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Mobile HRMS: Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Strategy

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Mobile has become an integral part of the connected business. From healthcare and financial services, to entertainment and education, there is a greater need to have a strong mobility strategy in place. And while companies have embraced mobility conceptually – there is a need to infuse the technology into their everyday operations and fill the gaps remaining. How should your organization structure and harness enterprise-level mobility to the next level?

Mobile HRMS- Infusing mobile technology with HRMS

Given that HRMS is becoming prevalent and an integral part of business, it only makes sense that the two should be combined. Mobile HRMS is easy to use, easy to deploy, works on multiple devices and can be fully customized to accommodate your unique business needs. If that’s not enough, here are a few compelling reasons to choose Mobile HRMS for your HR team and your dynamic workforce.

The diversified workforce expect it

If you don’t believe us, just think how they’re being recruited. How they cleared assessment tests? More and more hiring process is happening online and not confined to a distance. Even a video-call has surfaced the traditional face to face interview. So, now we can ascertain that millennial workforce are dynamic and they are highly mobile-focused. They want to gain an insight into their personal records and data freely. Mobile HRMS therefore is a new frontier that enables employees to view a full set of personal records, payroll data, salary slips, earnings, deductions, taxes and other values at a glance.

Anytime-anywhere HR

Mobile HRMS does wonder by greatly reducing the burden of HR team. With Mobile HRMS, employees no longer has to ‘speak to HR’ – for basic and daily enquiries, as the answers are readily-available and on-screen.

Invaluable business benefits

Imagine your workforce tapping their devices to perform daily tasks such as approvals, downloading salary slips, applying expense related request, or running analytics. For example, an on-the-go sales manager can quickly and easily preview metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and the status of their team over their preferred smartphone while on the way to a client meeting.

Expert answers, anytime, anywhere

Using a Mobile HRMS gives you a whole new range of capabilities. Not only can your employees contact you where and when they choose, but you can track, manage and respond to every case with HRMS. A mobile HRMS facilitates instant, simple escalation, with issues routed straight to the concerned person, regardless of location. Further, you can implement round-the-clock cover for ad-hoc and urgent queries and respond timely – no more losing issues as they change from one channel to another.

We live in an increasingly mobile world. Our laptops, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming like our wallets and keys: must carry at all times. A Mobile HRMS that goes anywhere and works on any device makes for a more effective and more successful team. The end result is that mobile HRMS is changing the face of business, often in ways that may not have been considered earlier. If you are considering an implementation or upgrade to Mobile HRMS, or wish to understand how to reap its benefits in your organization, reach out to one of our experts. 

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