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March 24, 2015

The business world has seen tremendous changes recently. The way people approach work has changed and practices like ‘flexible working hours’ and ‘working on the go’ are becoming more and more common. While it may benefit the company on many levels when the employees put work before everything else, it has harmful effects on the employees themselves. Working round the clock and putting personal lives on the backburner will eventually make the employees unproductive and they will burn out soon.

While the companies should ensure that work is being done, they should be considerate enough give their employees some time-off once in a while. For most, the idea of vacations is ideal in itself and they wouldn’t think twice of grabbing such opportunities. Although, there are workaholics for whom the idea of taking a vacation equates to losing out on working days, without realizing that they could potentially burn themselves out. The HR department should remind such employees to step out and focus on relaxing for once. Since the HR team cannot keep an eye on the working habits of each employee, they employ HRMS do the same. This practice has been employed by numerous Human Resource Management Software Companies.

HRMS Lends a Helping Hand

These are some ways HRMS helps the companies ensure that their employees take regular breaks and eliminate the risk of being unproductive. Vacations rejuvenate the employees, make them more energetic and help boost their productivity. It is unimportant whether ‘vacation’ means going to an exotic place or just staying in at home, as long as they use that free time to recharge themselves and get back on the creative track.

Every company offers a specified number of paid leaves for their employees. There may be cases when employees forget to keep a track of the number of pending paid leaves. Some projects require the team members to put in extra hours, work on weekends and forget the line between night and day. So, their managers might go a step ahead and reward some of their well-deserving candidates a few days of vacation. HR-One’s HRMS keeps a track all the vacations/paid leaves that are designated to various employees and send them alerts accordingly. It comes as no surprise that workaholics do not bother to check the status of their pending vacations which is why the alerts will keep reminding them.

HRMS does not just remind people to take a few days off, but can also mentions how many days of their paid leaves are left. Managers can automate the reminder process so that the employees get regular updates and alerts. Those who do not keep a track of their vacations, HRMS helps them do that. When people act on those alerts and take some time off, the number of days of their vacation will be calculated by the HRMS. The new figure of pending paid leaves is updated in the system and alerts can be sent again after a few months when the managers think their team members deserve a break. The frequency of alerts can be modified. Different team members based on their position or other factors can receive different alerts or it can be kept same for everyone in the team.

Companies can tie-up with various tour operators and design travel tours and plans for their employees. The HR team can send these plans and itineraries through HR-One HRMS. Instead of just sending reminders of how many vacations can each employee can take, you can now help them in planning their time-off easily. HRMS can alert them of the different deals that the travel agencies have to offer them. HRMS can mail them the travel brochures and it also helps managers keep a track of the number of vacations their teams are taking or have pending.

The ‘Rejuvenated’ Results

There may be few people who find the idea of ‘reminding’ employees to take a break quite absurd, but everyone needs a break. Companies understand that their employees are the biggest assets that they have and their well-being should be prioritized before anything else. Doing so would result in happier, relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired employees, thus increasing their morale and productivity.

Reminding Employees to Take Time-off


By HR-One Team
March 18, 2015

Appraisal period is one of the most anticipated and anxious phases for any company. For employees, it is the time when they get rewarded for their work through either a salary hike or a promotion, for the managers it is the time when they need to evaluate their teams accurately. Appraisals instill accountability and discipline in some sense. Though it is an important step in maintaining the overall efficiency and performance of the company, it is not an easy phase.

The managers need to assess the performance of their teams for the entire year. They should consider all the positives, keep a track of any negatives if there are any and give the appropriate appraisal to the right candidates. There may be more than two candidates who could be eligible for a promotion, it gets extremely crucial that the manager takes in account every tiny aspect of their work and promotes the more deserving candidate. Imagine keeping a track of a lot of employees and their work files of a year. There may be cases of files getting lost or someone can make the mistake of assigning a different grade to an employee who did not deserve it. Appraisals can be stressful and can be prone of unwanted and unexpected mistakes. HR-One’s HRMS ensures that this does not happen.

Importance of Appraisal and HRMS

An appraisal helps in the growth and progress of both the employees and the organization. Employee morale is boosted during appraisal and their performance can be measured accurately. It is not easy to evaluate a number of employees in a short period of time but it is possible to ease up the process of appraisals significantly with the help of best recruitment management software in India. Let us see how HRMS helps an organization in one of the most important steps.

  • It helps the manager in tracking performance accurately: There are certain guidelines and goals that are set for each employee. Some employees fall short, some accomplish their targets and some exceed the expectations. For those who accomplish and exceed their targets, they should be compensated accordingly. Likewise, appropriate action should be taken for those who fail. It is not possible for the managers to overlook all these details at every point of time. Thus, HRMS is employed to assist the managers. The performance automatically gets documented which the manager can use during the evaluations. The automated process measures the performance of individual employees but also notifies the manager when someone over-exceeds the set goals.
  • HRMS ensures that the employees awarded fairly: In the past there have been cases and accusations of favoritism and similar practices. There was no way one could verify such accusations but now, the scenario has changed for the better. HRMS, the best recruitment management software in India, is an objective program which doesn’t understand the concept of favoritism and other practices. It measures and documents every task as performed by the employee that needs to be considered during the appraisal. There won’t be any cases of the manager overlooking that or missing out if the employee slacked in certain aspects. Thus, the employees can be assured of being rewarded fairly for their work and not just because someone has gone extra miles to butter the manager to score that promotion. This ensures that appraisals are transparent and extremely fair.
  • Managing strengths and weaknesses: Every employee has his own share of strengths and weaknesses. The manager needs to assure that their teams’ strengths are honed further and appropriate measures are taken to work on the weaknesses. Keeping an eye everyone’s strengths and weaknesses can get quite taxing. HR-One’s HRMS can automate this and can track the performance of any employee in an efficient manner. It monitors their strengths and weaknesses and sends the reports to the manager who can consider the same during the appraisal process. They can design training programs to help people overcome their weaknesses. So, appraisals are also responsible for training schedules of the employees in a way.

HRMS also provides a platform for giving and receiving feedback. The managers can give objective feedback through HRMS to his/her team at regular intervals. There won’t be any cases of disparity or ambiguity since HRMS records and maintains everything. So, the appraisal gradings can be justified through the feedbacks and other comments.

Automating Appraisals Can make it more accurate & Quick


By HR-One Team
March 11, 2015

There must have been times when the employers must have thought when it would have been easier if money wasn’t involved in a business. Not because they don’t want to pay their employees, but because the whole payroll process seems like such a daunting task. Probably everyone says a silent prayer for everyone who is a part of the payroll department just because they seem to do something super complicated with a smile upon their face. You may never know if the smile is just a facade or not. Nevertheless, HR-One’s HRMS ensures that the smiles are genuine, but there are still some who question its necessity.

For those who feel that the best payroll management software in India is an investment that your company can live without, let us approach this issue in a different way. Instead of listing down the benefits and advantages that HRMS can add to the payroll department, let us look how it would be if there was no HRMS at all.

A look at some potential cases without HRMS in the picture

Case 1: The managers will be clueless about most employee records

The payroll department is primarily responsible for ensuring the salaries and related expenditures such as reimbursements, transport allowance etc are taken care of. Beyond that, there is no transparency involved when it comes to employee records. There may be cases of incorrect calculation of leaves taken by an employee or someone can forget documenting the clearing of reimbursement. The employee can either be paid more or less than required. In either scenario, the manager won’t be able to solve the discrepancy as he would be clueless about the employees’ records. Trying to track everything at that time can be a huge nightmare. Days of work and productivity can be lost in the process. Pulling your hair out seems like the best option but there is something better. Bring HRMS into the scenario and this problem almost gets eliminated. The manager can access every required data through HRMS and errors can be a thing of the past. HRMS guarantees to maintain the integrity of the payroll system and maintain an accurate process.

Case 2: There will be an absence of a centralized database

The payroll team is also responsible considering various factors such as bonuses and increments before releasing the salaries. Usually employees get a hike at the beginning of the financial year; there will be cases throughout the year when the employees would be eligible for bonuses as well as increments. It may be because they finished a course or training module or any other criteria as set by the company. If these factors are not integrated with the payroll, there will definitely be some discrepancies on pay day. HRMS can again step in to rescue your from this issue. The employees as well as the managers can keep a tab on the miscellaneous factors that contribute to the payroll and thus the correct salaries can be rolled out every single time.

Case 3: Your international growth will be significantly slowed down

HR-One offers one of the best payroll management software in India which considers the global scale as well. Every company wants to expand and step into international waters as well. However, every country has its own payroll and taxation rules. Tell your payroll department that and it won’t be long when the team gets lean. Getting an overall headcount can seem like a herculean task. So, how can you make your payroll department’s life easy while keeping up your dream of getting your business global? That’s right, bring in HRMS. It will help you deal with international laws and regulations with ease, in a fraction of the time that would be required.

Now that you have seen the picture without one of the most important software solutions that you can have, it shouldn’t take long for you to take your next step. Don’t spend too long and let your payroll department heave a sigh of relief. HRMS and the payroll department can co-exist in harmony. Though they can exist independently too, it would be a rough road for the payroll department to traverse. Ideally, they make a better team together and a great team is what separates one successful business from the next.

How HR Software helps you to manage Payroll easily?


By HR-One Team
March 5, 2015

They say that if you have lost everything but your health, you can always start over and achieve whatever you want. This statement holds true cent percent which is why this aspect is given prime importance even by the business organizations. Healthcare is one of the basic benefits that every company is offering its employees. After all, every company wants to have a workforce that is healthy and fit. Probably there are employees who secretly wish to get sick every once in a while just to take a break from work. You as a company can step in and ruin those plans by shortening their hospital trips with your healthcare plans. Therefore, many companies are stepping into the healthcare realm themselves and ensuring that they are by their employees’ side if and when they face health issues.

Managing healthcare on an organizational level can be quite daunting, especially if the size of the organization is big. There are numerous policies and healthcare plans that need to be monitored and tracked. Different employees may need different plans and policies. The healthcare benefits need to keep in mind the labor law as well. There is one solution that may help you in automating this process. Yes, you guessed it right, it is HR-One’s HRMS. If you are wondering how in the world the best HR payroll management software solutions manages to tackle the healthcare issues as well, then read on.

Challenges of Healthcare That are Addressed by HRMS

Heavy hospital bills can drive away your employees from seeking the best treatment. You can help them out by devising smart healthcare policies so that they can seek the best healthcare services. While doing so, you might come across some of the following challenges. Let us see how HRMS can step in to save the day.

Challenge 1: Healthcare is a very complex arena which gets reflected while devising suitable plans for the employees

While most companies decide on a fixed amount of health insurance for each employee, there are some who go a step further to make it personalized for different categories of employees. Based on the age group, the company may decide on a different healthcare plan for the twenties who are single and minus any dependant family members for health insurance. Then there are employees who have families and have a kids and a spouse dependent on them for healthcare. The senior employees may need a plan that cover the illnesses that they are most prone to once they cross a particular age. Just imagine how complex it can get just to devise these policies, let alone manage them! HRMS automates the process and thus monitoring these plans get much simpler, faster and easier. One can track who opted for which plan and how many people are using a particular healthcare plan. It will be easier for HRMS to switch the plans as the employees grow within the company too. HRMS significantly simplifies this complex process.

Challenge 2: Maintaining Compliance with the healthcare regulations

There are rules and regulations that need to be complied with in the healthcare field. If these regulations are not taken seriously, companies have to pay heavy penalties. Companies should avoid legal hassles and any potential issues that may arise due to lack of compliance. HRMS keeps the healthcare system up to date and notifies every time there is an update in compliance. It creates and sends necessary reports and these timely updates ease the administration’s work.

Challenge 3: Hiring staff that are well versed with this aspect

Healthcare is something that needs people who know everything about this sector. You cannot make healthcare plans for your employees with people who are clueless about the same. So hiring them seems the most logical option. However, HRMS negates this necessity. You can source the suitable HRMS package from the vendor instead of increasing your staff unnecessarily.

HR-One offers one of the best HR payroll management software solutions in addition to the healthcare services. The employees can enjoy easy and clear communication too. They can put forward their queries through the FAQs tab, forums and other digital channels of the company. So now that you have one more reason to adopt HRMS into your organization, it would be wise if you do it fast!

Devise a better Health Care Plan for your employees with HRMS


By HR-One Team
March 3, 2015

Remember a time when the candidates looked just for the salary package and a handful of benefits that they could enjoy when applying for a job. Though these remain the focal points of many even today, but there are other factors that have managed to sneak into the priority list of the candidates. The workforce these days has a majority of millennials, who approach a job in a very different manner as compared to the preceding counterparts.

Adapting to Change

The millennials dare to dream big and are willing to do whatever it takes to increase their goals. At the same time, they believe in partying hard too. After all, they are not shy of taking out the green bundles and spend freely. They definitely do not want to emulate Uncle Scrooge by piling up the money and taking a dip in it once in a while. Along with their aspirations, their styles of working have also changed drastically. Being confined to their cubicle does not seem like a good idea to follow when one is trying to rule the world. So, they have gone mobile.

Traversing through cities or continents, working from home when they have too, putting in non-office hours from work and being plugged into work even when on the road seem like a norm now. This is exactly why the companies have to accommodate these changes so that their employees can be productive at all times. While the flexibility and mobility offered by the business world proves to be a blessing for the employees, it can come across as a nightmare for all managers and HR personnel.

However, managing mobile talent is now possible, thanks to software solutions such as HR-One HRMS.  The managers can track all the work done by those employees who are mostly on the road or those who prefer to work to home for a most part of the month. Handling all the functions that are critical time-wise and allowing the employees to embrace mobility in their professional life can be achieved through HRMS.

Questions to Answer

Of course, before jumping into any solution head first, there are a few questions that you need to clarify. Some of the questions you may need to ask yourself and your team include:

–          Are your company and the teams within ready to adopt mobility into the work life? Can they operate smoothly in a mobile world?

–          Is your security strong enough for HRMS to support a mobile workforce?

–          Are all the basic organizational processes in place and can they support this feature?

–          Does your company’s network have the means to support the bandwidth that is required?

–          Do the required employees have access to that bandwidth?

–          What steps do you need to take to ensure there is a constant rise in productivity and success?

Once these questions are answered, you can proceed with incorporating HRMS Software into your company. Since it results in a centralized system of documents and records, the channels of communication open up and become transparent. In a mobile business world, having streamlined processes hold utmost importance and HRMS provides that. Although HRMS supports mobility, the managers should define goals and strategies clearly so that any chances of discrepancies are minimized. Numerous human resource management software companies assure that through HRMS, you can measure the performance of the mobile talent in your company and quantify their performance. Even though the employees may be away from their work stations, it is possible to control their productivity and focus on their efficiency.

Supervising a mobile taskforce calls for better management and facilitating modern working techniques. HRMS lends you a helping hand in the same. An automated system like HRMS streamlines communication, boosts productivity and strengthens trust too. When the managers can track and monitor the work being done by their team even beyond the office boundaries, trust automatically builds up. At the same time, all the data within your system is protected at all times. Along with all these, the company’s compliance is also strengthened.

How to manage mobile talent through HRMS Softwares?


By HR-One Team
February 24, 2015

There are several aspects when the decision to move to HRMS is taken. While you may be excited about the prospects of the new technological change in your organization, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Before you start groaning and complaining that life was easier before technology entered your life (surprisingly there are some who do that!), it is important to understand the key questions that can make the transition easier.

There are many who feel that just deciding whether or not some software, such as HR-One’s HRMS solution, is needed or not is the toughest decision to come to. To be honest, while taking the plunge is scary in itself, what follows once you step off the cliff can be equally arduous if you are not prepared for what comes next. Imagine jumping off the airplane minus your parachute. You would think that only a person who has gone bonkers can even imagine such a situation. Likewise, being unprepared after a new software is implemented can result in its quick demise in an organization. Then why some companies spend less time during the pre-installation stage is beyond anyone’s imagination.

There are numerous vendors who would promise to offer you the very best in the HRMS world. Now that you have decided to incorporate HRMS into your company, the next step would be shortlist the vendors and contact them. Asking them the right questions can save you a lot of time, trouble and effort. The best payroll management software companies in India suggest that the following analytical questions that need to be asked to any HRMS vendor. Asking questions is good, but asking the right ones makes all the difference. Read on to know more.

The Right Analytical Questions to Ask Your HRMS Vendor

– Can it perform this particular task?

Here ‘this particular task’ can refer to any specific functionality that you and your company may need. HRMS can perform any number of functions pertaining to the human resources department, but not every company is looking for the same functionalities. Identify the tasks and functions that you are looking to cater through HRMS and ask your vendor if they provide that functionality through the HRMS that they provide.

– What amount of data can it handle?

Understandably you would want to hear ‘big data’ as the answer to this question. However, you need to look beyond that. It would be beneficial for you to opt for HRMS solution that can take data from multiple sources through different routes. The data usually is structured as well as unstructured. While you may have structured data already in place; it is the unstructured data such as analytical reports, interview data, social media data etc that can make a huge difference. Ask your vendor if their HRMS solution can assist you with different kinds of data and how much of it can handle.

– What skills does my team require to maximize the potential of the software?

If you do not have an in-house team to understand the analytical aspect of the solution, then it may limit the benefits for you. The best payroll management software companies in India advise you to understand that skills required for using any software before installing it. Get in touch with your vendor to understand the same.

– What kind of analytical expertise do you as a vendor have to offer us?

The vendors’ role does not end by just installing the software. They need to offer analytical expertise post the installation too. Check with your vendor what kind of assistance do they offer post the installation and confirm if they have the expertise to offer better decision making methods so that you can have measurable results.

Taking the Plunge

Once you are satisfied with all the answers, you know what the next step is. Yes, you can finally take that technological plunge. With butterflies in your tummy and a nervous smile upon your face, you can now dream of having a wave of reformation in the way your HR department functions. HR-One’s HRMS solution promises to make significant contributions and positive changes to your organization.

So, when the question of ‘Do you want to make HRMS a part of your organization’ arises, all you have to do is say ‘I Do’ for a happily ever after story of your own.

Have you asked these critical questions to your HRMS Vendor?


By HR-One Team
February 18, 2015

There was a time when a lot of organizations blocked social media websites, fearing a loss of productivity. Fast forward a few years and you will find people glued to their smart-phones. At this very moment, turn to your left or right and you will find just a handful of people who don’t have their blue screens staring right back at them. Maybe even you are also reading this post on a mobile device. So, what happened in the last few years that has people hooked onto to their mobile phone? Social media happened. And the impact it created has left quite a significant impression on the business world as well. Integrating social media has become quite a common practice in all the companies. Various softwares have more promise than ever due to the face-lift of the technology. HR-One’s HRMS is such solution.

The Latest Integration

HRMS softwares in India have turned a new leaf with the integration of social media. The HR department has oodles to gain with social media by their side. The primary task of the HR team, i.e., hiring people has gained a new medium to recruit the best talent. Companies used to put up job postings on their website but social media has allowed them to search for the best people within 140 characters or a simple update on Facebook or LinkedIn.

The importance of networking cannot be emphasized more for any professional. By integrating HRMS with social media, this task is made easier as sitting in front of the computer screen and connecting to people across the world. No more awkward conversation in cafés or conferences or cringing at the thought of spending an entire day with random people just to interact with two people with whom you can have a symbiotic relationship. Just start that computer, look for people who would add value to the organization and connect with them with just a click of the button.

HR-One offers several functionalities that allow the employees to integrate their personal social media profiles with their HRMS profiles. This helps them in connecting with people within the company and maintain a healthy relationship with their peers. In fact, the employees can recommend their team-mates or endorse them on the platform. This helps the managers in gauging the overall performance of the employees, while taking in feedback from the rest of the team. All the required data is easily available on HRMS.

Yin and Yang of the Integration

Social media is all around us and it would be a wise decision to blend HRMS and social media. The list of positives it can add to the company is a huge one. Sadly, every yin has a yang and this much talked about integration is no different. Social media means putting out something personal onto a digital space that can be viewed by anyone. There can be a fear of loss of an intellectual property, defamation, threat to the company brand or even lawsuits against the company or its employee due to the way certain issue is portrayed through the social media.

Fortunately, these fears can be negated through some measures. HRMS softwares in India are tackling these issues with forming stringent policies for using the social media. It is obvious that the employees of the company will be active on social media beyond the company premises or would quit at some point. It becomes necessary to implementing policies to ensure that such conditions do not affect the company in any way. Policies can include deciding how the employees can use the company’s name on their profile or how portable would the accounts be once the relationship between the company and employee is terminated.

Depending on the way it is used, this integration can either prove to be a great friend to join hands with or a foe that you need to completely avoid. Make it a friend and you won’t ever regret it. It is advisable for the HR team to encourage its employees to use the integration in the best manner possible. So the next time you see one your employees logging onto Facebook or Twitter in office, mostly they are benefiting the company in some way or the other, besides changing their profile pictures and checking how many likes and comments they got!

Social Employees means more productive employees


By HR-One Team
February 4, 2015

A lot has been said about the benefits that HRMS can offer to various organizations. Significant changes can be instantly noticed in areas such as attendance management, payroll, leave requests etc. Though it may sound insignificant, it helps the company in great stretches. When the overall effect on the company is taken into consideration, the impact is massive. However, the HRMS payroll software solution providers in India insist that the solution can go a step further. It can, in fact, turn any business around. If you are experiencing turbulent times with uncertain results, HRMS can be trusted to bring you out of it. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it! At the same time, it just might sound a little hard to believe.

Small Yet Giant Steps

HR-One’s HRMS solution offers three major benefits that have the potential to turn around the way your business functions. These might seem small on an individual level, but when all these benefits are combined, the company has the ability to take giant strides towards success and growth.

– A Platform of Automation: One of the first things that HRMS brings to the table is automation. Once the trivial functions are automated, time and effort of the employees are automatically saved. No more manual tracking of attendance or wasting time on calculating each employee’s salary. Let the software take care of it. You can be free to focus on the area of the company is lagging behind and tackle all the problem areas head on.

– Efficient Organization: Remember those times when all the documentations were organized into folders, tucked safely behind the cabinets. It brought the issue of security, loss and theft to the fore in addition to a lot of time and energy being wasted by the employees to maintain the same! HRMS tackles this issue by providing great features which help in organizing all the required files and documents. All this can be done with just a click and the chances of loss are minimized. Even the aspect of security is covered. This simple change can bring a massive impact to your business, so much so that it can turn your business around. After all, effective organizing practices go a long way.

– Accurate Measurement of Performance: HRMS has several features that makes measuring employees’ performance a simpler process. It brings about a lot of transparency too. If someone’s performance is hurting the company, necessary action can be taken immediately. HRMS provides a platform for the teams to interact and improve the overall performance. This again has the potential to help the business take a positive turn.

So now that you know that HR-One’s HRMS solutions can indeed help you greatly, especially at times when your business is experiencing rough times, it would be wise to invest in HRMS and see the changes in a very short period of time. Almost all the HRMS payroll software solution providers in India would nod their heads in approval. So, don’t waste any more time and make HRMS an integral part of your business!

How HRMS can turn your business around?


By HR-One Team
February 2, 2015

An HRMS system is known for having multiple functionalities that enrich the performance of Human Resource department in any organization. These features focus on different aspects of the HR department, while enhancing each operation to its maximum. The HR managers find a lot of assistance through HRMS which makes their work a lot easier. One such feature is the payroll management system. This functionality helps in making sure that the payroll system is smooth minus any glitches. Payroll is a crucial aspect and can be a tricky aspect to manage when done manually. Overlooking the financial aspect of any company is one of the most important things to do and when you get such an efficient helping hand such as HRMS, it would only help to milk its benefits to the full. The different features of an HRMS help an HR manager in different ways. Let us see how the payroll management system helps an HR manager.

A Helping Hand to the HR Manager

The payroll management software is where one manages all the records of the employees in an organization. There are many HRMS software solution providers  who could list down the number of ways this software can help the HR manager. Having a single place where all the important documents and information can be stored and monitored is a must, especially when the size of the organization is large. The workflow can be defined well and communication between different parties can be made very effective and simple, thanks to the payroll system. Some of the other ways that the HR manager benefits through the payroll system are:

Efficiently manage the finances of the organization as a whole: The payroll system keeps a check on the payroll of every employee so that no discrepancies occur causing any conflict. However, it is equally important to track the overall finances and expenses of the organization as a whole. The payroll software helps the HR manager in accessing the tax processes efficiently. The salaries of different employees can be accessed in different modes such as processing and deduction. It takes into account the leaves taken by employees. A record of every pay-slip is recorded and saved in an electronic format on the system. The automation reduces the chance of any error and all the records can easily be accessed by the managers as well as the employees.

Manage the recruitment process in a smooth and effective manner: Hiring is a crucial task that is handled by the HR manager and his department. They are responsible for identifying the right talent and bring them into the organization so that they can share a symbiotic relationship, where the company and the new hire can equally benefit from each other. The payroll software assists the HR manager by screening the potential hires and saving the database of the all the candidates. When a wrong person is hired, a lot of time, resources as well as money are wasted when the person quits early owing to a clash in the interests. Hiring the right person ensures that the money is spent on the right people. The payroll system also has features like letter templates that can be used while mailing an accepted or rejected candidate.

Save time by managing it suitably: The HRMs software solution providers assure that a lot of precious time can be saved just by managing it efficiently. The payroll software helps you with the same. There was a time when maintaining a log of an employee’s working hours, attendance, leaves and the like were done manually, which in turn resulted in errors. This reflected directly on the payroll and caused problems. However, the payroll system has everything automated where managing all these have become faster, thus saving a lot of time.

A Simplified System

HR-One shows that when the software and the corresponding department work well together, the overall positive impact can be seen throughout the organization. Both these elements should fit well together which would in turn simplify the entire system; offer a defined flow to different functions and operations. The efficient co-relation between the payroll system and an HR manager cannot be emphasized more in any organization, regardless of its size.

How Payroll Management System Helping an HR Manager?


By HR-One Team
January 28, 2015

The implementation HRMS is growing by leaps and bounds in most of the industries across a wide spectrum. This popularity has cemented its future as well, which to be honest, looks quite scintillating. A lot has been spoken about this software and many people are turning towards it to enhance their business. Most of them would vouch for the advantages that HRMS brings to the plate and many give rave reviews about the same. But what is it about HRMS that makes it so popular, the very popularity that is building a steady path towards a bright future? There are numerous reasons for accounting the popularity. Let us see some of them.

Factors Leading to Popularity

There was a time when HRMS was popular only in bigger companies and industries. However, times have changed and one can witness the growth in human resource management software for small business as well.

Longevity of the Software: The HRM software has observed a greater life cycle as compared to numerous softwares that have been adopted by different organizations.HRMS has simplified work processes and has improved the performance of many HR related tasks. If you add a long life to these advantages, there is no doubt as to why so many businesses are loyal to HRMS. It satisfies a lot of organizational needs, for a really long time. What more can one ask for?

Ease of adaptation: Any software enjoys immense popularity if it can be adapted with ease. Adaptation of any technology can be quite nerve-wracking and ridden with anxiety due to the complexity that may accompany it. However, if it can be adapted easily without hampering the ongoing flow of work and fits well with the work model of an organization, then there is no doubt why it would enjoy tremendous popularity. The ease in adaptation also comes in with the decline in the complexity for its up-gradation. There is no need to have constant up-gradation or require transferring of data from old software to a new one once HRMS is implemented. The cloud HR system has made it possible to access all the database of the HR with just having an internet connection.

Improvement in the Interface: Having a user-friendly interface is extremely important for any organization that is adapting a new technology. Change isn’t a pleasant thing for many and new software may face some friction merely because it is difficult to use. Having a clean, smooth and simple interface encourages many people to use the software. If people are getting inclined towards HRMS, one of the primary factors is its user-friendly interface. HRMS has seen an improvement in the interface which is why many people find it easy to shift from older technologies to the new one.

All-In-One HR system: The human resource management software for small business comprises of multiple functionalities that cover the entire groundwork of an HR department. Every single task, right from finding the required talent, hiring a new employee to ensuring a smooth payroll system and similar functions, the HRMS can take care of everything. There is no need to implement different software applications for multiple functions. Since you get everything in one place, work gets simplified and much more efficient.

Customization Options: HRMS not only provides a comprehensive list of functions it can achieve but also a gamut of customization options that would be perfect, specifically for your organization. Not every company requires the same settings of different functions. Having the flexibility to customize any software to suit their requirements in such a manner that it addresses all the problem areas greatly empowers an organization. Different customization options add points to the popularity of HRMS.

A Long Way Ahead

HR-One is a good place to understand about all things HRMS. You can easily find answers to different questions that may trouble you at times. It would be wise to understand everything about human resource management software for small business, as there would be a spurt of small businesses in the future. It just might help you contribute in making a small company bigger or even help you start and manage your own business efficiently.

What are the reasons of Popularity of HRMS Software?


By HR-One Team
January 22, 2015

In this winter chill one imagine himself at home sipping their special masala tea, when abruptly there are piles of files thrown at you that reminds you of your unaccomplished targets. Such times takes you back to vacation in Bali you last had full of excitement and no paper work to be done.

Sometimes an employee needs to convey to their bosses to upgrade their technologies because the boss is in a bubble and his focus is usually to get his work done with existing equipment and no added cost.

In India such scenarios are common in SMB’s (small medium businesses) as they often take the back door when technology is knocking at their doors. It seems they are ‘OK’ with traditional style of working that consist of long scrutiny, endless paper work and the workplace shouts of unorganized setup.

The need of the hour for such companies has arrived where best online HRMS software solutions are required if they want to stay in the competition and prosper.

Some basic affordable qualities required in best payroll management software are described below:

1). Put those paper into right use and become eco-friendly by automating web based HRMS software such as HR-One practicing many functions like:
• Streamlines processes
• Uses a centralized database
• Improves communication across organization
• Reduces tedious paperwork
• Stores historical data for salaries
• Records performance evaluations
• Speed up transactions

2). HR department’s one of the crucial tasks in a company is to find talented pool of employees and keeping tab on them. With changing work equations
• The new starters are outnumbering the retirees,
• Work life balance is more important than status
• Technology will play crucial role in communicating globally rather than having face-to-face meeting.
• Boom in part-time jobs than full time
• Real time assessment of performance

3). Mobilize your office into your mobile phone and attend meetings, apply for leave and make presentations while you are in a subway, mall or dining with your family.

HR-One, an hrms payroll software solution provider makes it all possible and you can take a carefree vacation and leave rest to this dynamite software called HR-one to take all your stress.

Achieving Work-Life balance with HR-One


By HR-One Team
January 16, 2015

Start-ups seem to be the flavour of the season. The digital platform has provided so many people to realise their dream of starting their own business. It cannot be credited to just the availability of a digital platform, but also to the number of people who are following their instincts, passion and dreams in a gutsy manner. Start-ups come with huge potential of changing the market scenario, but at the same time they need a helping hand to guide them. This is where software like HRIS, payroll management etc come in to place and help them grow into bigger companies.

Everyone knows that start-ups function in a very different way as compared to a huge corporate. They break the regular rules of work culture, approaching a problem and the like. However, there is one area where a start-up faces constant challenges and cannot compromise with at any stage – Money. Most of the start-ups have limited funds to start with and they cannot risk the investment and not complying with payroll laws can invite some serious legal actions, which may drive them out of business altogether. Thus, start-ups need to tread this road very carefully. These are three of the most common mistakes pointed out by best payroll management software companies in Delhi that start-ups need to avoid making.

1)      Mixing personal and business finances

This is one of the biggest mistakes that the founders of a start up can make. In the initial stages, the founders end up spending on something from their own pockets thinking it would be good for the company. They feel that it doesn’t matter if they are paying the employees and contractors from their personal finances as long as the work is getting done. While it may seem convenient in the initially, but it can lead to dire situations in the long run. There will be no accountability for some expenses and there may be problem during filing taxes. If this is uncovered in some audit, the start-up would be serious trouble. Separate the two and let the payroll software manage the payment details, whether it is paying your employees or some vendors.

2)      Classifying employees as independent contractors

Agreed, the strength of the start-up would be low. That does not mean that one classifies employees as independent contractors. Most founders do it as they would not have to pay taxes, insurance, overtime cost or medical benefits to independent contractors. Handling the finances of the independent contractors seems simpler than the way one has to approach paying the regular employees. It may sound very tempting but misclassifying employees directly call for legal troubles. The best payroll management software companies in Delhi suggest that making a clear demarcation between the regular employees and independent contractors on the software will handle the finances accordingly. If eventually the independent contractors convert into employees, then the change can be accurately and easily done on the payroll software. Just a few edits need to be done with some clicks on the mouse, instead of going the manual way.

3)      Maintaining Payroll records manually

Since the size of the start-up may be small initially, a lot of founders assume that they can maintain the payroll details manually. After all, how difficult can be to track the payment details of a team of under 10? Well, firstly the team will not remain small forever. As the team expands, maintaining the details will get tricky if it’s done manually. Secondly, there may be constant changes in the team and updating the same on the payroll may get really frustrating. Unlike the corporate, the team members will be undertaking a lot of responsibilities at once. The responsibility of maintaining paperwork and manual records is an unnecessary task. Implementing payroll software instead will efficiently handle all these. Lot of time and effort would be saved, which can be utilised into doing better things like devising strategies and growth plans of the start-up.

If you are entrepreneur with a new business under you, then get in touch with HR-One who will help you fine-comb your payroll details. Let payroll software take care of your money and payroll issues, while you can concentrate on other aspects of business to grow and gain a strong foothold in the market.

What are the mistakes that Start-Ups make?


By HR-One Team