Recognition Culture The Sure-Fire Way of Boosting Employee Confidence
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Recognition Culture: The Sure-Fire Way of Boosting Employee Confidence

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Receiving is good, but giving is better – this seems to be true in case of workplaces and recognition. This may sound a little confusing, but a recent study conducted by OC Tanner on almost 3,500 employees suggests that employees who give recognition to their colleagues feel more confident at work. The participants included employees working for more than 18 years in companies with workforce of 500+ from various countries worldwide, including India, Australia, US, UK, Canada, Germany and Singapore.

Given below are the key findings from study:

  • Around 90% of participants who gave recognition to colleagues said that their work has seen considerable improvement and innovation during last year;
  • 89% said that giving recognition helps in fostering a good company culture;
  • 79% said that the person who gives recognition to colleagues also feels encouraged and morally obliged to work harder;
  • And finally, 75% participants said that giving recognition made them feel that they should stay longer in the company.

These’re very important findings, which can help leaders solve a wide range of problems that often plague the companies. There’s often a lot of talk about Performance Management HR Software System and innovative appraisal strategies among HR managers, but small things like this can also make a lot of difference. Challenges related to employee engagement, company culture, morale and attrition – all can be tackled nicely by taking advantage of this one simple strategy. All you need to do is to foster a recognition culture in your workplace.

A recognition culture is one in which recognition and encouragement are not given by leadership teams alone but also by everyone working in the organization. Colleagues working in the same teams and nearly similar positions also recognize the achievements of their teammates. And if you can foster such a great culture in your company by continuously reminding and encouraging your employees to recognize the work of others, you can certainly build a great organization.

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