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August 19, 2016

Payroll, or employee compensation management, is a multi-layered process. It is not just about disbursing salaries on time, but also includes a whole lot

By admin
August 3, 2016

Is it going to be the age of HR bots? Will our amiable folks be replaced by statistical softwares? Well, no!

If you think

By admin
July 27, 2016

With over 75M downloads worldwide in a week (without official launch at many places), Pokémon Go is the new found love of mobile gamers. Interestingly,

By admin
July 25, 2016

Ok, its Monday and world is busy cribbing about Monday blues. If you are also (like us!) tired of seeing sleepy, sad, confused faces around you at your

By admin
July 21, 2016

Work from home or hiring remote employees is becoming a popular trend. It is convenient for people and cost effective for businesses. However, you need

By admin
July 20, 2016

To be able to grow your business fast, you need to take faster decisions. And to be able to make the right decisions quickly, you

By admin
July 19, 2016

“First impression is the last impression.” This may or not be true, but you only get one chance for that impression, and it obviously stays in someone’s mind for

By admin
July 15, 2016

Staying awake at work can be a real challenge when you are bored, sleep deprived or exhausted. Here are some caffeine-free tips to get that

By admin
July 13, 2016

While grapevine gossip is a great source of informal information and keeps the employees entertained, it also creates a lot of confusion and uncertainty at the workplace.

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