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#HRChat: What is the most critical HR skill that can bring about a change at workplace?

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The future HR needs to be bold and move away from the operational role. They need to be the agent of change that can reform future workplaces. But, what is that most critical skill that can bring a change at workplace?

We recently conducted a #HRChat of Twitter and threw this question to our HR twitterati. We were swarmed with many interesting and inspiring responses. Here is a quick summary of what the HR influencers think:

  • Lead by the front: Being proactive and predictive is what the HRs need. The need of the hour is to move away from following mechanical instructions to being bold and responsive.


  • High on emotions: EQ or Emotional Quotient is what the HRs would need to be the successful agents of change.


  • Culture Builder: HRs would need to be the drivers of work cultures. This is one skill that will also determine their strength as a successful people’s manager. If you can build and drive a conducive and transparent work culture, half the battle is won!


  • Make the business meet the culture: Be able to develop HR strategies and work culture that are in sync with the business objectives would play a great role in making workplaces better. Be the perfect business partner and people’s champ in one go!



  • Collaborator: HRs can no longer afford to be passive. They must enable clear communication and collaboration across different functions. This will help people across departments to connect with each other as well as with the organization.


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