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How has HRMS navigated the complex challenges of a leading manufacturing hub?

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Harpreet Singh

The manufacturing industry is replete with opportunities, complexity, human errors, and making consistent attempts to reduce waste, improve profits, eliminate inefficiencies and improving the skills required for modern manufacturing. There is a need to act quickly on market demands to meet the dynamic requirements of this business. But, you are not able to meet those needs as you are already handling the large workforce which is consuming a lot of time. Further, there is a scope of glaring errors when manual processes are largely involved. An HRMS may help you in this regard by mitigating some of the issues that manufacturing unit is currently facing. Let’s see how an HRMS such as HR-One has navigated the complex challenges of the manufacturing unit.

“HR-One HRMS has become a key enabler for the manufacturing industry to stay competitive.”

Changing Winds Through HR-One HRMS

The manufacturing unit already has so many laws, rules and regulation to comply with. Adding to the pain is the changing employment laws. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as handling the large human resource that the manufacturing unit has is the most error-prone task probably.

After deploying HR-One, the leading manufacturing hub rose above all of those concerns. It allowed them to manage workforce efficiently. It not only provided an insight as what total time an employee has been at the office or the manufacturing unit but also let them calculate the bonus, process monthly salary, maintain attendance and timesheet accordingly. Basically, it aided them from the scratch and ensured they pay the right amount to not just to the managerial level but to the labors working at the manufacturing unit on wage basis as well. Moreover, the self-service option empowered workers, employees, and the entire software simplified the work for the HR personnel to a great extent.

Simplifying Payroll Issues with Technology

Via HR-One’s payroll software from India, it’s way easier for the client to execute the complex and standard payroll processes. The tool can process the salary of the workforce with great precision, speed, and can also manage the comprehensive requirements of the employees. In just a few easy clicks, employees can see what leaves they’ve applied for, view their attendance, salary slips, investment details and so much more.

Today, technologies such as HRMS software are creating new possibilities for manufacturers to deliver value and mitigate their payroll and other emerging concerns. Those able to leverage and invest in enterprise-ready HRMS are developing new models of collaboration and profitability.  A payroll software from India can help you extensively with that.

Imagine a future where the manufacturing industry is going towards ease and perfection by solving its day-to-day challenges such as leave, attendance, payrolls strategically via HR-One HRMS.

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