Focus on Re-skilling and not Recruitment
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Hey, HRs! Focus on Re-skilling and not Recruitment

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“Mohan completed his B-Tech in the year, 2015. Today, he is working as a customer care executive in one of the mobile companies. After six months of fruitless job-hunting, he opted for this meager job to earn his bread and butter. Whatever he learnt had gone to waste because he is unable to utilize his capabilities in the giant IT companies.” Well, this is not a unique story. There are hundreds of youth like Mohan, who have completed their educations but are not able to find employment matching with their skills.

Here is a list of the few trends recently being followed in the big-shot companies.

  • Indian IT segment is facing major slowdown. One of the top-notch IT companies has sacked approximately thousands of its employees.
  • There is a Global slowdown, which is affecting Indian IT industry’s growth also.
  • Hiring is getting slow, which might lead to add challenges for the adult population in finding jobs.

This trend is due to overall global slowdown, automation, and lack of talented professional experts in the market.

These are the indications for the ones who are not ready or scared of upgrading their skills. If you do not upgrade yourself as per the demand in the market, you will be out of the business. To overcome this issue, there is only one way left –re-skilling oneself to be on the top of the demand list.

New trend being followed by companies

The next trend of the IT industry is shifting the focus from the labor-intensive employees to proposing skilled employees in the upcoming fields of business in technology like data-analytics and cloud computing.

Various companies have started introducing skilling programs for their junior and middle staff so that they can stay competitive in the industry. These companies are trying to upgrade their employees in the most demanding technologies, like BigData, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

What is Human Resource’s contribution?

The HR staff and senior management are concentrating on upgrading the skillsets of their existing staff so that these employees are can easily handle complex and crucial projects. This process will gradually assist companies to retain the deserving and loyal employees as well as save cost and time to hire newbies from outside.

  • HR’s new focus – Upgrading the skillsets rather than recruiting

HR department is focusing at a faster pace to train and upgrade existing workforce. This training includes how employees should work on more crucial and complex projects. There are times when few positions are flagged-off for hiring and re-assigned to HR team for an internal action. The main focus of HR is to identify employees from the existing workforce and upgrading them instead of hiring from outside.

  • The change management

It is not necessary that everyone in the company is flexible. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the HR to bring in the change, like reskilling. This change might become scary for some of the employees and they will be under the pressure. It is important for the new ones and existing employees (especially in the technology world) to accept the change and show high-level of learning capability and willingness. In this case, HR has to come up with different traits to experiment for the entire workforce.

  • Developing advanced skills

Everyday new technology is getting introduced in the market. Therefore, it is important to have niche skills. These skills combine the understanding of domain, technology, and consulting which is demanded at a high-rate. It is not necessary that you get these high-end skills at the lower level and, that is why, providing training will be a biggest game changer.


At this time when the IT sector is slowing down at a higher speed, it is time to look within the organization and start reskilling the existing employees at a fast speed. On the other hand, it is vital for the employees to come out of their comfort zone and be ready for the up-skilling programs being introduced by HR and senior management.

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