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HR Technologies that define the workplace of future

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With the rapid changes in technology, the future workplace would look quite different from today’s office spaces. Technology has a capability to change everything, be it hiring processes or sharing knowledge with employees.

Here are few examples of the new or upcoming technologies that can be beneficial to HR maximizing productivity and competency.

Data Analysis Skill-Sets

By 2021, the demand for data analysis skill-sets will increase. At present, nearly 53 percent of HR departments use big data to help make strategic decisions, such as sourcing, recruitment, employee retention, talent management, etc. It has become very important to hire HR professionals having the knowledge of data analysis. Data analysis can be useful in workforce analytics, which is derived from the HR database of employees. The data helps in calculating ratios and trends that further assist in coming to a conclusion for the betterment of the organization than the cold numbers themselves.

Cloud-Based Systems

Gone are the days, when HR departments used to rely on legacy HR software to achieve the desired results. These days, many HR representatives are eager to learn more about cloud-based systems. The cloud-based systems help HR departments in automating their tasks, such as onboarding, Paid-Time Off (PTO), and employee records. It will help them in easing out the manual task, such as recruitment, organizing trainings, performance management, and employee engagement.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The most common aim of BI and HR is to fully utilize and organize available resources. In HR, it involves selecting the best personnel from a large group of candidates and then ensuring they are focused, motivated, and productive. Similarly, BI tries to identify the most relevant and useful data and then transform it to achieve the desired results.

But, how to utilize BI within HR? HR is sensitive towards sharing confidential data. Sometimes it is difficult to get access even at managerial level. Thankfully, BI solutions overcome the issues of flexible security levels. BI is being able to tailor access to sensitive data and helping the HR department to get knowledge of future personnel trends. These results will help the HR to draw, stimulate, and retain the best candidates in the organization.

Some of the main potential benefits of adopting BI throughout the HR department would be analyze HR success, analyze leaves, etc.


Digital world of work will change the way an HR department manages its tasks. Using latest technologies will help them to boost up their morals and align people in the organization for more productive and efficient results.

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