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How HRMS is redefining the experience at work

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Harpreet Singh

It seems that suddenly the HR manager feels more and more like Alice in Wonderland! Just like in the blink of an eye, the technologies and terminologies have changed. Invariably, every other HR conference talk about technology in HR. The new age lingo in HR is about automated recruitment as how technology can simplify the experience at work. The speed at which technology is permeating HR seems is sure to bring revolution in HR fraternity. In this blog, we shall see how HRMS can replace the most repetitive and mundane tasks.

Recruitment made easy

Imagine a system which could simplify the entire process of recruitment. A system which can significantly reduces a recruiter’s effort. A system where recruitment team no longer have to manually source, and shortlist from hundreds of candidates. Instead, they rely on an intelligent system which can suggest sourcing from multiple job places like job boards, social media etc and screen the best talent out. HRMS can help in crafting a job description. With HRMS, it becomes all simpler to source, and scout the best talent.

Facilitate a new touch point with seamless Onboarding

Often, onboarding involves signing of many forms, induction programs, contracts, IT system allocations, training and all the other basic functions that is really intensive. HRMS can significantly improve your employee onboarding process. It can be used to facilitate a regular touch point with a new candidate who has joined your organization. So, when you have an HRMS in place, you can streamline your onboarding process. With HRMS software, you can rest assured that each new hire could have their own onboarding procedure delivered to them in order to suit the new recruit.

Learning and Development

HR in collaboration with reporting managers often decide the learning roadmap for employees.  With HRMS, it is way easier to recommend the best learning courses. Further, it makes it relatively easy to Plan your training schedule, manage invitations & attendance and record training feedback with ease.

Managing attendance, time and leave

When employees submit leave requests for paternity, maternity, earned leaves, casual sick leaves, floating leaves or for any other reason, it becomes difficult for HR personnel to process the request and approve them on time. When you automate the leave processes in HRMS, it becomes relatively easy to update your leaves record to the perfection.

Automate the complete process of travel booking

Travel generally involves all kind of hassles from defining travel plans to listing preferences, to approvals and reimbursements. The travel management software in HR-One automates the complete process of travel bookings and approvals. From defining travel plans, to listing preferences and submitting booking requests, you can do all this and more in this powerful module.

Today’s HR manager’s role is that of a maverick artist who has his feet rooted in technology.  As the world of work and personal lives blend for employees, super exciting days await the HR ahead. It is not long before the HR manager becomes the God-mother to the employee’s children, a career counselor to the young professionals, and a comfort-giver to the senior team leaders. All this while ensuring that the green bucks keep flying in, and the performance numbers keep hitting the jackpot.

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