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April 17, 2018

In times like these, where the world is advancing at a great speed and businesses are changing the way they converse, collaborate and communicate with their employees and customers, it becomes imperative to be observant and open the door of possibilities around you. As we step in a digital era, now is a good time to introspect and check what we can do best for a seamless tomorrow. With competition just a click away, businesses need to act dynamically and be able to anticipate what their customers want, so they can deliver the right experiences at precisely the right time.

Welcoming change

The first one is a no- brainer. It’s a simple concept,  if you’re not adaptive you cannot bring forth change. The only way to survive in this era is to welcome change. The digital world has touched almost every aspect of our lives where we can interact and touch base with anyone across miles in seconds or where we can instruct robots to make a coffee for us. This is not something new that’s been emphasized here, its however we just can’t afford to ignore.

Bring forth digital platforms to simplify work life

Today’s digital platforms such as HRMS and BI are the dominant innovation and collaboration products. They have been developed to ease manual tasks, repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and to ease out HR and other administrative tasks. However, before you rest on your choice, check on the references and client testimonials for full-proof decisions. The core objective of transformation is to enable businesses to operate smarter and in the ways unimaginable before.

Pick your HRMS partner carefully

As earlier indicated, it’s crucial to bring on-board the best digital transformation partner who can help you achieve mission-critical objectives. Remember, digital transformation is not an overnight project. Your business may need professionals such as enterprise architects, business analysts, creative designers and operational experts. Therefore, it’s best to hunt for a strategic partner who can drive your digital transformation initiatives. A partner who can navigate through the entire journey and help you make the informed decision about the right HRMS products and services.

Allocate Digital Spending to Increase Operational Efficiencies

On an estimate, companies are currently spending, 12% of their current revenues on digital initiatives.  But, we believe this percentage can go even higher. Deploying HRMS software to automate HR, payroll, expense, travel, finance and other critical processes could actually turn the economics of your business.

So the message is loud and clear: The cost, efficiency and revenue pay-off is much higher at organizations who go digital. The greatest benefit of living in this era is that you have an easy access to robust and enterprise-ready software such as HR One which can respond to your exact business demands and help you step in a seamless tomorrow. Let us demonstrate how our HR One experts can help you converge in the digital era. Talk to us.

Stepping in a Seamless Tomorrow


By HR-One Team
April 10, 2018

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Hiring the right personnel may be a tedious job but retaining them requires hard work and consistency that every HR needs to maintain.

In the world of organisational management, HR-One is the finest solution to maintain a good relationship with your employees. This comprehensive HR software enables you to track your employees’ right from recruitment to retirement.

HR-One is equipped with many modules like Payroll, Performance,  Workforce, Time Office, HelpDesk and more that are user-friendly. You can easily assess employees information, get direct access, give incentives and boost their morale at the tip of your finger!

Read how you can forge employee engagement with some of the HR-One modules.

  1. Payroll: Payroll software allows access on-the-go for both employees and employers. This module contains salary structures showing automated break-up of their salaries based on components like arrears, bonus, overtime, reimbursements, taxes, real-time attendance. This minimises errors and avoids confusion. Further, employees could update their profile, view their monthly salary, working hours, deductions, and easily check and download their payslips.

Payroll module allows transparency to each employee and any queries can go directly to the concerned department. Simply monitor the activities and save a lot of administrative hours. It makes life easier!

  1. Performance Management: Another competent module is the Performance Management software. This enables the employees to understand not only the visions and missions of the organisations but also performance as a team towards the goal.

The module allows HR personnel to set objectives for the team members, track their performance and give a real-time review. Appraisals and performance-based increments are vital in maintaining a healthy competition, growth and, productivity.

In HR-One, the Key Result Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are factors that give a transparent Review and Appraisal system.

  1. Time Sheet: From a single dashboard, you can track your Timesheet. The Time Sheet module allows you to organise work allocation for projects under different teams. Employees can record their working hours while you can track the working hours of each employee.

It is also possible to track whether the project is running according to the actual plan or effort being made. The difference between the actual and effort could also be analysed.

As you track each progress, it enables you to make a better informed decision in efficiently managing the project. Moreover, you can also reset allocated timelines as necessary. This saves time and stress on administrative work.

  1. Training: The comprehensive Training module is one of the best investments to retain talented employees.

This module helps in planning training from schedules to feedback. It even manages invitations and record attendance, not to mention feedback. It maintains a pool of courses that could be taken from time to time. The employees can even nominate themselves and users can access all the scheduled training and course material relevant to each.

It gives a pre-training and post-training evaluation, feedback and even has an effectiveness sheet. The Training module allows customisation with various templates to choose from.

HR-One offers a simple solution that eliminates arduous tasks, encourage transparency, equip, and promote employees’ skill resulting in a happy and satisfied workforce ready to run the extra mile.

Improve Employee Retention and Engagement with HR One Software


By HR-One Team
April 9, 2018

Human resource has evolved from a predominantly hiring function to an essential part of business management for companies large and small. HR professionals have more on their plates than ever – from staying on top of talent management skills to ever-changing legal and technological developments.

Technological developments have immensely helped the human resource department today. Among them, human resource software is the best thing to happen to HR professionals in the last two decades.

How HRM Technology Enabled This Evolution

To understand how human resource has evolved from a largely talent or people management function to a business execution role, we have to look at how HR technology or human resource management systems (HRMS) has developed in the past two decades.

Before the 90s

Before the nineties, the entire focus of HR was personnel management and administration. As human resource software and automation was yet to be adopted at this stage, the sheer amount of time and effort required to handle administrative processes was humongous. Therefore, the entire focus of the HR department in that generation was devoted to efficiently processing employee paperwork.

Nineties to 2000

A shift occurred in the 1990s due to the implementation of new technologies that remarkably reduced the time required to perform human resource administrative activities. HR organizations now could focus more on business execution topics rather than just people administration and hiring. Several talent management techniques developed in this era, including goal-setting, competency modelling, action learning, structured interviewing, etc.

2001 to 2010

From 2001 to 2010 the popularity of internet systems allowed HR organizations to share, import and analyze data across the organization to support employee development and management. Rather than just focusing on hiring, training and payroll, the HR organization was able to integrate talent management processes to secure a regular supply of the right talents for the right roles.

2011 to Now

With the massive adoption of cloud-based HRMS software, systems and applications, businesses now can focus more on increasing workforce productivity. A shift to the cloud has also enabled the development of highly scalable, customized and user-friendly cloud-based human resource software and applications.Applications such as HR-One have enabled HR to use these tools to effectively utilize talent in supporting and meeting the short-and long-term objectives of the company.

Cloud-based human resource management systems (HRMS) is the same to HR organizations today as what was GPS technology to street maps and taxi cabs earlier: game changing. HR software has literally changed the human resource department into a business execution department enabling companies to access and analyze readily available information to make critical business decisions.

The Future of Human Resource Software

Lately, HR technology is undergoing a disruptive period and industry analysts perceive a seismic shift in the advancement and adoption of new technologies in the next few years. According to CB Insights, a venture capital data expert, big investors pumped in investments worth more than $2 billion into HR technology systems and platforms in 2016. The most investment growth has been seen in integrated human resource management system (HRMS) platforms for midsize companies.

We can expect a disruption in every HR tech market in 2018 and beyond. The intersection of cloud, mobile computing and artificial intelligence will herald a new dawn in HR management with a considerable focus on culture, productivity, wellness and employee engagement. A new breed of HR software and technology is set to reinvent the role of the HR organization and turn traditional human resources tenets on its head.

How HR Software & Technology is Reinventing Traditional HR Roles


By HR-One Team
April 3, 2018

In today’s business world, HR management system (HRMS) has become indispensable for data management, reporting, recruiting, payroll, performance and learning management, and several other HR functions. An HRMS connects human resource management and information technology through a combination of systems and processes using HR software. Further, the advent of cloud technology has significantly reduced the barriers to adoption.

However, many organizations still rely on innumerable documents, notes and spreadsheets to run their HR functions. Nonetheless, many smart companies have readily made the leap into automating their human resource functions with HR software.

So, why you should adopt HR management software in your company? Here are five reasons why.

Automate all herculean tasks

HR and payroll have to deal with a lot of employee data and information; and organizing them takes a whole lot of time. Moreover, if data is disorganized finding them at the right time becomes arduous and there is a risk of misplacing or losing crucial information entirely. With HR management software, you can automate all the tasks related to entry, processing, storing and access, thereby improving data organization while saving precious time and avoiding human errors.

Helps overcome geographical barriers

Companies with multiple locations and operations around diverse geographical areas can utilize the capabilities of advanced human resource management software to hire and evaluate candidates online, anywhere across the globe. HR management software also helps achieve standardization in standards and policies across multiple locations.

Information sharing becomes easy

HR software helps streamline information sharing between HR, employers and managers across the entire organization. Modern HRMS such as HR-One also comes with an employee self-service feature that allows employees to manage their own dashboard, thus enabling information-sharing anywhere, anytime. Since HR-One is a cloud-based platform it can also be accessed on your mobile phone. A streamlined system helps avoid inconsistencies in sharing information related to company updates, policy changes, news, etc.

Supports sound decision making

Employee development, performance management and hiring are much better done with a sophisticated HR management system. HRMS helps managers make better hiring, firing, promotion and employee development decisions by utilizing the power of data, analytics, and reliable and evidence-based information.

Enhances effective performance management

With effective HR software, performance management doesn’t have to be a one-off, yearly affair that is cumbersome, unproductive and almost dreadful. Modern HRMS allows you to schedule monthly, quarterly or even weekly review sessions to truly gauge employee progress, set goals and provide feedback in a transparent way. Employee development becomes more effective and productive with a clear and realistic view of employees’ progress.

With so many options to choose from, organizations are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best human resource management software. Your selection should be based on the area where you need the most support or where your present HR software is lacking to deliver. HR-One is an HR management software which is simple to use and easy to customize according to the size and nature of your business. Its smart, innovative and intuitive features give you a superior advantage in strategic HR management.  

Role of HRMS in various facets of HR


By HR-One Team
March 28, 2018

The world is definitely going the automated way. Then, why should we still rely on costly, time-consuming manual processes to manage business travel. With integrated, seamless and automated methods, organizations can boost business travel efficiency and costs. In addition, business solutions such as travel management software can create a greater degree of control on travel spending.

Managing and processing travel expenses account for a significant chunk of operating costs for organizations. However, they are an integral part of business operations and critical to maintaining organizational excellence. Manual travel planning and processing is time-consuming, error prone and resource-intensive. Not to mention it can create huge compliance issues for the business.

Why Travel Management Software

  • Speed and efficiency – The best travel management software will help you improve speed and efficiency by eliminating slow, error prone ways such as using excel and spreadsheets for travel management.
  • Costeffective – If you consider the resource, time and cost involved in managing travel manually; not to mention the costs of errors and non-compliance, you should realize why an automated system is critical.
  • Compliance – Your frequent travelers will not always understand the rules and reporting requirements for travel expense claims and processing. It is one of the primary reasons why compliance with organizational policies and tax regulations is one of the biggest challenges for HR, payroll and finance.
  • Centralized Data: With an innovative, automated travel management system such as HR-One, you have the benefit of maintaining a centralized source of data to easily carry out recurring on-demand audits, spend analysis, review of spending and cost-saving measures.

These are just the few benefits of automating travel management. Your next step should be to find the best travel management software which is ideal for your organization. Irrespective of your organization’s size, compliance challenges and other factors, HR-One is the best choice for smart, fast and easy implementation, training and deployment.

Benefits of HR-One

HR-One includes an intelligent module for travel management, which covers all the aspects of business travel. The module is quite useful in helping HR plan a trip for company executives, book travel tickets and accommodation, as well as settle expenses by payroll or finance.

Features of HR-One Travel Management Module

From the automation of travel bookings, approvals through travel planning, settlement of travel expenses to expense reimbursement, HR-One does it all for you; faster and with more accuracy than a manual process.

Travel Planner

Create a detailed travel itinerary and plan the trip as per the approved policies of the organization. You can also specify mode of travel, accommodation and food preferences for the travel.

Travel Help Desk

Once the travel plans are approved, the centralized help desk facilitates bookings. Notifications are sent to managers or employees on the confirmation of the booking.

Claim Processing

Travel claim processing is easy and fast with HR-One. In fact, your employees can be issued cash in advance up to 5 days before the travel date.

Things to Look For in a Travel Management System

A smart travel management software must have all the benefits and be capable of providing a good return on investment. When you zero-in on the best travel management software for your organization, ensure that the software has the following features, functionalities or options:

  • Data integration
  • Integrated booking and claim submission
  • Easy integration with finance and accounts payable
  • Mobile and cloud compatibility
  • Travel planning capabilities
  • Automated document management
  • Good reporting capabilities
  • Snapshots of travel expenses by vendor, employee, department and nature
  • Automated compliance mechanisms

Organizations who use manual travel management and processing methods now should seriously think about making a switch to a more efficient, automated system. The question is not if, but when.

Why My Business Needs Travel Management Software?


By HR-One Team
March 20, 2018

Payroll teams spend most of their time manually updating all the payroll related tasks, which is the most time consuming, monotonous, and expensive process.

What if these teams get an opportunity to use a system that can perform all the payroll related activities anytime and anywhere? Not only this, the payroll system is scalable as well as user friendly.  A system that ensures managing the end-to-end spectrum of the payroll system with better control, flexibility, and accuracy. A good Human Resource Management System (HRMS) payroll system may help to revolutionize a workplace!

The payroll system often requires little input from the employer, such as employee salary information and some basic details. After this, it handles all calculations on its own and performs withholdings automatically. The best part is most of the HRMS payroll software are automatically updated based on tax law changes. It also notifies employers when to file different types of tax forms.

Selecting a payroll system

It is important that you choose a payroll system that suits best to your business needs. But what are the parameters that you should keep in mind while making a selection? An effective payroll system should have the following features.

  • A payroll system should not only record the number of hours the employees have worked, but must handle difficult operations, like taking care of  taxation rules etc.
  • There should be a feature of keeping detailed and correct records. Record-keeping helps in monitoring trends, like how much the overtime is being paid.
  • An automated payroll system helps in organizing other tasks, such as helping employees to independently download the payslip.

In today’s era where the technology ecosystem is growing at an exponential pace, it is a time for the HR department to embrace new systems and tools managing employee engagement and communication, workplace culture etc. No matter which services you choose, the features should be customized to suit your business needs. An effective payroll system should be able to offer advantages in terms of speed, time, cost, and accuracy.

An Integrated Payroll Solution can provide a seamless end-to-end experience


By HR-One Team
March 19, 2018

Trending now in the HR management for Start-up businesses, Agencies, Enterprises, and SME world is a payroll management software that efficiently automates and integrates with accounts by simplifying workload, minimizing error and, optimising productivity. One of the softwares, many HR heads have switched to and has in fact, been awarded in 2017 as the “Expert’s Choice” and “Exceptional Customer Support” by Software Suggest is the HR-One software. It contains versatile modules and integrations that are readily available.

So, what makes HR-One stand out from the crowd? Let’s talk about the values they stand for.


HR-One has invested its time and effort to make the software easy to use for implementation, tutorials, and training. The ease of use is one of the factors which makes it efficient and popular for many customers. The software can be easily customized according to the business needs.

HR-One provides seamless management of the payroll through its Payroll module. It automates and process benefits, deductions, medical insurance, taxes, bonus etc. It also generates all statutory compliance reports. It basically does all the manual jobs which used to take hours.

It simplifies challenges faced by HR teams like attendance of employees, leave management and overtime calculations. With automated input for procedures like PTO requests, biometric attendance system, hassles of manual and paperwork can be avoided resulting in optimising time, productivity, and growth. It also eliminates human errors.


This Software as a Service (SaaS) comes with more than 12 modules such as recruitment, time office, workforce and many more. Different kind of modules serve different purposes such as the Time and Attendance Management module permits an accurate evaluation of performance of all employees. The software includes a recruitment module that tracks right from hiring to separation. It contains modules like Performance Appraisal, PF/ESIS Calculation, Reimbursement Management, Salary Adjustment and Workflow Management.


Although the software allows multiple user login and role-based access, HR-One is fully secure with SQL & SSL certification. Strict parameters are defined so that only nominated users are allowed to access information to prevent data leak and manipulation.


Being cloud based, this payroll system can be accessed from multiple devices. HR-One is also available on premises. Information can be accessed on the go through iOS and Android.

The software functions as a central repository of data for employees. Employees could see their profile and data, payslips could be checked and downloaded saving a lot of time for HR personnel and minimising on paper work.

Employees could feed their personal information and track their information like salary, leave, TDS calculations, bonus, benefits etc. Through this, the functionality of the payroll system is enhanced and allows the administration to accomplish work more quickly and accurately.

Easy access allows better engagement of HR personnel with employees making it easier management for the team to capture data and use it.

Access to real-time attendance and work hours could be obtained thanks to the integrated biometric attendance system. This also saves a lot of money which otherwise is lost without proper leave and attendance system.

Moreover, the modules provide periodic reports like a monthly report on the employee’s salary and MIS to name a few. It provides a clean presentation of information.

To conclude, HR-One HRMS software does its job well in being comprehensive yet simple in its navigation. Its forte lies in HR and Payroll management software, leading to better functionality and growth in business. With its great user interface, this HRMS software continues to be a promising choice with excellent customer support and technical assistance.

HR-One the All-in-One Payroll Management Software


By HR-One Team
March 8, 2018

2018 has already begun and the majority of key decision makers is contemplating as how to improve productivity, revenue and streamline key business processes like Payroll, Performance, Recruitment, Time Office and Workforce in the organization. To operate more strategically and smoothly, it’s vital to consider an HR Management solution that can fulfill your requirements. But where to begin? Selecting an HRMS comes down to understanding the key factors. Here are five ways to evaluate a new HRMS to make better business decisions.

#1 – Simple to Use Dashboard

It’s critical to invest in a central dashboard that provides you the immediate insights upon login and  provides a beautiful interface to view all relevant information. The ease of using dashboard provides a great relief to the manager and employees alike. The simple to use dashboard renders real-time information on critical areas like employee records, time and attendance, leave requests, recruitment,onboarding, and training with no clutter and greater ease.

#2 – Is the system cloud-based

Is your organization in the cloud yet? What we are referring to here is the cloud-based model that has   transformed the way organizations manage their HR functions today. Internal servers and filing cabinets won’t work anymore. Now, if you’d prefer to make your own decisions for your department, without adding extra cost of maintaining servers and other costing, the hosted “cloud” model may suit you the best. This option grants you access to the system from anywhere at any time, with complete security of your data.

#3 – Ongoing product update

Just as the needs of the organization and HR department evolve continually, likewise HRMS should be maintained with the latest updates for further improvisation. Scout for an HRMS software that talks about frequent updates and improvements. These are the signs of a software company that listens closely to their client needs plus has a sound team to keep things running smoothly.

#4 –  Support

In case there is ever a product issue, the one factor you would want to depend on is the technical support.

There is nothing more disheartening to know that your HRMS is not performing as per your expectations. So, before you scout for a software system, ask support related questions well in advance and evaluate how responsive the organization is.  

#5 – Ask for a Demo

Many companies may offer a free trial, but may not navigate your way to the entire system you want to discover. In this respect, ask the vendor if they can provide you with a custom demo to walk through your specific needs. A guided demo will allow you to pour down queries, schedule a meeting with decision makers in your organization and more.

As you start researching HRMS for your business, why not get in touch with HR-One experts to explore options suitable for your business.

5 Ways to Choose the Best HRMS Software for Your Business


By HR-One Team
March 7, 2018

Whether you work in an organization which is globally dispersed and encourage flexible working hours, or you work in an office that adhere to strict working hours, communication is a key. The ability to communicate and give real time feedback on their performance allows employees to feel valued and help them stay motivated.

Understanding a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation

A 360 Degree Performance Evaluation helps company to see the bigger picture as to how well your team members are performing and meeting their timelines and objectives. The performance evaluation also provides great insight into the company as what’s going well and what requires improvement.

It can also be used to enhance compensation planning, identify the need for more training programs, and connect performance with corporate objectives. If you’re already using PMS, you may know it’s a great tool to evaluate continuous feedback all year round. This means when appraisal time comes, you can gain a collective feedback from peers as well as how the employee has performed and track the  assigned and accomplished tasks throughout the year, rather than speculating on individual performance metrics.

What options do you have?

There has been an ongoing debate regarding  bi-annual, monthly, quarterly and annual appraisals, and whether these are the best to evaluate the performance of your employees. However, these tools have been good enough to provide continual feedback as who are the top performers within the organization.

Further, simple record keeping helps managers to keep a continuous tab of a performance history for the entire tenure of each employee – indicating a graph with the opportunity to look deeply at the trends, patterns, or one-off blips. It also helps you to boost employee morale, increase productivity and retain your top employees. From defining KRAs to goal setting, review ratings and appraisals, everything is clearly defined and set in the system. Your team can input self-ratings and share with respective managers through the system itself.

We have learnt that it’s important for organizations to access data quickly and easily related to the performance of an employee. Using a performance management tool mean the manager can count on the module to monitor performance and rest assured that they can easily cull out reports and export when required.

How do you manage your talent, and what methods do you use to manage talent and their yearly, monthly and quarterly goals? As you start researching HRM systems for the business, why not get in touch with us for your comprehensive Performance Management Software needs.

The Importance of Performance and Real-Time Feedback in the Workplace


By HR-One Team
February 27, 2018

Workforce management is an extremely vital component of business management for most organizations. But still, many consider workforce management software as an extra cost rather than a business critical tool. This useful software can help you accomplish a lot of things, but most importantly, it helps you manage compliance smoothly, control costs effectively and provide employee benefits properly.

Workforce management is a viable and effective method or tool to manage all your internal processes. As workforce management falls under the broader umbrella of human resource management, you should select a provider who can offer you an Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) that has a robust integrated workforce, performance and payroll management functions.

To put in simple words, the objective of workforce management is finding, training and utilizing the right talents for the right roles at the right time. Effective management of your employees require efficient processes, procedures and technology, therefore, choosing the right workforce management software or system is crucial for your organization once you decide to implement.

Benefits of Workforce Management System

Workforce management software is absolutely essential for your business if you want to get more done in less time. There are many great benefits that this technology can bring to your business.

Improves Operational Efficiency

This is one of the main reasons you should use workforce management software. It helps you get more done in less time by helping your employees make the most of their time and energy.

Saves Time

The best thing about WFM is that it helps you save time in many tedious tasks that your employees perform. For example tasks such as creating schedules, processing payroll, etc., can be automated to save time and reduce or eliminate errors.

Improves Employee Performance

With workforce management software you can set goals for your employees, track progress and evaluate their performance from a single dashboard. Remember that use of ease should be one of the main features of the platform that you use for employee performance management.

Supports Informed Decisions

The analytic function of the software helps managers make informed decisions about their team members and provides important insights into tasks, projects and work progress.

Improves Communication

A smooth flow of communication channels is one of the keys of managing an efficient workforce. Workforce management software allows managers and employees to communicate easily, swiftly and clearly in real time, thus helping schedule leaves, work delegation and shift changes accordingly.

Go Paperless

Those days are gone when HR, payroll and administration meant tons of paperwork and endless hours of manual work. Payroll processing, time scheduling and management, benefits administration and other HR functions can be fully automated, digitized and expedited with the workforce management software.

Now, if you have made the decision that you need a workforce management software, remember to go for one which is web-based or cloud based. It will save your business a lot of time, money and resources wasted on using your own server space, maintenance and security. Also, find out if your workforce management software can be used as an app on your mobile phone for easy access on the go.

Make Workplace Easy with Workforce Management Software


By HR-One Team
February 22, 2018

Reach into your pocket, pull out your smartphone, and this is what you’re likely to find; you will find a suite of applications capable of performing complex tasks to make your life easier, and connected. Likewise; in today’s competitive travel industry a well-integrated HRMS software is all what is required to manage all travel-related queries, submit and approve all requests related to a business trip, along with estimated costs from a single window.

Managing travel queries, ad hoc-travel requests and queries have been one of the most complex tasks for any business. It encompasses a wide range of activities to be undertaken quickly and precisely. To begin with, if an organization is processing its travel manually, the process becomes tedious and error-prone. But, if the process is automated with the advanced software, the benefits will be manifold, like timely processing and better and accurate results.

                               EASY INTEGRATION. QUICK IMPLEMENTATION
                              Explore next-gen features for your Travel Needs

Exclusive Benefits Of Using HR-One Travel Management Software

Record and get approvals instantly
Implement your travel policy with the travel module. Record and get approvals for travels and track travel expenses. Automatically maintain a travel calendar with Travel management software.

Manage travel reimbursements aptly
It’s a real headache for HR and admin personnel to manage daily travel reimbursements and keep a record of every single transaction. In this context, the travel management module of HR-One can work well by managing corporate travel expense without compromising on quality and productivity aspect.

Centralized travel desk
Say good bye to all travel related woes. Make the best use of a centralized travel desk and escalate all your concerns, travel booking needs, and queries through this desk.  Once bookings are confirmed, you can view notifications sent to the respective team members and managers.

Automated Travel Planner
Now it’s easier to create a detailed travel itinerary and plan the trip as per the approved policies. Employee can specify travel needs, stay preferences etc. with this module.

Completely Secure
Your travel related Information is highly-secure and confidential.  You can count on HR-One travel management software for complete security and saving all your travel-related expense and record in this software.

Extremely quick, easy and intuitive system
There’s no need of intensive training to get a hands-on this module. This travel module is extremely easy to use and you need not have to undergo weeks or even days of rigorous training to use this incredible software.

On the Go Access
HR-One HRMS gives a fabulous combination of intuitive usability for employees and powerful self-service features to raise any query or access record or status online 24/7, anywhere, and from any internet-connected device.

Quick claims disbursement processes
This software helps employees receive claims and travel expenses with greater ease and comfort. This remarkably reduce conflict and foster a healthy workplace.

Easy Tracking
Eliminate complexity with systems in place for tracking of claims and travel requests based on company policy.

To summarize, automation is slowly becoming the norm and completely changing the way we do business travel transactions, and a Travel management software is turning out to be a must have technological advancement for your business.

Automate your Business Travel with HR-One HRMS


By HR-One Team
February 21, 2018

The importance of asset management software cannot be overemphasized in today’s business world. For your assets are the pillars of your organization. Legacy manual asset auditing is not sufficient if your business aims at growth. It’s also time consuming, faulty and even expensive if you consider the time spent, wasted resources and the high likelihood of errors.

Today, technology allows you to track and manage your assets in a single window, at a click or a touch (depending on the device you’re using) with asset management software and applications. There are web-based asset management systems and mobile apps that help you track and manage assets on the go.

If you are still not sure why your business or office needs them, here are five sound reasons that should help you make up your mind.

#1 Maintain efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs

Asset management software can help your organization achieve growth and sustainability. Asset information that is readily and swiftly available helps in making critical purchase, hire, retire and maintenance decisions; helping you reduce costs and maintain operational efficiency.

If you are in control of your assets, you’re in control of your operations. It not only helps you make sound purchasing decisions but also shows ways to reduce unnecessary costs.

#2 Saves time and reduces errors

Quality asset management software can help you cut significantly on errors and time spent on manual auditing and tracking. For instance, you can use your asset management software to store barcode information of assets after scanning them, helping you save time and reduce errors drastically.

#3 Easy tracking, structuring and lifecycle management

Few Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) not only take care of your most important assets, your employees, but also keep track of all assets allocated to employees, including mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, headphones and other electronic items for office use.

It also allows you to structure your assets by location, type, status and lifecycle stage. Employees can request for assets through well-defined workflows and permission levels. Knowing at what stage your assets are in the lifecycle is very important because it you gives you critical information on usage, replacement, repair and maintenance.

#4 Mobility & Speed

One of the biggest advantages of a web-based or mobile-based asset management software is mobility, speed and accessibility. Whether it’s mobile phones,  iPads, Tabs or notebooks, you can get access to critical information on the go which helps you and your employees stay connected always.

#5 Powerful Reporting

Assuming that you are using the right asset management software, you will have access to powerful reporting functions and ROI insights. These reports provide you the insights to make informed decisions that could likely impact the future of your organization. It also helps you track and analyze the Return on Investments (ROI) that you are getting from your assets.

The business case for asset management software is both compelling and evident. In conclusion, here are a few statistics that provide more sound reasons for implementing asset management software in your organization.

Consider this….

  • In 2013, there were 11,000 reports of stolen fixed assets across offices in the U.S.
  • Studies have shown that 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors
  • 94% of workers agree that on-the-go information on mobile devices make them more efficient.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Asset Management Software


By HR-One Team