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February 2, 2015

An HRMS system is known for having multiple functionalities that enrich the performance of Human Resource department in any organization. These features focus on different aspects of the HR department, while enhancing each operation to its maximum. The HR managers find a lot of assistance through HRMS which makes their work a lot easier. One such feature is the payroll management system. This functionality helps in making sure that the payroll system is smooth minus any glitches. Payroll is a crucial aspect and can be a tricky aspect to manage when done manually. Overlooking the financial aspect of any company is one of the most important things to do and when you get such an efficient helping hand such as HRMS, it would only help to milk its benefits to the full. The different features of an HRMS help an HR manager in different ways. Let us see how the payroll management system helps an HR manager.

A Helping Hand to the HR Manager

The payroll management software is where one manages all the records of the employees in an organization. There are many HRMS software solution providers  who could list down the number of ways this software can help the HR manager. Having a single place where all the important documents and information can be stored and monitored is a must, especially when the size of the organization is large. The workflow can be defined well and communication between different parties can be made very effective and simple, thanks to the payroll system. Some of the other ways that the HR manager benefits through the payroll system are:

Efficiently manage the finances of the organization as a whole: The payroll system keeps a check on the payroll of every employee so that no discrepancies occur causing any conflict. However, it is equally important to track the overall finances and expenses of the organization as a whole. The payroll software helps the HR manager in accessing the tax processes efficiently. The salaries of different employees can be accessed in different modes such as processing and deduction. It takes into account the leaves taken by employees. A record of every pay-slip is recorded and saved in an electronic format on the system. The automation reduces the chance of any error and all the records can easily be accessed by the managers as well as the employees.

Manage the recruitment process in a smooth and effective manner: Hiring is a crucial task that is handled by the HR manager and his department. They are responsible for identifying the right talent and bring them into the organization so that they can share a symbiotic relationship, where the company and the new hire can equally benefit from each other. The payroll software assists the HR manager by screening the potential hires and saving the database of the all the candidates. When a wrong person is hired, a lot of time, resources as well as money are wasted when the person quits early owing to a clash in the interests. Hiring the right person ensures that the money is spent on the right people. The payroll system also has features like letter templates that can be used while mailing an accepted or rejected candidate.

Save time by managing it suitably: The HRMs software solution providers assure that a lot of precious time can be saved just by managing it efficiently. The payroll software helps you with the same. There was a time when maintaining a log of an employee’s working hours, attendance, leaves and the like were done manually, which in turn resulted in errors. This reflected directly on the payroll and caused problems. However, the payroll system has everything automated where managing all these have become faster, thus saving a lot of time.

A Simplified System

HR-One shows that when the software and the corresponding department work well together, the overall positive impact can be seen throughout the organization. Both these elements should fit well together which would in turn simplify the entire system; offer a defined flow to different functions and operations. The efficient co-relation between the payroll system and an HR manager cannot be emphasized more in any organization, regardless of its size.

How Payroll Management System Helping an HR Manager?


By HR-One Team
January 28, 2015

The implementation HRMS is growing by leaps and bounds in most of the industries across a wide spectrum. This popularity has cemented its future as well, which to be honest, looks quite scintillating. A lot has been spoken about this software and many people are turning towards it to enhance their business. Most of them would vouch for the advantages that HRMS brings to the plate and many give rave reviews about the same. But what is it about HRMS that makes it so popular, the very popularity that is building a steady path towards a bright future? There are numerous reasons for accounting the popularity. Let us see some of them.

Factors Leading to Popularity

There was a time when HRMS was popular only in bigger companies and industries. However, times have changed and one can witness the growth in human resource management software for small business as well.

Longevity of the Software: The HRM software has observed a greater life cycle as compared to numerous softwares that have been adopted by different organizations.HRMS has simplified work processes and has improved the performance of many HR related tasks. If you add a long life to these advantages, there is no doubt as to why so many businesses are loyal to HRMS. It satisfies a lot of organizational needs, for a really long time. What more can one ask for?

Ease of adaptation: Any software enjoys immense popularity if it can be adapted with ease. Adaptation of any technology can be quite nerve-wracking and ridden with anxiety due to the complexity that may accompany it. However, if it can be adapted easily without hampering the ongoing flow of work and fits well with the work model of an organization, then there is no doubt why it would enjoy tremendous popularity. The ease in adaptation also comes in with the decline in the complexity for its up-gradation. There is no need to have constant up-gradation or require transferring of data from old software to a new one once HRMS is implemented. The cloud HR system has made it possible to access all the database of the HR with just having an internet connection.

Improvement in the Interface: Having a user-friendly interface is extremely important for any organization that is adapting a new technology. Change isn’t a pleasant thing for many and new software may face some friction merely because it is difficult to use. Having a clean, smooth and simple interface encourages many people to use the software. If people are getting inclined towards HRMS, one of the primary factors is its user-friendly interface. HRMS has seen an improvement in the interface which is why many people find it easy to shift from older technologies to the new one.

All-In-One HR system: The human resource management software for small business comprises of multiple functionalities that cover the entire groundwork of an HR department. Every single task, right from finding the required talent, hiring a new employee to ensuring a smooth payroll system and similar functions, the HRMS can take care of everything. There is no need to implement different software applications for multiple functions. Since you get everything in one place, work gets simplified and much more efficient.

Customization Options: HRMS not only provides a comprehensive list of functions it can achieve but also a gamut of customization options that would be perfect, specifically for your organization. Not every company requires the same settings of different functions. Having the flexibility to customize any software to suit their requirements in such a manner that it addresses all the problem areas greatly empowers an organization. Different customization options add points to the popularity of HRMS.

A Long Way Ahead

HR-One is a good place to understand about all things HRMS. You can easily find answers to different questions that may trouble you at times. It would be wise to understand everything about human resource management software for small business, as there would be a spurt of small businesses in the future. It just might help you contribute in making a small company bigger or even help you start and manage your own business efficiently.

What are the reasons of Popularity of HRMS Software?


By HR-One Team
January 22, 2015

In this winter chill one imagine himself at home sipping their special masala tea, when abruptly there are piles of files thrown at you that reminds you of your unaccomplished targets. Such times takes you back to vacation in Bali you last had full of excitement and no paper work to be done.

Sometimes an employee needs to convey to their bosses to upgrade their technologies because the boss is in a bubble and his focus is usually to get his work done with existing equipment and no added cost.

In India such scenarios are common in SMB’s (small medium businesses) as they often take the back door when technology is knocking at their doors. It seems they are ‘OK’ with traditional style of working that consist of long scrutiny, endless paper work and the workplace shouts of unorganized setup.

The need of the hour for such companies has arrived where best online HRMS software solutions are required if they want to stay in the competition and prosper.

Some basic affordable qualities required in best payroll management software are described below:

1). Put those paper into right use and become eco-friendly by automating web based HRMS software such as HR-One practicing many functions like:
• Streamlines processes
• Uses a centralized database
• Improves communication across organization
• Reduces tedious paperwork
• Stores historical data for salaries
• Records performance evaluations
• Speed up transactions

2). HR department’s one of the crucial tasks in a company is to find talented pool of employees and keeping tab on them. With changing work equations
• The new starters are outnumbering the retirees,
• Work life balance is more important than status
• Technology will play crucial role in communicating globally rather than having face-to-face meeting.
• Boom in part-time jobs than full time
• Real time assessment of performance

3). Mobilize your office into your mobile phone and attend meetings, apply for leave and make presentations while you are in a subway, mall or dining with your family.

HR-One, an hrms payroll software solution provider makes it all possible and you can take a carefree vacation and leave rest to this dynamite software called HR-one to take all your stress.

Achieving Work-Life balance with HR-One


By HR-One Team
January 16, 2015

Start-ups seem to be the flavour of the season. The digital platform has provided so many people to realise their dream of starting their own business. It cannot be credited to just the availability of a digital platform, but also to the number of people who are following their instincts, passion and dreams in a gutsy manner. Start-ups come with huge potential of changing the market scenario, but at the same time they need a helping hand to guide them. This is where software like HRIS, payroll management etc come in to place and help them grow into bigger companies.

Everyone knows that start-ups function in a very different way as compared to a huge corporate. They break the regular rules of work culture, approaching a problem and the like. However, there is one area where a start-up faces constant challenges and cannot compromise with at any stage – Money. Most of the start-ups have limited funds to start with and they cannot risk the investment and not complying with payroll laws can invite some serious legal actions, which may drive them out of business altogether. Thus, start-ups need to tread this road very carefully. These are three of the most common mistakes pointed out by best payroll management software companies in Delhi that start-ups need to avoid making.

1)      Mixing personal and business finances

This is one of the biggest mistakes that the founders of a start up can make. In the initial stages, the founders end up spending on something from their own pockets thinking it would be good for the company. They feel that it doesn’t matter if they are paying the employees and contractors from their personal finances as long as the work is getting done. While it may seem convenient in the initially, but it can lead to dire situations in the long run. There will be no accountability for some expenses and there may be problem during filing taxes. If this is uncovered in some audit, the start-up would be serious trouble. Separate the two and let the payroll software manage the payment details, whether it is paying your employees or some vendors.

2)      Classifying employees as independent contractors

Agreed, the strength of the start-up would be low. That does not mean that one classifies employees as independent contractors. Most founders do it as they would not have to pay taxes, insurance, overtime cost or medical benefits to independent contractors. Handling the finances of the independent contractors seems simpler than the way one has to approach paying the regular employees. It may sound very tempting but misclassifying employees directly call for legal troubles. The best payroll management software companies in Delhi suggest that making a clear demarcation between the regular employees and independent contractors on the software will handle the finances accordingly. If eventually the independent contractors convert into employees, then the change can be accurately and easily done on the payroll software. Just a few edits need to be done with some clicks on the mouse, instead of going the manual way.

3)      Maintaining Payroll records manually

Since the size of the start-up may be small initially, a lot of founders assume that they can maintain the payroll details manually. After all, how difficult can be to track the payment details of a team of under 10? Well, firstly the team will not remain small forever. As the team expands, maintaining the details will get tricky if it’s done manually. Secondly, there may be constant changes in the team and updating the same on the payroll may get really frustrating. Unlike the corporate, the team members will be undertaking a lot of responsibilities at once. The responsibility of maintaining paperwork and manual records is an unnecessary task. Implementing payroll software instead will efficiently handle all these. Lot of time and effort would be saved, which can be utilised into doing better things like devising strategies and growth plans of the start-up.

If you are entrepreneur with a new business under you, then get in touch with HR-One who will help you fine-comb your payroll details. Let payroll software take care of your money and payroll issues, while you can concentrate on other aspects of business to grow and gain a strong foothold in the market.

What are the mistakes that Start-Ups make?


By HR-One Team
January 12, 2015

There are some processes in every organization that are repeatable. Performing these tasks and processes time and again can prove to be quite cumbersome and can be a wastage of time. There will be times when these tasks will be unaccounted for or even untracked. Most of the times, these tasks are executed by one department specifically or even by one person in the department. When performed repeatedly, there are chances of errors caused by human error or there may be a few cases of inconsistencies. These errors and inconsistencies may put the organization at risk and may, directly or indirectly, affect the business. Making web based HRMS software a part of your organization may help you prevent this. Let us see how.

HRMS is used for streamlining processes that are managed by the Human Resources (HR) department. One of the crucial tasks that this department overlooks is the hiring and induction of new talent. Usually, a sequential process is followed when a new employee is hired. Some of the tasks maybe in the following sequence:

–          The employee is given a brief introduction

–          All the required forms are given to the new employee to be filled

–          Assign the work location

–          Introduce the employee to their senior or reporting manager

–          Order his or her business cards

–          Start assigning work

Every time a new employee is hired, these tasks have to be executed. If the hiring process is quite frequent, depending on the growth and requirement of the company, then there has to be a dedicated staff to ensure these processes are carried out efficiently. However, it may be easier if a web based HRMS software is implemented. There are various features and functionalities in HRMS that will assist the HR team in performing these tasks. For example, the workflow management helps in performing the above mentioned tasks in an efficient manner and minimizes errors. It ensures that the required sequences of various tasks are followed correctly. Moreover, the tasks can be automated and can be triggered by the occurrence of different events. Thus scheduling can be done, saving a lot of time, resources and energy. Like workflow management, there are other functionalities that focus on payroll, inventory to name a few. All these add great value to any organization.

Some of the advantages of having web based HRMS software are:

  • Increased efficiency of the overall
  • Ability to standardize different working methodologies
  • Streamlining tasks
  • Tracking employee performance

These are some of the benefits that can change the way an organization operates and performs. The roles and responsibilities are defined clearly through HRMS. All these benefits and functionalities of HRMS add value to your business. HRMS is not restricted to any specific industry or its size.

How can HRMS add Value to your Business?


By HR-One Team
January 10, 2015

Every other decade, there is new business trend that takes the world by storm. Whether it was the dot com boom or the rise of certain technological developments, global business world experiences new flavours every few years. The current flavour that everyone seems to be lapping up is entrepreneurship. Numerous start-ups are mushrooming in different nooks and corners of the world and each of them come with umpteen possibilities of changing the world. From the outside, their world may look quite fascinating and dreamy, but once you scratch the surface a different picture emerges.

As compared to bigger organizations, small businesses and start-ups have a whole different set of challenges and issues that they need to tackle with. They have tighter pockets, lean margins and unpredictable issues that may crop on a daily basis. Till the time the company finds a steady momentum and a stable pace, it has to come up with innovative techniques to address the range of problems that prove to be speed-bumps along their way. In such a scenario, incorporating software solutions may seem outrageous, especially due to the myths surrounding them. Let us bust some of which surround HRMS.

Myths Surrounding HRMS for Small Businesses

Unfortunately, there are numerous myths surrounding every best online HRMS software solution. These very myths induce a factor of fear in every small business’s owner mind when they are advised to consider them. Let us look at three such myths which prevent many small businesses to keep away from them, when in fact they should be seriously considering when and how to implement such solutions into their businesses.

Myth 1: An HRMS solution is way too expensive for me to afford.

The thumb rule of any small business in its initial stages is to cut down costs wherever possible and invest it in a team who can help build the company. While the thought cannot be faulted, there is serious harm in thinking that a software solution such as HR-One’s HRMS would bring more harm than good! Agreed, there was a time when implementing HRMS was a costly affair and it took a really long time to do that. However, times are changing and now there are various HRMS solutions that cater to the small businesses too. There are different versions available such as basic, followed by stages of higher levels. Select the basic one for starters and update as the company grows. Don’t let ‘expensive’ scare you off as the HRMS market is growing to be multi-dimensional offering different services to businesses of different sizes.

Myth 2: Our team is too small to need HRMS

Yes, your team may be small NOW. But do you really intend to keep the team that small in the future as well? If the answer is a resounding no, then you should seriously consider having HRMS right from the beginning. Gone are the days when only big companies with humongous teams could milk the benefits of the best online HRMS software solution. As a small business, would you rather have a team of people working day in and day out on maintaining the HR data, spreadsheets, reports and other such tasks or would you prefer if HRMS takes care of all that while the same team can work on business strategies and ideas to develop and grow the company! When the team is small, it becomes even more important that they spend their time on something meaningful rather than waste time in churning out reports that HRMS can take care of!

Myth 3: HRMS needs an IT staff to function properly

If you listen carefully, you just might hear a ‘buzzer for the wrong answer’ going off somewhere every time this statement is made. This myth needs to be busted and fast! Many solutions including HR-One’s HRMS solution come under the current generation of the HRMS which offer great flexibility and expertise to the small businesses, while eliminating the need of IT staff completely. The vendors can provide the IT assistance if necessary but most of the tasks can be executed by the existing team due to the simplicity of the design.

Now that the myths are busted, don’t second guess if your small business needs HRMS or not. The answer is yes. So, just go for it!

What are myths about HRMS Software for Small Businesses?


By HR-One Team
January 5, 2015

A lot has been spoken about how implementing payroll management software benefits any organization. Right from saving time, minimising errors, increasing productivity and making the process faster are amongst the positive things that feature on the list of benefits. The employers and higher managements will surely recommend payroll management software, but the good news is that even the employees will benefit from it. As they truly say, technology doesn’t differentiate between people. So, read on to know how some of best payroll management software companies in Delhi believe that the employees will benefit from the implementation of Payroll Management Software.

Employees at a Benefit

Empowering the employees is one of the best things any organization could do. Keeping things transparent and enabling the employees to do certain things will go a long way in keeping the employees happy and in turn can help in retaining talent. One area where this can be achieved is the payroll management. These are some of the ways employees will benefit greatly, along with the employers.

1)      High Confidentiality Factor

Any detail related to payroll and other monetary related information can now be accessed by the employees directly. There is extreme confidentiality in maintaining the records. Only the concerned employee, their manager and the concerned official at the Payroll department will have the authorization to access the details. There is no fear of unknown people stumbling upon the details or viewing one’s personal payroll records. There is no need to take special permission from anyone to access any information.

2)      Availability at all times

The information can be accessed by the employee at all times. This is beneficial for those who work in different shifts and whose shift alignment doesn’t match with the payroll office’s timings. Holidays, weekends or leaves do not come in the way of viewing the payroll details. In fact, it is possible for the employees to access any details even when they are travelling or are on the move. The 24 X 7 availability of any payroll information relieves the employees’ dependence on the payroll department, thus making the employees independent.

3)      Check on Working Hours

Payroll allows the employees to keep a check on their billable working hours. The regular working hours can be tracked easily but at times employees do put in extra hours. Keeping a manual tab can take a toll on the employees and there are high chances of making some error. According to the best payroll management software companies, the employees can keep a track of their over-hours, comp-offs, extra rosters etc through the software. There is no need for them to worry about keeping a track of all that and they can be sure of getting paid of extra billable hours. If there is any mistake, it can be brought to the notice of the concerned official immediately so that there is no inaccuracy in the issued pay check.

4)      Easy Connectivity with the Payroll team

There was a time when an employee had to physically get in touch with the payroll team in case of any confusion, discrepancy or error. They had to coordinate with the payroll team and meet to discuss further. It resulted in wastage of a lot of time. If the payroll was busy, the employee’s grievances just got postponed further. With the payroll software in place, the employee can just contact the payroll team directly through the software. The process is faster and really simple. The employee can send in any request or query at any time without the need of taking an appointment with the payroll team. They can access the response when they want, irrespective of the location. There is a level of transparency too, which builds a strong sense of trust between the company and the employees.

Keeping the employees happy has to be a priority in any organization. When the source of happiness comes from the freedom they get to monitor their payroll details, there is nothing better than that. Give them the transparency and independence they deserve, you will automatically see a rise in morale, efficiency and productivity. Companies like HR-One can help you get more details about the same.

How does Payroll Management Software benefit the employees?


By HR-One Team
November 18, 2014

Of all the software being installed in companies, Human Resource information System or better known as HRIS is becoming more and more popular. It drastically lowers the administrative burden, increases efficiency of work, drives productivity, maximizes the employees’ morale and leads to higher profits. The positive implications can be seen almost instantaneously once the software is installed. Consult the list of best HRIS Softwares in India and see them nod in agreement.

HRIS assists in managing the employee information, tracking job applicants, configuring insightful reporting and communicating and/or interfacing with myriad other business departments. These are the very features that attract companies, large and small. If the HR system is effective and addresses the company’s problem accurately, then it can reduce overall costs of the company, can allocate resources well and pre-empt a lot of problems by identifying them beforehand. These are all the things that the companies see and rush to install it. But it is important not to make mistakes in this rush. These are four common mistakes that usually the companies end up making. Taking precautionary and avoiding these mistakes will go a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of the HRIS.

1)      Not handling the change effectively

It’s no accident or coincidence that this one statement seems to crop up again and again when one is talking about new technology and its installation. A lot of companies have faced major issues with this phase. One may shell out as much money as they want without having second thoughts but if they don’t accept and handle the change well, you can watch the money go down the drain. Proper training and induction program by the experts is a must soon after the installation is done. Make the transition procedure for all the employees, even those who can handle the change well. Keep all the communication channels open during this time. Consider all the options that can possibly ease the change it can have on different individuals.

2)      Inability to define, validate and support Data Quality

Keep one thing in mind – best results come when there accurate and detailed information is given. One needs to define their goals and objectives very clearly; the information should be validated and reliable and should be of use. Futile and redundant information will disrupt the efficiency. One will make misinformed business decisions based on poor quality data, directly hampering the company and its customers. Cross-check every bit of information that is passed through and ensure it’s defined well and relevant. Refer the list of best HRIS Softwares in India who can assist you in the same. They will help you establish clear procedures that define and validate the data entry so that it is understood by everybody.

3)      Not administering data security

The importance of data security need not be emphasised. Companies opting for a cloud-based HR solution will find it to be pretty cost efficient but there are chances of a breach in cloud-stored data which is a serious issue. It can put the company, its share-holders and customers at risk. One should administer data security with utmost care. If it’s cloud-based software then look into all the security it’ll offer for data in transit and at rest. Don’t overlook the necessity of a strong internal security system like proper password management and controls, antivirus and malware detection/eradication, user education and internal network monitoring in additional to the cloud.

4)      Overlooking legal procedures and requirements

This is one mistake that most companies are bound to make. It is very important to understand that legal aspects that are associated with data, different processes and the structure of HRIS. A lot of trouble can be negated if the legal ramifications are kept in mind right from the beginning. This is because all the data that the HR possesses is accountable for ensuring the regulations set by the state. Consult with legal experts to keep your data safe, directly safeguarding your company’s interests too. Negotiate all the clauses that are involved, making sure you are not liable for anything later on.

Considering all these points before installing is mandatory and avoiding all these mistakes will save you a lot trouble later on. If there is one thing you don’t need to sweat on, then it is these problems. Companies like  HR One can lend you a helping hand to ease your worries.

4 Mistakes That Most of us do when choosing HRIS


By HR-One Team
October 30, 2014

Everybody is familiar with the concepts and functions of a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and a Learning Management System (LMS). These two softwares form the basis of a lot of organizations, which help them achieve exceptional results and achieve the desired targets. Individually, these may be one of the powerful and integral parts of the system, but when they both are integrated, they form an even stronger team that become a force to reckon with. Is it essential? Let’s find out.

But before that, let’s take a quick recap into what element does. A business textbook defines HRMS as the processes that lie at the intersection of human resources and information technology. It overlooks and automates all the functions undertaken by the HR department, which were initially executed manually. Some of the best HRMS software agencies in India can help you decide the best HRMS solution for your organization and implement it accordingly. On the other hand, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of training programs. It handles training data, education and certification details, and even the requesting and approval of training through workflow. But inspite of its potential for training management, almost all LMS rely on its integration with HRMS. Though this is isn’t an easy process, it will enhance the employee training program and give better reporting capabilities and accurate data.

Here we will list reasons why you should consider integrating HRMS and LMS.

  1. It will reduce the chances of Dual Data Entry

For any training purpose, it is essential to fill out the details of the employee undergoing the program. His name, position, location, department etc will be required to be documented before the training program starts. Without the integration, these details will be entered twice, once in HRMS and these details are stored in an LMS as it is.  Furthermore, details such as manager and cost centre are helpful for routing the workflow and for costing purposes. So, integration will lessen the chances of duplicated data, the effort to enter the same details twice and save a lot of time in the process. The data integrity is improved as there will be only one source for all data.

  1. Data Discrepancies are greatly reduced with integration

Without the integration, there are a lot of cases data discrepancies that arise due to running reports from two different systems, i.e., HRMS and LMS. There can be clash between the legal name entered in HRMS and just the first name or a nickname or a different spelling if it is manually entered in the LMS system. The best HRMS Software agencies in India suggest that integrating both the systems will eliminate such clashes and discrepancies. Moreover, basic HR data points like job title, employee location are entered rarely in the LMS, which can get outdated as compared to HRMS. Integrating solves this issue too.

You can start the integration by comparing the fields stored in the LMS and core HRMS. Answer questions like what is the support structure will be used to troubleshoot if there are questions about the integrated data or will the integration run real-time, hourly, nightly or weekly basis or what is the expected integration frequency. Once this is done, make sure that there is a shared ‘key’ data like employee’s ID number. The whole process is to cut down on the repeated ‘key’ data, if it’s not shared, you don’t need to bother with it at all. When there is an influx of new employees, they might get into the induction program without requiring all the data filling steps. So, when the time comes for them to fill in all the necessary details, make sure that the integration can solve any issue that may arise. And the last and very important thing is keep in mind is the security. Make sure it’s not compromised during and after integration.

So, we see that integrating the 2 systems is a really good idea and one should seriously consider it. Consulting companies like HR One can guide you through this procedure, so that you do not get overwhelmed by it. Good luck with the integration!

Managing Training with HRMS


By HR-One Team
September 30, 2014

The most recent buzzword for the HR managers is “engagement,” and they are moving up their ‘sleeves to figure out better approaches to perceive employee diligent work assemble association and on occasion arrange a get-together to have a fabulous time.

A latest overview including workforce from commercial enterprises like vitality, assembling and expert administrations discovered more employees are selecting to change occupations. With “Turnover” turning into an essential sympathy toward organizations so questioning the HR Managers to know their strategies for employee engagement was a need. The most pervasive plan was vocation development and opportunity progression and the following was organization society friendship.

HR One HRMS gives you an answer for employee maintenance – the Training Module and Performance Management. As the most well known plan for employee engagement is profession advancement, so at present organizations are laying accentuation on improving employees’ aptitudes through the preparation methods and performance management. HR One Training Administration Module helps to overseeing and streamlining the whole preparing procedure and HR One Performance Management helps in checking their deliberations and squaring it in a fitting way.

The Performance Management System (PMS) Module serves to record the key achievements of the employee as per their formative strategies. These performance records encourage to screen and dissect the performance and are available by both managers and employees. On the premise of the dissection the managers could choose about the approaches to improve the general capacities of an association and employees’. The Training Administration Module is a stage gave to both the manager and employees to addition bits of knowledge into key improvement needs through employee profile reports and scorecards, ability hole investigation could be directed for individual employees engaging ideal use of human capital, more prominent employee engagement and powerful progression arranging.

An alternate mainstream technique was arranging get-togethers, playing back road meet-ups or an occasion party. These not just give employees’ approaches to have a ton of fun and standardize yet about likewise an opportunity to managers to unwind and blend up with the employees’. As it is said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull kid” so a profession improvement alongside some fun is a decent strategy for ’employee engagement’.

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull employee


By HR-One Team
September 9, 2014

Numerous individuals believe that what employees need most from their employment is more money. Obviously, you have those where money is the most critical thing. In my numerous years encounter as a Human Resources proficient, I have found there are a few different things that were more essential than money. I build this with respect to my experience and acceptance by other Human Resources experts and their encounters, as well. There are numerous articles composed that substantiate this, also.

Employees put much of their time in the spot they work and performing their occupation. They need to be known for whom they are and what it is they do. Simply being distinguished by your employee ID number does not cut it – they need more. The developers of HR One, best hr software for small businesses, enlist a few expectations employees have from their company.

Characterized Job Expectations

Employees have notable desires when they have another occupation or if extra obligations are relegated. They expect their manager//employer to furnish them with what they anticipate from them. Things, for example, the hours they are required to work, clothing regulation, to what extent are the breaks/lunch, and who the key faculty are. The employer is in charge of giving the employee a duplicate of their present place of employment depiction so they know precisely what their occupation obligations are –


On numerous events, employers converse with and treat their employees much the same as a number. They don’t demonstrate any enthusiasm toward them; its about the company. The employer anticipates that their employees will be dependable and devoted to the organization, yet normally doesn’t know who the employee is with the exception of they are a warm body doing the work. I consider how the CEO or Senior Management Team would feel being dealt with the same way. We all know the response to that one.

Perceive how administration anticipates that employees will regard them. It is exceptionally hard to show admiration to somebody who does not demonstrate any appreciation to you. Employees need to be regarded. They have to realize that they are regarded for who they are and the occupation they do. All of administration needs to get to know their employees, converse with them with deference, and let them realize that they are esteemed. They are an essential piece of the organization and they have to be told that.

Trust is a paramount part of the employee–employer relationship. Administration needs to trust its employees and reveal to them they believe them. Employees need to trust their employer. There is a suggested trust. The employer believes the employee to accomplish the employment and to do it well. The employee assumes that the employer will furnish them with the devices and training required to do their employment.


Your employees search for you to speak with them. They have to realize what is happening inside the organization and in their specialty. Employees need to have the capacity to talk openly, make inquiries, and make proposals realizing that they will be listened to. It is essential to them that you hear them out, as well as you hear what they are stating and will give criticism.

Holding staff gatherings in any event month to month is an extraordinary approach to keep open lines of correspondence. It is a decent thought for Senior Management to lead Employee Forums month to month. This gives the employees the chance to talk unashamedly to administration without any apprehension of countering for saying what they think or are feeling. At this point, they may need to make proposals about thoughts they may have that will profit the organization. Employee Forums are an incredible approach to keep lines of correspondence open.

Training and Growth Opportunities

It is the employer’s obligation to verify that its employees are given the essential training so they can do their jobs. Offering on location training is an added advantage for the employees. It provides for them the chance to enhance their current aptitudes or learn new ones that can improve the employment they are presently performing. Offering to send your employees to offsite workshops to comprehend what is new and applicable to the occupation is beneficial. They can put to utilize what they have learned and offer the data with different colleagues that will profit from what they have learned.

At the point when people search for work and get contracted, a large portion of them want to stay with that organization for a decent time of time. They trust that they can develop inside the organization and get advertised from inside. Employers who empower inward development and pushing from inside create positive employee assurance. Blissful employees generate a beneficial and enthralled nature.


Most employees do the absolute best occupation they can and they take pride in their work. All they need as an exchange is to be perceived and recognized for making a decent showing. A few employers are bad at perceiving their employees or their achievements and others make an extraordinary showing with it. Employees need to realize that the commitment they make to the organization has any kind of effect. Recognition can start with trying to say thank you for an occupation well done. Show increase by having an Employee Thank You Lunch. Present your employees with a Certificate of Appreciation for making an extraordinary showing. In the event that your employee(s) do something uncommon, you can recognize them by putting it in the company bulletin.

So you see it’s not only about the money. Employees need to be locked in. They want to be an integral of the company. Be imaginative – there are bunches of things you can do. The employees simply need to realize that they are increased in value.

What employees want from their jobs?


By HR-One Team
August 25, 2014

It is constantly accepted that good Human Resource Management Practices make a considerable amount of difference in upgrading employee productivity. Last few decades have seen changes in the procedures received in handling individuals at workplace. However, there were restrictions such as– limited economy, constrained development with restricted opportunities and controlled capacities in an organization which were doing a lot of manual work. Notwithstanding, things are different now and likewise mindset have changed. Organizations have understood that investing in human resources will provide them long term returns. Thus, focus was laid upon HR Management Software to manage people and methodologies of how the decision making abilities are going to influence their profit.

HR helps in building teamwork and workplace culture in a company. They additionally help in individual engagement and advancement. Let us see how best HRMS software companies are helping in the present scenario with their Human Resource Management Softwares.

HRMS helps in Hiring and Training Workforce

Manpower arranging is a standout amongst the most paramount obligation of the HR department. HR supervisors devise employing methodologies for acquiring the right sort of individuals in their company. They set up their Job Descriptions which is best suited for the part in the organization. In the wake of contracting they likewise anticipate the worker’s affectation with a well laid out preparing and advancement plans for them.

HRMS deals with Performance Management System

HR is in charge of keeping individuals feel persuaded for their work. To start with comes the undertaking of characterizing a singular’s part. In this manner a successful input component now and again helps the employees to enhance their aptitudes. This aids in arrangement of the authoritative destinations with their individual objectives. A successful PMS helps in distinguishing and remunerating individuals’ performance.

HR helps in building culture and values in the company

Execution of an individual is reliant on the work climate or society that wins in an company. Making a decent favorable working environment is normal from the HR department. A sheltered and clean work society helps in bringing the best of a worker and makes a higher occupation fulfillment.

Conflict Management – an essential obligation of HR

There might be numerous events where there is a contradiction between the worker and the business. You can’t stay away from clashes from happening. In any case you can unquestionably attempt and oversee them. Here comes the part of the human resource department in going about as an advisor and a go between to sort the issues in a powerful way. The HR makes opportune move with the goal that thing does not go out of hands.

HR is in-charge of creating good relations

Making sincere relations lies with the HR as it were. They are in charge of holding gatherings, courses and all official social events for the management. Separated from core HR part, if needed, the department additionally loans some assistance in drafting business and marketing arrangements for the organization.

So you can exceptionally see that a legitimate HR department helps in building and dealing with a company. Subsequently, organizations are laying a more noteworthy attention on setting up solid and successful Human Resource Department with HR One HR Management Software.

What are 5 Aspects an HRMS solution can handle?


By HR-One Team