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How Use of Technology Can Improve Candidate’s HR Experience?

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Technology is becoming an integral part of the recruitment process. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself and your recruitment team about the full benefits of the various methods of technology. As a recruiter, you are always expected to stay ahead of the competition and attract the best talent of the industry. That’s easier said than done! With shortage of candidates who are good matches for your profiles, the factor of interview experience plays a critical role in winning over the ideal candidate.

Following are the top technological parameters that an HR manager should keep in mind to improve candidate’s experience during an interview process.

Centralized Systems

Candidate might go for an interview in different departments or in different geographical location for the same organization. Filling all the information again and again can be tedious and time-consuming process. If there is a centralized system, where information about past interviews and feedbacks is already available, it can help create better experience for the candidate. The organization can build upon the information they already have instead of starting from scratch.

Mobile Friendly Platforms

Mobile phones have changed one’s life so much that candidates feel comfortable in looking for job opportunities as well as applying through them. Candidate spent more time on their phones than on their personal computers today. Having a mobile friendly job opportunity section will improve the experience of the candidate who today expects to do everything from their phone. You are more likely to get responses from candidates if they are able to access your job opportunity section via mobile.

Social Media

The majority of the online community (running into billions) spends a significant amount of time on social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is very likely that your potential candidates are also one of them. These social media apps also provide tools to reach out to these potential candidates. As a recruiter, you must build your organization’s social profile and use these tools to create a connection with the potential candidates. In fact, social media platforms like LinkedIn are geared towards bringing potential hirers and candidates together on their platform. So, if you are not there then you are losing out to your competition.

Video Interview

Not all the candidates are available locally for interviews. Organizations cannot afford to invite too many candidates to fly down to their offices for the interview. Depending entirely on telephonic rounds does not allow for the visual elements of an interview. How about inviting your candidate for a video interview? Video interviews have opened the doors for all deserving candidates to apply for jobs across the world and justify why they are the best fit for a particular position.

Video interviews have also given opportunities to employers to find a best fit from the global pool of talented people.

Online Assessments

For certain job profiles, it is possible to do the first round of assessment through questionnaire. These questionnaires would be more about collecting information about the candidate, their profile, and experience rather than any kind of tests. In such cases, it is better to offer online assessments to help with the process of elimination rather than calling people in large numbers to your office.


Using technology effectively in the process of recruitment helps improve candidate’s experience, reduces cost, and most of all reduces the effort for both candidate and HR.

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