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Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn: 4 Key Takeaways for the HRs

  • 14th Jun, 2016

Microsoft yesterday announced acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 B. While the business impact of the deal would get clear in the coming days, here is how the acquisition may impact the HR function.

Access to MS services: Traditionally, LinkedIn has been very shy of third party app integrations. However, this merger may see close knit integration of LinkedIn with other MS apps and tools like Office, CRM, HRMS, Skype and more.

Cortana Assistance:  Cortana, the intelligent personal assistance created by Microsoft is likely to get access to LinkedIn data. This means that in future, HRs could be able to use Cortana digital assistance to get candidate or employee information like skills, references, past records etc.

Professional Timeline:  Microsoft is likely to integrate LinkedIn with Office 365, so what you can expect is a built in LinkedIn timeline available to you at work. This integration would expedite LinkedIn searches and sourcing operations for the HRs.

Ready Resumes:  With LinkedIn integrated with Office 365, MS could consider making LinkedIn profiles the default resumes for anyone on all MS apps and devices. This would not only reduce the paper work for the HRs, but also enable them to easily access and analyze employee/ candidate profiles for decisions like success planning, hiring, training and development etc.

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn could open a Pandora’s box for the HR, especially when it comes to accessing people’s data. With better collaboration and quick access to information, this deal could seal great empowerment opportunities for the HRs in the future.

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