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How HRMS is driving change in the modern day workplace?

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Harpreet Singh

Finding the best and the right talent continues to be one of the top priorities of companies to propel growth. And, hence talent acquisition leaders are leveraging technology to re-design the role of recruiters for more strategic partnership. With great efforts and money invested in the talent acquisition market, the recruiters today can access technology and can benefit that has not been experienced before. So, how are intelligent technologies transforming talent acquisition technology stacks?

A recruiter’s job today is not just about driving the recruitment process but they are also expected to spot the right talent for the right job in the right time framework. To do this in today’s competitive talent marketplace, a recruiter must become the advocate of the company’s brand. A company that has a well articulated HR software in the marketplace is at an advantage. Communicating what you have to offer, and what makes your workplace an excellent place to work is critical to retaining talent.

How and where do you start?

The most monotonous and mundane tasks can be easily streamlined, automated and efficiently managed.  Here’s how HRMS is impacting the processes in HR and driving the change at the modern workplace.

Imagine a system recommending at least four to five candidates with a maximum number of chance of getting hired. Recruitment managers no longer have to manually find, source and screen applicants from hundreds of candidates.They can rely on HR software which can source from multiple sources which includes Job boards, Social Media, etc.,


HRMS can help to keep a regular touch point with a new candidate joining the company. You can streamline the process of onboarding and facilitate the employee to go for the effortless process of joining with many of the aspects of onboarding being automated.

Learning and Development

HR in collaboration with respective managers often decide the learning curve of employees.  Using HRMS, employees can be recommended as the best learning courses. The advantage of using these HRMS in Noida is to personalize learning based on a person’s profile, job experience, past learning patterns and skills needed to go an extra mile in the job.

Managing attendance, time and leave  

In today’s time recording attendance has drastically moved from manual register to biometrics, to mobile apps to even facial recognition to capture accurate time and attendance. Technology tools like HRMS ease the experience for both employees as well as managers. Companies using such technologies have seen significant time savings.

There are a range of functions that HRMS can be put to use. Helping employees to submit their investment declaration, download payslips, view personal records, view performance evaluation tab and so much more. It also empowers employees to mark attendance while on the go with geo-attendance functionality and perform 40+ request from a single dashboard.  Should you be finding the best HRMS software company in Noida? Contact us for a free demo.

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