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How to retain employees: Reasons why employees quit

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Employees quit their job for many reasons, such as shifting home, stay with children, going back to studies, etc. But majority of reasons why employees quit jobs are related to their employers. It can be any element, such as work culture, work environment, remuneration, rewards & recognition, etc.

Below are the critical reasons why employees quit their jobs:

Visibility of career path

An employee expects a proper career path for the professional growth. They seek help on how they can grow in the organization. It is important that they have a good relationship with their employers because employers give direction and feedback, do one-to-one meetings, and help employees connecting to the larger organization. Unless employer discusses the growth path with employees, it’s near impossible to be a part of that growth.

Recognition of job performance

Employees look forward for genuine appreciation and recognition, which can act as an icing on the cake for employees’ retention. A lack of recognition can affect many factors, such as work culture, motivation rate, etc. It can become one of the deciding factors in the employee’s decision to leave the organization. Employers should always try to make recognition to retain the best talent of the organization.

Opportunities to skills and abilities

Employees look for opportunities, where they can use their skill sets and abilities and feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-confidence. They feel motivated that they got a chance to participate in activities they are good at. If they’re unable to develop and grow their skills, they’ll find a workplace where they can. As an employer, ensure that you are having regular discussions with your employees and you are aware about their hopes and dreams.


Paying attention to these factors will definitely help you retain most wanted employees. If not, then employers should be ready for more exit interviews and farewell speeches. It is expensive to hire a new employee. If put in necessary efforts, you can easily retain good employees and increase the productivity of the organization.

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