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Importance of work-life balance for employee retention

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Work-life balance is an equation that is determined by the time you spend at your work versus the time you spend on yourself. Technology is making things easy but it is also making employees available around the clock. Achieving the elusive work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. This results in employees looking for a job, where they have the flexibility to focus time and energy on managing a successful balance between work and personal life, which will help releasing stress.

The following suggestions are meant for employers to help employees bring a balance between work and life to improve employee retention.

Think out of the box

Employees spend half their time in the workplace or traveling to and from the workplace. This leaves less time for their personal life. As an employer, you should put the thinking hat and imagine what is the best thing that can be done to help employees accomplish their personal things. For example, one of the companies pays back their employees (from top to lower level in the organizational hierarchy) by sending a cleaning service to every single employees’ home twice a month. Some organizations allow employees to bring their pets to the workplace as long as they don’t disturb other employees.

Flexible time offer

If you are ready to give flexibility to your employees to come anytime, in return the employees will willingly put more efforts to complete their task in time and with quality. Employer should not be always sitting on employee’s head to get the work done. Instead, they should put immense importance on providing a flexible work atmosphere for employees. Let your employees collaborate with their team to make their own schedule and allow them to focus their energy in the most productive way possible.

Break-out time

Like kids love recess during school hours, an employee would also love to have a break from the work, be it a break in the coffee room or a TT room. You should introduce some ideas, where the entire team gets a short break from their routine job. Other examples could be organizing lunch parties in the workplace, occasional events and at the very least exercise breaks.

Help Desks

What if you provide a help desk that can help your employees in doing their personal work in time? This will help employees in putting more effort in their work without getting worried about their personal work, which has a deadline to meet. This will help save travelling time during office hours and allow your employees to focus on their work.


There will always be some employees who like to spend long hours on their work. As an employer, your focus should be on the majority of your employees who need their personal time in order to rejuvenate for the next day. Besides applying any of the above suggestions, try to avoid having a workplace culture where people spend long hours in the office or are expected to. The best way to do it is practice what you preach.

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