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Manage Business Travel end-to-end with HR-One

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Harpreet Singh

Your business relationship is quite similar to an institution of marriage. Till the time, you- the employer and the employee won’t give your 100% percent to each other, the chances of your relationship being fruitful and long-term are scarce.

Let us explain you how. The employees especially, your Business Development team has to travel across seas, mountains, and boundaries to make your business grow. After all how do you get your clients? Through them. Hence, it is clear that it is not till the time they put all of their efforts into the client meeting that you get business.

However, in return, they also expect the same amount of effort from your end. They expect you to reimburse their expenses quickly, pay them in advance and what not. Basically, more or less, they want you to make their business travel experience a cakewalk. Alas! Let’s accept it! You fail to keep the employees happy in that regard. No worries! Travel management software can change the game for you by handling this end-to-end. Let’s see how.

Travel planning– Make Travel policies, customize them and set travel expense claim limits according to the grade of the employee with greater ease. With HR-One employees can raise requests and the admin personnel can book the tickets according to their preferences. A comprehensive policy list can also be made. Moreover, the employees can set their preferences for hotel, flight or train according to the claim limit for their grade.

Expense management- Delineate approval matrix for claims/ reimbursements, facilitate employees with the option of self-service and get reports and analytics in a click. It is easy for the employees and the employers to claim and reimburse the amount respectively. The employees can check the status of their requests and send reminder emails without any hassle.

Travel desk- Manage travel, boarding requests and share the booking details swiftly using the travel desk. The travel management software allows you to make detailed travel itineraries. Accept the requests, book the tickets according to the grade and share the details with the employee. Liberate them from the added task of booking the tickets and place to stay themselves and later claiming the amount from you.

The Final Takeaway

You can save a lot of time and money by using this simple, intuitive, user-friendly smart interface to automate and manage the business travel experience. It is as simple as that- You be good to your BD employees and they will be good to you.  Close fist your business travel expenses the smart way and contact us for a free demo now!

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