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What is the right colour for your office?

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Holi, the festival of colours is just round the corner. While everyone is talking about colours in some way or the other, we about how these hues impact our workplaces. Take a look!

Who wouldn’t want to paint the town, err…office red? But do you know that the colours around you at your workplace impact your mood and productivity? Here is what these colours mean:

Red: No, its not the colour for that danger board which you would love to hang outside your boss’ cabin. Red symbolizes high energy. Having lots of red around would make you feel “awake”, and energized. On the flip side, red is found to reduce analytical thinking.

Green: Yes it is environment friendly, but also reassuring calming. Green is the colour that signifies balance and stability at a work place. Green is also found to induce more productivity at a workplace.

Blue: Labelled as the “most productive” colour, blue is one of the most commonly used office decor shade. It instigates the mind and is found to enhance “mind work”.

Orange: This is another commonly used colour and is symbolizes good values. You will see orange being used in a lot of retail brands as it signifies good vale in low cost.

Pink: Pink is the most common shade used in feminine businesses. It signifies nurturing and care.

Gold: True to its price in jewelry, gold symbolizes luxury and elegance at a workplace. Most workplaces may use gold around seats of senior members as gold also reflects wisdom and experience.

Black and White: Now of course, these are the most common shades one would see anywhere. However, black encourages coldness and is not a real team colour. Though white signifies peace, a lot of experts discourage use of plain white as too much white intensifies everything in its way and gives an impression of disinterest and detachment.

No colour is magical, nor any wall…choosing a right shade may just help you boost your and you team’s mood in the right way! So choose your hues wisely.

And as for Holi, get as colourful as you can! Have a great Holi!

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