

Is Gen Z committed towards a long-term?

Mostly, Generation Z has a belief that three years or less is the reasonable amount of time they should spend at their first job.

Now, the real question is how one should retain Gen Z?

When it comes to retaining Gen Z, it is you who need to be trained a bit differently than what you’re used to! Let us share some tips that should help you in retaining this generation as well as keep your business running in a healthy way once they enter the workforce.

  • There should be a freedom in the workplace. One of the core values that Gen Z believes in is freedom! To achieve this goal, what are the steps that you should take? Well, you can start seeking help from your staff in preparing training courses that follow the rule of ‘train whenever or train wherever’ functionality.
  • This generation is tech savvy and is grown-up using iPads and smartphones. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to leverage these technologies in the office, wherever it is possible.
  • Take help of Millennials to train Generation Z! The Millennials are the closest group to Gen Z and hence, would be more comfortable to communicate with them. The former can easily play the role of the mentor for the later and can have better in-person communication. For this, make sure that you organize proper management and training skills to the Millennials.
  • The iGen wants to learn entrepreneurship, so you can make them feel that they are entrepreneurs. You can achieve this by offering options, like taking online professional development courses, attending conferences, and getting proper knowledge of your niche. If you make them feel that they are moving forward, then they will definitely help you to move forward.


To achieve the best results, you should make sure that you are few steps ahead of this generation in terms of what all steps are required to be taken to keep them happy. Once you start thinking this way, it is for sure that the iGeneration will be there to help you out in achieving the desired results for the best of the business!

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