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Now tread your way to work with NAVIC!

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Be it Odd or Even, Mondays or wedding times, Delhi roads are rarely sans traffic. And if you use your GPS to find the smoothest way to reach office quickly, there is more good news for you!

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) on Thursday, gifted us our very own desi GPS IRNSS-1G, aka NAVIC.

While this proudly places India amongst the five nations in the world that have established their own satellite navigation system, here is our take on what using this Indian bred system could mean for the daily commuters in near future:

• No more artificial accents that are at times, hard to understand.
• Better and more accurate information on the shortest routes around because when in traffic, there is always a quick way around
• Get directions in familiar accents and local languages.

In addition to this, NAVIC is equipped with applications like navigation for hikers and travelers, fleet management and vehicle tracking, along with visual and voice support for the drivers.

Over dependency on any outside solution is never recommended, it is time we embrace our home grown technologies with open arms. Look forward to using NAVIC soon!

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