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August 20, 2014

Among the biggest example of consequences people bear when failing to identify their frenemies is Shakespeare’s tragic hero Julius Caesar. He failed to recognize his frenemies and never expected that Brutus would kill him. When he was assaulted by the conspirators, Caesar approached Brutus for help since he considered him as his incredible companion. Sadly, Brutus stabbed him and Caesar dies with his last words, ‘Et tu Brute?‘

People frequently neglect to recognize their enemies who are in guise of friends. We frequently come across frenemies in our personal, work and social lives. They are risky buddies who cause more harm to us than good. Spotting them early and keeping up a safe distance from them puts us safe rationally and physically. We regularly don’t perceive who our enemies are as we don’t have any magical stick to identify them. Here are a few gears to recognize frenemies:

On the off-chance, if you find that there is any conflict between their body and oral dialect, they could be frenemies. Uneecops, the best HRMS software company in India identify the following characteristics of a frenemy –

  • They commonly censure and betray your trust;
  • They often contrast you with others to de-motivate you;
  • They may not turn up when you are in pressing need of assistance;
  • They regularly castigate you and defame;
  • They regularly restrict what you say without substantial reasons;
  • They think of harmful conversations that intoxicate your thoughts;
  • They are in constant rivalry with you to stay updated about your advancement.

In today’s cut-throat competition where an employee attempts to subdue the other keeping in mind the end goal to lead the other, it is obvious to come across a ton of frenemies (friend + enemies) at professional arena. There might be numerous explanations behind the same, extending from conceit to fear of being marked as uncouth. For instance – two friends working on a same task can likely be transformed into enemies once the task becomes unsuccessful as they start accusing one another for the failure. One ought to be vigilant while managing frenemies:

  • Don’t talk about your individual matters with them;
  • Don’t condemn your boss before them. You never know when they use that data to get into their good books;
  • Maintain professionalism in your behavior with others.

Having said this, you can in any case discover great friends as well, who won’t just help you in your expert and individual matters, but additionally take stand for you when required. There is an old colloquial that your foe’s foe is your companion. Yet in today’s relentlessly competitive world you might not need to go too far to search for enemies. On the other hand, this foe is diverse in light of the fact that he/she is a part of your team and works on the same assignments as those of yours. To make matters more impulsive, he/she is also in the same race for that promotion or appraisal at the end of the year as you are.

Things are different now and so are the ways we carry on at the professional environment. The workplace environment during this modern time is a great deal more casual and open. Gone are the times of nine to five employments. The inborn human need to socialize and discover familial bonds in the workplace drives individuals to verge on one another. On one hand, it has prompted an upsurge in chances of office sentiments; on the other hand, it likewise implies that we create contenders around us who are camouflaged in the cover of friends. Such guised friends are known as frenemies.

As long as you view your frenemy as your rival and play the sport inside the tenets, it ought to enhance your performance hence, improved benefit. The minute line between a companion and a frenemy is drawn by trust. In any case, not believing somebody doesn’t provide you the permit to backstab them. Play the game according to the principles, face individuals focused around your aptitudes and dominate them focused around your execution.

Playing blindly to the inevitable danger doesn’t deflect the danger. The alternatives we have are to fight or flight. The latter occasionally lives up to expectations. It is additionally impossible in light of the reliance you have created with your frenemy, having cooperating for so long. Face it, work for the similar objectives that both of you impart and attempt and comprehend why the relationship created the way it did. The developers of HR One, the human resource management software for small business think that tolerance is the key. The reason could be that you don’t believe your frenemy in light of the fact that he/she doesn’t believe you and that is the reason. Regardless, correspondence is imperative. Act genuinely on your part and recall, there is no divider which cannot be destructed.

Every one faces “Frenemies” at work. Here are tips to handle them


By HR-One Team
August 12, 2014

Why are employees in a few organizations blissful to stay with the organization while others search for a change? The reason is that a few organizations know how to take great forethought of their employees and give a working environment that helps them hold their personality, while substantiating themselves and developing alongside the organization.

Here are a few of the best HR practices that assistance in the making of a profoundly fulfilled and inspired work power.

Work Environment

A sheltered and blissful working environment makes the employees like being there. Everyone is given imperativeness and gave the security that provides for them the inspiration and motivator to remain. This is typically accomplished through inner overviews to discover whether they are fulfilled and if not what they think needs to be changed.

Open Management

Employees dislike the inclination of being kept oblivious about what is occurring in the organization. They feel propelled and create energy just when the administration opens up to them and talks about the organization arrangements, deals, customers, contracts, objectives and destinations. This supports participative administration. Approaching them for plans on the most proficient method to enhance will get their innovative juices streaming. Being open about everything identified with the organization will help in building trust and propelling the employees. This open administration strategy could be worked on utilizing a few instruments.

Execution Incentives

Each great execution is acknowledged as a gesture of congratulations, rewards or giving some other payment for an occupation well done. Associations that strive to stay aware of the whittling down rate are generally those that think employees are “simply” doing their occupation. Regardless of the possibility that it is the employee’s occupation, finish in a calculable way calls for a motivator, and this goes far in boosting the staff spirit. These motivating forces could be executed at the single person and in addition the group level and it has been seen that this works ponders in getting the best out of the employees. Anyway it is essential to remember that these rewards ought not be given without a reason, unless it is a guarantee for yearly rewards or some such thing. Doing so will just diminish the apparent estimation of the rewards.

Execution Feedback

This is one the routines that is continuously trailed by numerous associations. Criticism is taken from the supervisor, as well as from different seniors and subordinates. Beforehand, gratefulness was just looked for from the quick supervisor or the administration, yet now associations comprehend the criticalness of gathering execution input from a few quarters. The presumption of everybody matters, particularly for somebody who is in an administration part at any level. Every individual in the group is in charge of giving helpful input. Such types of framework aides in distinguishing individuals, who can perform well as pioneers at more elevated amounts in the association. Indeed the senior level directors can utilize this framework further bolstering their good fortune, as an apparatus to enhance them.

Employee Evaluation

Each organization has an employee assessment framework set up. However, a decent framework joins singular execution to the objectives and necessities of the association. This works well when accomplishments are followed over a year. For a reasonable audit of every employee, the assessment, separated from being carried out by the manager, ought to be carried out by someone else at a more elevated amount, for whom the employee’s commitment is vital. Evaluations can additionally be gotten by different employees. This guarantees a reasonable and precise rating of every single employee.

Imparting of Knowledge

Learning offering is a great methodology that aides in the wellbeing of the employees and their work. Keep all the proficient data in focal databases that could be gotten to by every last employee. Case in point, if an employee is sent on some preparation, the learning that is gained by that employee could be put away in these databases for others to gain from it. Indeed imaginative plans that the administration considers fit for employees to see, might be put away here for all to see.

Expose Good Performances

Each organization has a few employees who beat others. Such exhibitions ought to be highlighted and showed where different employees can take a gander at them, for example, on the showcase sheets and intranet and so on. This will urge others to give their best. A legitimate framework ought to be set up to make an arrangement of high exhibitions at particular times in a year.


Effective associations sustain thoughts and they comprehend that employees who are really meeting expectations and know the business can give the best plans. The administration ought to have discourses with employees to get these thoughts out of them. There can additionally be recommendation boxes to catch these thoughts. Through this framework, supervisors can discover skilled employees and create them.


While distinguishing of ability is very vital and must be brought about a noticeable improvement path than holding services and affirming to the entire world (the employees), the accomplishments of a kindred employee. There might be nothing preferable for an employee over the potent feeling from a resonating praise.

The Surprise Factor

Who doesn’t like amazement? Surprise meriting employees – when they are slightest expecting it. It could be a blessing testament or a little remunerate or something to that affect. This astonishment doesn’t need to be restricted to the best entertainers, yet it could be arbitrarily given to others as a propelling variable as well. Anybody could be given this shock reward.

HR-One HR Management Software developers suggest that these sound HR practices support the development of the association as employees after all assume a real part in the prosperity of an organization. Making an employee feel like a million dollars pays as the achievement of an association.

Best HR practices for successful companies


By HR-One Team
July 28, 2014

To help gainfulness and benefit of a business organization, its human asset department needs to be redesigned actually. On the off chance that it gets specialized points of interest, it might have the capacity to convey more key yields than at any time in the past, can upgrade worker engagement and hold top entertainers of the client organization. HR department ought to work towards attaining them.

With attaining them, it can enhance the gainfulness and benefit of the organization and, in the meantime, it can supplant the traditional paper-based, time-taking and failure prone manual HR management systems. Utilization of an online HRMS can update the HR department considerably and help produce educated business decisions significantly.

Actually exceptional human asset department of a business organization can deal with its exercises perfectly. A right decision of a decent HRMS solution can make this conceivable and fulfill everyday HR functions rapidly and immaculately, with substantially less conveying sagacious business sagacity. Nowadays, organizations are seen turning to online HRMS solutions to overcome numerous business challenges, economic dimensions, and strategic issues. At the same time, settling on a right decision is truly troublesome in light of the accessibility of their numerous sorts. Notwithstanding, while wanting to purchase such a solution, verify, to the point that the solution has these beneath expressed gimmicks.


Regarding the matter of dealing with workers’ profiles, you need to ensure them by all methods. Settling on a decision of a framework that can secure workers’ profiles completely is extremely essential, in light of the fact that such imperative database ought not be permitted to get abused or misused. Indeed, it is the inclination of security as one of the primary reasons that you pick a solution that can secure the database completely.


An organization ought to pick such a framework, to the point that is accessible to use adjust the clock. Case in point, the framework ought to have an office to get to its database from anyplace, whenever, much after the business hours. This office can permit the workers of the client organizations to know of their pay history, time off, contact information, timing and a lot of people more. With utilizing it, they can additionally send change solicitation to the HR department to roll out improvement of any transferred information. For doing these, they don’t need to sit tight for someone from the HR department to help them with routine appeals. Additionally, an alternate essential part of a dependable HR Management Solution is its capability to meet your record-keeping necessities, and rapidly get to that database to stay in agreeability with workforce regulations.

Single Employee Record:

With having more than one installations of HRM programming, clients discover overseeing worker database and synchronizing exercises of a few departments troublesome. Yet, it gets to be less demanding with having a framework that can bring together database consistently. Such an incorporated framework can offer a solitary source to payroll, examination, administration, worker life-cycle management and other discriminating representative information. Also, it can bring about consistent, dependable information that your whole organization depends on.


Office of having consistent communication with workers guarantees that things accomplish legitimately. Each representative of your organization ought to be mindful of the objectives of your organization so they progress in the direction of them successfully. Yet, to guarantee their responsibility, a great HRM framework needs to be utilized. With having such a framework, you can advise your workers, supervisors, HR staffs, and payroll staffs when something needs their attention. Once more, to improve the HR functions, a quick framework needs to be utilized to get auto-produced email cautions about numerous things, for instance looming representative certification recharging dates, and so on. A framework that has coordinated administration toward oneself module could be useful for the HR chiefs to correspond all the more adequately with the workers by permitting them to effortlessly recover information. On the off chance that a framework has these solutions, it can dispense with the issues that beforehand existed and brought about noncompliance danger, missed plan numbers, or confusion over attained profits. A decent HR framework produces reports effectively and flawlessly.

Return on Employee Investment (ROEI):

Secure, solid, faultless report generation and compelling communication are the end results of a successful HRMS. Yet, what use improves it have unless profit and full worker engagement are guaranteed? This angle is paramount for an organization, in light of the fact that evaluation of representative exhibitions is done all the more viably by a framework that has got this peculiarity incorporated into it. Truth be told, a business organization means to attain the worth for the money it has used on its representatives and representative management setups. This is the thing that ROEI need to educate all regarding!

In this aggressive business world, attaining the business objectives for a business organization is getting to be very troublesome, however it is simple when it utilizes HRMS solutions that help them take control of HR information and mechanize key techniques. In the event that a business organization can guarantee security, unwavering quality, a solitary worker record, viable communication and a robust ROEI, it will have the capacity to create the best values. Furthermore, its HR department can convey shrewd business insights furthermore will have the capacity to help the client organization overcome numerous difficulties related with human asset and economic weights confronted consistently.

What are the Features to be consider while buying HRMS software?


By HR-One Team
July 24, 2014

Human resources are seen as a key variable in an organization’s capacity to assemble and manage focal point and accordingly assume a discriminating part in business endeavors. Over the recent decades, human resource management has changed and get to be more perplexing – for the most part because of outer variables, for example, engineering, a developing nature’s domain and client requests, outside rivalry or the globalization of business. In any case it has never been more vital for the business holder to have a solid understanding of center human resource issues – and not just is it critical – its getting compulsory to proceed with achievement.

Whether an ambitious person outsources human resource capacities or not; there are some human resource issues better managed and saw by the business holder. The criticalness of preparing your employees is a human resource capacity ambitious people must invest time on – particularly when taking a gander at a future vision for your organization. It’s basic to guarantee that your employees are prepared to handle the mechanical and natural changes that are prone to affect your business. Employee preparing shouldn’t stop with your new contract introduction techniques. Authoritative preparing needs are progressing, especially in today’s economy.

Not just can a solid human resource comprehension be an exceptional wellspring of maintained playing point; however brilliant recruitment, approach execution, execution management and preparing can increase the value of any firm. Here is a gander at three human resource errands that you have to think about:

Situating Employees for Success with an Ongoing Needs Assessment Process

The most brilliant approaches to guarantee employees have the fundamental preparing to best position your business for long haul achievement is with a continuous needs evaluation process. This doesn’t need to be confused, however the procedure includes understanding where your association is presently, as far as employee aptitudes, and where it needs to be later on. Distinguishing crevices between employee’s present capacities and what they have to do now and later on is fundamental to stay with your aggressive. As you experience this investigation, consider the qualities and shortcomings in your organization. Normal territories for development in numerous organizations is helping administrators better oversee for execution. Numerous individuals are pushed into managerial positions in light of the fact that they’re actually great at their occupations; however they aren’t prepared as chiefs to help their subordinates attain crest execution.

This is one of the discriminating needs that business holders perceive in their staff – useful management preparing. This is steady with the way that a standout amongst the most discriminating issues confronting ambitious people with developing businesses is the essentialness of creating high-potential employees that can perform various parts under different phases of development.

Distinguish Training Issues with an Employee Development Plan

When you have evaluated your association’s preparation needs, you can distinguish which crevices are really preparing issues. An employee improvement arrangement will move your association closer to its long haul key objectives. Deliberately, it’s cunning to recognize the innovative and ecological elements that will impact your business’ capacity to stay aggressive. For instance, administration preparing could be an imperative segment of progression arranging. Programming preparing builds intensity as organizations robotize. This is a productive human resource exercise for business holders and sharpens their general abilities.

Organizations focused on employee preparing can understand the profits of enhanced employee fulfillment and maintenance. Keeping very prepared and roused employees overwhelmingly helps your organization’s prosperity and provides for your preference.

Adequately Communicating Policies and Practices with Employees

The business holder is frequently the one and only that can make a learning society in business. Start by plainly imparting your desire that employees ought to make the strides important to sharpen their abilities to stay on top of their callings or fields of work. Convey to your employees the particular preparing needs and focused on results you’ve made as a consequence of your needs examination.

It’s useful to give a robust introduction to your organization’s society, including your learning society, to any new employees you procure. Each effective preparing and development program likewise incorporates a part that addresses your present and future authority needs. Your employees are your standard business holding. Show others how it’s done, if employees see you focused on consistently sharpening your abilities, they’re prone to take after. Because of their little size, little businesses can need management limit and they can’t bear the cost of expensive help administrations like budgetary, human resource, lawful and so on. To be fruitful, they must create solid management groups and embrace a society of learning.

Building an extraordinary organization has a ton to do with how individuals cooperate and this is an alternate basic territory of human resources that business managers must dig into. Arrangements and practices can enhance the way your employees associate, while minimizing the staff hindrances that can result in issues.

By what means would you be able to verify your employees have clear desires and are dealt with reasonably as they work to help construct your organization? The response is the way you address key components of your work environment arrangements. Individuals like to have an acceptable understanding of their part in an organization and also the parts of others. Effective groups have decently characterized parts or positions and clear reporting structures that define who’s in control and how assignments are to be finished. Business people additionally need to impart a reasonable understanding of what is and what is not satisfactory conduct inside the organization.

Laying out principles helps superintendents with obligation issues and consistence. It’s likewise vital to state outcomes for infringement so employees recognize what’s in store and have reasonable cautioning of those desires. This is to a great degree vital on the grounds that an employee who feels they’ve been dealt with unjustifiably can make a lot of risk. Do your employees have an employee handbook or arrangement guide? Shouldn’t we think about preparing or structures for direction? Apparatuses like these are fundamental to dodge obligation, additionally diminish the time you go through managing individual issues rather than business matters. As the pioneer of the organization, it’s huge that you get included in these essential human resource capacities and frequently crucial to your prosperity. HR management software in India has revolutionized the basic HR trends into technological aspects. With Uneecops HR One HRMS solution you can flow with latest HR trends.

What are Critical HR tasks for Small and Mid-size Businesses?


By HR-One Team
June 12, 2014

Human Resource is a company’s most significant asset,a catalyst behind its success. That’s why the role of HR department is so crucial for the success of an organization. An HR practitioner has the key responsibility of managing a company’s employees according to organizational policies while keeping the employees happy and motivated by rewarding them to the maximum. Over the past few decades, HR activities have become highly tedious and have involved large volumes of paperwork and brainstorming, including Recruitment, Personnel Management, Payroll, Human Resource Development, Organization Structure, Records of Attendance and other duties.

Flowing with the trend

With cut-throat business competition, it is important that companies develop externally. However, an organization occupied with internal mismanagement can never be able to handle industry challenges. It is important that the internal processes are streamlined at first to focus completely on business challenges. Modern HR professionals need to adopt a strategic outlook to work simpler and better.This is when arises a need for quality Human Resource Management System, commonly known as HRMS solutions.

How is HRMS advantageous?

  • Every organization has its defined functions. It is essential to plan and execute these primary functions and activities of the organization. In such a scenario, an HRMS solution is helpful in accomplishing these tasks both efficiently as well as economically. HRMS software help in automating the core functions.
  • Another important HR task is Recruitment. Selection of aspirants, conducting interviews, scheduling meetings and so on were hectic before the introduction of HRMS solution.Nowadays, smarter businesses install HRMS solutions which assist an HR in selection, sorting and finalizing suitable candidates. Scheduling of job interviews, conducting online tests, sorting the selected candidates and many other manual jobs can be automated through an effective HRMS solution. The budgeting of the recruitment process can be also supported through the solution. Apart from this, the effectiveness of recruitment can be calculated through HRMS software.
  • After recruitment process ends, there comes the need of training the new and existing employees. An HRMS helps to discover the training requirements of different employees to enhance their skills and make them familiar with latest industry practices. Training helps in boosting employee satisfaction and imparts them professional expertise. Thus, a motivated worker will definitely dedicate the complete skill in draining the best out of him. Hence, the organization gets the best of human talent.
  • Evaluation of employee performance at different hierarchy and examining the number of productive hours has become much easier with HRMS solution. Performance management tools help in providing an overall assessment of employee activity.
  • Payroll calculations, attendance management, leave records and holiday planner is another interlinked profile an HR needs to work upon. HRMS solution not only assists but independently handles the payroll for employees with greater accuracy and efficacy. Thus, the tiresome practice of data entry and endless paperwork becomes obsolete, thereby, minimizing time-usage.
  • Maintaining employee records and updating them is another ease factor an HRMS solution can provide to HR practitioners. Tools like employee self service provides access to employees who can make changes in their records and update it with the relevant information. Thus, the headache of updating employee records personally and doing it with precision has become a task of by-gone days.
  • Compliance policies are another important task for HR that is to be accomplished without failure. It is essential for organizations to submit statutory reports to government authorities within the defined deadline. HRMS softwares have pre-installed formats that are widely accepted by authorities. It becomes easy to download these formats and implement it to design the specific reports to be submitted for legal and statutory purposes.

HRMS consultation

It is important to choose the right HRMS solution for your organization that may best suit your industry trends. It is highly necessary that your HRMS solution assists in combating the challenges of your domain. A solution is useless if it is unable to satiate your regularly changing industry challenges. Thus, analyze the market properly before choosing the right vendor for obtaining the perfect HR Management Solution.

Why You Need an HRMS Right NOW!


By HR-One Team
May 27, 2014

HR holds a very important role in promoting the internal and external activities of any business. With pre-defined roles taught in B-Schools, most HR practitioners are often unable to identify the most effective HR practices in and outside their organizations. It is important that you understand the importance of some commonly ignored HR practices for the growth of your employees and resources who in return contribute to the business development. Let us understand a few of the top HR practices that would be useful in a long run.

First Impression on a prospective employee.

The Human Resource Department is the foremost link between a new hire and the existing staff of the company. Thus, it is important that the HR is cordial with them and help them capture all that the company can offer. Never assume the new hires to know what your organization expects them to do as the policies which you feel are simple may appear complex to them. Develop a basic and uncomplicated handbook for the employees stating the job descriptions, attendance policies, leave rules, payment modes, etc.

Motivational Strategy.

Adopt a motivational strategy to keep your workers enthused. Researches indicate that employees have three major requirements: exciting work, appreciation for a good task and involvement in the company practices. However, it is not necessary to provide financial rewards every-time. A daily inspirational mail, monthly get-together, mentorship programmes, etc. can be taken up for keeping employees motivated.

HR Automation.

Modernize the HR processes by installing HRMS and Payroll solution. This not only improves interpersonal communication and accessibility but also saves time. This software are a single solution to manage all aspects of employee engagement with complete efficiency, convenience and transparency.

The basic aim of Human Resource Management should not be to keep things veiled under terms and conditions but to keep a selective transparency between the employer and the employees. Always remember that employee engagement is the skill of engaging individuals in reliable connections with the organization to leverage work into development.

Best HR Practices for you organization


By HR-One Team
May 23, 2014

The HR department of an organization is in command of recruiting new workforce. It is not an easy job to draw and pick the most competent aspirant to fill an open position. Often the employee offered in the resume is not precisely the one required in tangible situations. There are situations in which endless applicants post their resumes for the position and it becomes unmanageable for the recruiters to handle bulk applications. The process of recruitment begins with the selection of matching profiles, sorting applications, scheduling interviews, lining them effectively and recruiting the right candidate. Thus, recruitment effectiveness is highly required off the HR practitioners.There is no explicit method of determining recruitment effectiveness. However, the key parameter to judge recruitment effectiveness is time. There is an inverse proportionality between time and effective recruitment, i.e. shorter the time span taken for recruiting a candidate higher is the Recruitment Efficiency of the HR. Another important parameter of efficient recruitment is the kind of applicants attracted for the interviews. If the majority of contenders are sufficiently qualified, it shows that the HR is efficient enough in recruitment processes.The use of HRMS solution to manage recruitment process can prove to be an intelligent move for increasing the recruitment efficiency of an organization. HRMS solutions offer the tools for recruitment management. These help in interlinking HR professionals with candidate and consultation portals thereby, managing resumes online. Recruitment budgets and status reports can be easily generated through HRMS Software. Thus, recruitment efficiency multiplies drastically contributing to smart talent acquisition and financial gains.

5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Recruitment More Effective


By HR-One Team