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Make Payroll Processing Simple and Quick With Payroll Management Software

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A Payroll Management software automates manual processes involved in payroll management. This not only saves time, but eliminates errors, and leaves staff to concentrate on other core functions. Payroll automation facilitates the collection, organization, and storage of data needed for payroll calculations and reporting requirements.

Some of the actions that are automated by a Payroll Management Software include but are not necessarily restricted to:

• Calculating salary, commissions, bonuses, and advance payments
• Calculating annual holidays
• Generation payslips
• Preparing regulatory reports for entities such as insurance companies and tax authorities
• Adhering to the law pertaining to accounting and calculation of holidays
• Adhering to collective labor agreements as well as exceptions and procedures specific to the employer
• Managing travel and expense invoices
• Assigning shifts, work schedules, and duties
• Keeping track of employee records with special attention to working hours, leaves, overtime and absence
• Tracking beneficiaries and dependents

Going further, payroll management software can be seamlessly linked to biometric attendance system. Such easy integration gives you a 360 degree view of your organization, accurate payments and deductions, as well as reporting. This software also features an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy to learn and use allowing for rapid adoption and fewer hiccups during the process. Ease of use also facilitates faster quick payroll processing.

When you look for a Payroll management software, there is need to do some groundwork first. Know what your requirements are and discuss them with a reputable HR-One’s HRMS experts ERP solutions provider. Go for a cost-effective payroll management solution to enjoy the many benefits. To discuss your payroll processing requirements and get answers on our premium HRMS, call us at 1800-532-4422.

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