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Leading in The New: Remote Hiring Through HRMS

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Businesses have witnessed tremendous change in today’s fast paced digital business environment,  right from technological changes, new strategies and HR practices. A few years ago, working from home may have seemed like a distant dream. Today, it’s the future of work. As more companies embrace remote working practices, the benefits are quite evident. According to the State of Work Productivity Report, 65% of full-time employees think a remote work schedule would increase productivity. But how can HR department tackle this business development to its benefit?

HRMS can help the HR department with remote hiring in the following ways.

Empower your employees, wherever they are

Today’s employees expect instant and personalized service from their employer. With HRMS, you can streamline HR processes, raise a request through HR help desk, equip HR leaders with a 360-degree employee view. This means any queries or concerns can be put across on the platform in real-time. This eliminates the need of constantly keeping a tab on the status, consistent follow-up, calls etc.

Maintain a database for a quick look-up

Just like the regular employees, HRMS Software enables companies to maintain a database of all the skill sets that remote workers possess. Once you have maintained a log, you can approach them as when required. You can take a quick glance as which candidate can fulfill your requirements and you would want to work with. Although, it is always best to consider candidates with rich experiences who can get the job done with minimal supervisions, reminders, constant follow-ups, supervision or reminders.

Payroll convenience
In many organizations, almost 50 per cent of an HR department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions. This is where HRMS come into play. An efficient HRMS caters to their needs by automating core HR, benefits, and payroll processes. With HR-One HRMS, employees can easily manage their payroll details accurately such as view payslips, leave details, income tax report, generate annual salary statement, view loan statement, salary computation,  provident fund, employee state insurance and much more.

Engage employees from day one with HRMS

HRMS give employees the power to work, share, collaborate, and access HRMS from anywhere. It also saves time of remote employees and align them of any upcoming policies or announcements well in advance.

Our hyper-connected world is drastically changing—accelerating the volume and velocity of information and connections. This tectonic shift demands companies to invest in a robust software that can lead change. Digital is fueling the next wave of change as how to serve and empower your remote employees. HRMS gives companies a cost-effective lever to make real change on a massive scale. It frees companies from the physical boundaries and closes the gap between employee expectations and satisfaction. To do that, you will need to invest in an enterprise-ready software, shift your focus from legacy to “new” technology and deliver value fast.

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