How can Machine Learning make HR better?
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How can Machine Learning make HR better?

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Have you ever heard of a term called ‘Deep Learning’? Well, deep learning is a subfield of machine learning concerned with algorithms inspired by the structure and function of the brain called artificial neural networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come up with the concept of chatbots or computer algorithms that simulate a human conversation to hire new employees, act as an HR executive and answer questions, or personalize learning experience. So, hunting, recruiting, or streamlining employee assessment processes; machine learning and AI can make it easier for HR personnel to perform their jobs in a better way.

Let us see some scenarios where AI and AI professionals have worked together to hire new talent, manage various tasks, and improve employee satisfaction.

Algorithms help you to find the right job candidates

Searching and hiring capable candidate consumes time as well as resources. You have to do headhunting, which can be either through some job portal or social media. It is not necessary that you are going to get the best candidate through these processes.

Now, AI can take over the task of time and labor intensive tasks where it helps you searching online resumes, websites, and other social networks to get the best candidate for the required position.

Evaluate candidates to get the best job position for them

AI is smart enough to detect patterns quicker, which is considered to be more accurate than human beings. With the help of programs, you can easily correlate a candidate’s past experience and relevant skills to evaluate where they might fit best in the organization or vice versa.

Assess more candidates faster with machine learning

Working on piles of resumes on daily basis is not only time consuming but also a very tedious task. Now is the time for HR executives to spend their quality time on deciding HR strategies, improving company policies, or other job functions that needs more attention. AI programs help you in evaluating resumes of best employees and assist in identifying new candidates with similar traits and experience.

Not only this, at the time of in-person or virtual interviews (through video conferencing), AI can detect body language patterns and evaluate candidates on parameters, such as word choice.

Unbiased performance reviews by AI improves employee satisfaction

Performance review is considered as a crucial and challenging task. It is very important for an employee to get impartial reviews about the work being done during the year. AI algorithms works without emotions and helps in evaluating performance data without any personal bias in favor or against an employee.

AI examines past performance trends in different ways, such as individually, on the basis of teams, or departments and can predict future outcomes. It helps HR personnel to get a deep insight in terms of which area needs improvement or where there is a requirement of morale boost.


Artificial Intelligence has already taken over many responsibilities of the HR department, where there are high chances of human errors or personal bias. Based on data analytics, AI can make predictions fasters and more accurately. With AI in place, the HR personnel can focus on strategizing the growth of the organization through its people rather than focusing on cumbersome administrative tasks.

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