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Are you evaluating your employees correctly?

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From excel sheets to detailed forms, a performance review encompasses what not. But how do you ensure that your process is meeting your business needs?

It’s about time for everyone to start filling appraisal forms. The HRs are busy preparing the plans and ensuring that the timelines are met. Amidst this hustle bustle what we miss is evaluating the appraisal process. Most businesses pick appraisal processes on basis of references, industry benchmarking, HR recommendations and more. However, how to do know whether it fits your business needs? Is it good enough to meet your employee expectations?

Here is a quick checklist to determine if your performance review process needs a makeover.

Is employee performance getting tracked fairly, across the board? Well, if you have not been invited to literal battle fields where people are armed with emotional rants and tears, you can live in peace. A good performance tracking measure is to ensure that KRAs are clearly defined and more importantly, accepted. When appraisals happen, you will hear grumpy sounds, but if the performance stats are clear and transparent, a lot of such noise can be handled with ease.

Do your employees know what they are expected to do? Setting expectations is not an easy task. For a fair handling of reviews, it is imperative that performance expectations and targets are pre planned and defined (clearly), as soon as a person comes on board. Having a clarity on what is expected from their role not only helps a person perform better, but also make it easier to track performance over days, months and years.

Is everyone following the rules? Even if all expectations and KRAs are well defined, you must ensure that everyone across the board, follows the rule. The onus of this lies on the management to a great extent. The managers need to lead by example and need to be supportive of their team to get and give the necessary details consistently. The flow of feedback needs to be comfortable and clear on both the sides.

Is the process sluggish and boring? Backed with lots of statistics and documents to fill, the review process is often perceived to be very boring. While there is always a lot of excitement and anticipation around appraisals, the process in itself can get very drudgery. You must ensure that the process is engaging enough for all the stake holders – using instant appreciation cards, online feedback mechanism or quirky dialogues, spice up the process of you feel it’s getting very boring.

Like you look at employee performance annually, make sure that you also evaluate the whole process from time to time and sure that the gaps get filled.

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