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Is Artificial Intelligence the Next Big Thing in HR Technology?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly changing lives in more ways than we had imagined. Businesses are also not untouched from it as it’s transforming industry after industry. But how much can it change the HR departments of businesses, which still continues to be largely human-driven? Can it be the next big thing in HR technology? Let’s figure out.

How AI is Transforming HR?

Before we decide whether AI is gonna be the next big thing in HR Technology or not, we need to understand what impact it’s already leaving on HR. Let’s see some of its use cases and how it’s transforming HR:

  1. Personalized Learning: People’s learning styles differ in many ways, so there must be different ways of training them. AI is making this possible and easier to do by helping HR professionals recognize the best ways of training their staff members depending on their personalities.
  2. Automation: A lot of HR related scheduling and re-scheduling is being automated with help of artificial intelligence.
  3. Better Recruitment Process: AI is helping in weeding out inappropriate candidates more quickly and accurately.
  4. Better Predictions: Things like reduction in employee engagement levels, a decline in turnover or any other HR related event can now be predicted more accurately, thanks to artificial intelligence.

AI in the Cloud: A Game Changer in the Making

Two months ago in September Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opened new doors of possibilities in AI when he revealed that company is developing a cloud-based AI supercomputer to provide the power of artificial intelligence to small businesses even. This, as you may expect, will change things a lot for HR departments well. Cloud Based HRMS Software has already been improving HR from quite sometime. Now when AI also comes to the cloud, we can certainly expect some sort of integration to take place between these two technologies, which can result in better cloud HRIS with AI functionality built right into them.

So, Will AI Be The Next Big Thing in HR Technology?

Certainly. As explained above, as soon as power of AI comes to cloud HRMS solutions will also start integrating it into themselves. And this will revolutionize the field of HR more than ever, because AI is something that improves considerably as its usage increases. The more it’ll be used, the better and more accurate it’ll become. Cloud HR for small business will result in HRIS becoming smarter and more intelligent than ever. Therefore, artificial intelligence has a very good chance of becoming the next big thing in HR technology.

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