HRs! Do any of these common questions sound familiar?
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HRs! Do any of these common questions sound familiar?

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Human Resources (HRs) is one department that has to be on its toes – 24/7! The department has a lot on its plate to handle on a daily basis, like handling payroll, hiring talents, organizing and conducting trainings, defining policies on how to retain employees, etc.

Alas, the struggle is real and exists in all duties they have to perform! Isn’t it right?

You all will agree that the above-mentioned tasks are crucial for any organization. Each and every task has some standard queries that need to be answered.

Here is a list of some of the most common questions that HR needs to answer quite frequently.

  • “Can I get an experience letter?”
  • “How many vacations can I take in one go?”
  • “What are the medical benefits for my immediate family?”
  • “What is the notice period I need to serve at the time of putting on my papers?”

Most of the time, employees seek information on these queries over weekends, when you are thinking of relaxing or going for a movie or a date.

So, how can you handle these situations or provide answers to the questions when the demand arises.

To get away from these types of menial questions, go for a good Human Resource Management System (HRMS) tool! Be it requests for last three months’ pay stubs for income verification because an employee is planning to apply for a car loan. Or, they need to apply for a sick leave because they just got a call from their child’s school that their child is having a very high fever.

If you own a right HR tools, your life can become easier! So, if there is a tool that can:

  • Provide information about gross salary, deductions, overtime details, etc.
  • Provide information on leave travel allowance, house rental allowance, etc.
  • Provide a letter of residence that can be submitted to a bank at the time of applying for a home loan.
  • Provide access, to performance feedback.
  • And much more…

Then you can get some free time to focus on more tactical activities, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or even think about taking a vacation!

What if these HRMS tools are accessible through mobile?

If everyone in the organization can access the HRMS tool through mobile, then sky is the limit. In this technological era, people expect everything to be easily available on mobile (like booking an appointment with your saloon, booking a ticket for a latest move, etc.). Making this information available on the mobile platforms also helps the employees get this information on the go!


It has become important for the HR departments to make sure that employees can easily access their own information. A new HR technology should be provided enabling employees to carry out self-service functions. It will help everyone in the organization from the ones who are seeking information to the one who have to provide it.

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