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How can IT assets management software add value to your business?

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Harpreet Singh

Undoubtedly, it is hard for a business to function without using IT assets. In fact, it is impossible to grow or even function properly without the use of hardware & software. The usage of the same becomes all the more inevitable when you have a large team working under you. But there are humongous of assets then, and keeping a track of all of these and managing each one of them is much like an unnecessarily added burden. Even if your company has a BYOD policy, there are assets like headphones, pen drives, USBs and phones etc. that you assign to your employees.

But have you ever been able to maintain a track of that manually without an error?  Even if you have, hasn’t that continually kept you haunted of theft fear, the inclusion of ghost assets etc?

Moreover, just imagine the amount of time that goes vain that way!

Hence, instead of bringing your guessing game on and committing mistakes every now and then it is a wise decision to opt for any reliable asset management software from India. With that being said, let us take a look at some of the ways in which the IT assets management software can add value to your business and help it thrive.

Saves time & eliminates errors– The automation of this hassle-some task already speaks volumes about the amount of time it would save. It allows the user to create an inventory and maintain it. Not just this, it becomes really easy to assign the asset or reassign it to someone else. The software also makes it easy to check the status of every asset in your company across different locations. The same also eliminates ghost assets entry which occurs many times when the data is maintained manually.

Increases efficiency–  The efficiency increases right from the time you start using an HRMS software as there are no errors and the time saved is used in doing some other productive tasks for the growth of the business. Also, whenever a new employee joins it becomes easy for the company to give him access to the software he may need and assign the hardware (Laptop, desktop, pen drive, phone etc.) he requires to begin with. The concerned person doesn’t need to go through a pile of papers, he can easily check which assets are free and where are they. Thereby, making the new joinee work as soon as possible instead of sitting idle.

Reduces maintenance cost–  A lot of cost goes in maintaining the assets. In fact, it saves you from over-maintenance and low maintenance as well. The low maintenance can lead to your business personnel not being able to work at all or not to his fullest potential which may affect the productivity greatly and cost you a fortune in the long run. Also, over-maintenance is itself a waste of money. Hence, by analyzing which hardware is used how much, it ascertains the lifecycle and tells you the frequency at which a particular asset requires some maintenance.

Eases management– Managing assets becomes as smooth as butter as it saves your business  from theft fears, double entry and what not. Not just the aforementioned points prove the same but the fact that it keeps the user notified when the software needs renewal or hardware needs maintenance is also a great boon to the admin personnel of every company.

Increased productivity, reduced cost, eased management and more time in making other strategic decisions- What more can you expect from an asset software? Don’t think much, get an asset management software from India and automate the asset management and start tracking today!

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