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5 must ask questions to your HRMS vendor

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Asking questions is a good habit. Although a parent of a 3 year old who incessantly asks a million questions all day long would beg to differ. As a company who’s taking a plunge towards new software, it would be better to have numerous questions before implementation than afterwards. These questions serve multiple purposes. They help you answer your requirements as well as zero down on the vendor who can provide you excellent services.

If the vendors are unable to answers your questions satisfactorily, it would be time to move on to someone else. If they offer you exactly what you want and a little more than that, you have found your HRMS vendor. Some questions help you and your vendor to be on the same page, which is extremely important for a successful implementation.

The List of Questions

The web based HRMS software offers multiple features for various departments such as payroll, training, analytical etc. Each department has different requirements so the approach should be different. Asking the right questions to the vendors will greatly benefit however the same questions cannot be applied for all each of the categories. In this blog-post, let us focus on important payroll questions that you need to ask your vendors.

1)      Do your features and offerings address our requirements?

Having the best payroll management software in India would make no difference if its features do not match your organization’s requirements. Before approaching the vendors make a list of your exact requirements and try keeping as specific and detail oriented as possible. It will help the vendor understand your requirements clearly. You may include questions regarding individual features such as salary, tracking vacations and other paid leaves, tax returns, reimbursements, savings and loans, bonuses etc. See what the vendors have to offer and if they fulfill your requirements you can take the next step.

2)      How will the payroll data of the company be protected?

You may try to compromise on some feature or the other, but if there one aspect you should never compromise on and it’s the security. Payroll data should be protected at all times which is why you should understand how your vendor would approach this issue. Would the data be encrypted? Will they take a back-up of the data? What is their disaster recovery plan? How would a resigning employee’s data be handled? Is there protection against theft and hacking? Tackle every single security related question and do not settle for ambiguous answers.

3)      Which templates would they be providing?

The whole idea of having payroll HRMS is for the employees to have an easy access to their payroll details. However, if the details are in a template that none of them can understand, then the purpose of having web based HRMS software would be lost. Ask what kind of templates do they offer and check if those can be comprehended easily by the users. The employees should be able to understand all their payroll details such as the breakdown of salary, track their reimbursements and tax returns.

4)      Will their product integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting systems?

It is obvious that you an accounting system in place. You would need a product that can integrate well with it without raising any concerns. The updates should be compatible with the accounting system and the software should be accessible and automated easily.

5)      Can the solution cater to different tax requirements?

If your company has a global presence, it is obvious that different tax rules would be applied to different countries. Ask the vendors if their product can handle this issue without any problems. One tiny mistake and it could lead to legal hassles, which of course is not a pleasant place to be.

Make sure to check the stability, credibility and the support system of the vendor before making the final decision. Once you are totally satisfied with the vendor and their offerings, you can proceed to join hands with them. Don’t worry about sounding like that overtly inquisitive child who asks a question at every stroke of the clock. After all, these questions determine how your money would be spent, so make sure that it’s worth it. Get in touch with those who provide the best payroll management software in India and fire those questions.

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