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HRMS and HR: The new hit pair at modern day workplaces

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Human Resource is the backbone of any organization. It is responsible for recruitment, training, payroll and employee engagement and so on.

On the other hand, a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software application that combines many human resource functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

If an HR-HRMS duo works together, it will boost the efficiency of an organization. Let’s know how?

Flexible Payroll Systems

If there are changes in the taxation policies or diverse remuneration packages need to be organized, it will be a tedious job for the HR department to make the changes in the spreadsheet or redefine the macros. On the other hand, if the HR department has an HRMS system, it helps in updating the policies in fraction of the time as well as avoids human errors and reduces burden of verification on the human resource people.

Increased Transparency and Up-to-Date Information

HRMS helps the HR department to store and retrieve all employees’ related data in a centralized location. All information related to the employees is placed at one place and is accessible to the entire concerned department via software. This also helps achieving consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information whenever it is required.

Less Paper Work

Automation brings efficiency that can make the employee life cycle management system a paperless environment. HRMS helps the HR department eliminating paper work, thus reducing direct cost of the organization.

Achieving Compliance

There are times, when organizations are exposed to lawsuits, audits, or compliance issues. In these situations, the scattered information will not help in saving an organization. When an effective HRMS is in place, the HR department can present its case because they have all the lawsuit or audit data at their fingertips that can be generated as different kinds of reports.

Focus on Strategic Issues

With the efficient HRMS in place, the HR department focus on strategic issues, such as maintain growth, industry leadership, etc. Without an HRMS in place, the HR’s focus would remain on just managing payrolls, performance management, all of which take a lot of effort when managed incoherently.

Rewards and Recognitions for Capable Employees

HRMS helps the HR department inputting employee’s feedback on regular basis. It helps in finding out the efficient employees and accordingly HR can plan various schemes for them. For example, providing excellent work environment, offering more remuneration and perks, organizing trainings, etc. Most of all, HRMS helps reduce the turnaround time to provide feedback, which helps avoid demotivation or distraction from work for employees while they are waiting to know the feedback.


Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization. If the HR is able to take care of the employees with an efficient software i.e., from recruitment apps to application tracking systems to performance reviews apps, it will help an organization’s HR to engage, empower, and retain employees in a better way and increase the productivity.

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