How technology can help the manufacturing industry address HR challenges
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How technology can help the manufacturing industry address HR challenges

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Manufacturing industry is all set to rise at its height and it is grabbing attention from the investment companies. And, as this industry is growing at a fast pace, it requires human capital now more than ever.

Now, many small and large companies including manufacturing are realizing the importance of effective HR and its indispensable contribution towards business success! There are many challenges, like competition, product development, controlling the cost of the product, etc. Apart from these, the manufacturing industry has issues in the HR department also. At this time, when global market is developing dynamically, HR needs to focus on more critical activities than ever. And if HR can shake hands with the latest and upcoming technologies, then sky is the limit to achieve anything!

Manufacturing industry is the largest provider of employment and being the same it faces lot of challenges. Let us study these challenges and find out the solution for them.

Challenge #1: Hiring

The manufacturing industry has plethora of opportunities that requires special skillsets. The HR department face challenges in getting right candidates matching these skillsets. Manual hiring process is tiresome and often consumes times in redundant paperwork, manual tasks, and other processes. This might result in hiring wrong candidate for the specific position, or worse, missing out on the best!

If there is an HRMS that can help in screening, selection, and onboarding processes, then there is a possibility of hiring the right candidate for the job. This tool can help the HR department to capture candidate information and decision criteria consistently and accurately. Automated features even make the overall hiring process swifter, efficient, comprehensive, and less costly.

Challenge #2: Retention

The second most important challenge is retention. This is the most common issue faced by the HR, where people often leave to explore new and exciting opportunities. Reasons are, no growth or development of the employee in professional as well as personal front, poor pay package, lack of benefits, poor work environment.

If the HR departments adopt automated training tools that can schedule trainings periodically for these employees, then you can quench their thirst for professional growth!

Challenge #3: Competition

Challenge, whether it is global or local is good for the health of the company. It makes you aware about the latest and upcoming trends in the market. Because of this, the job of HR becomes even more essential and crucial. They have to be on their feet to come up with new ideas of how to make their company attractive for the top talent and innovators!

With so many Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the market, the HR department can easily analyze and determine the various trends getting introduced in the market. It will help them making strategies of how to survive and win the competition!


With the latest technologies, like data-driven solutions, manufacturers can focus on defining and developing strategies for the continuous improvement efforts for their workforce. The latest technologies also allow them to hire the right bunch of candidates for each position from the start. Eventually, they can measure the performance of their hires over a period of time.

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