Here is how HRs are getting creative with Virtual Reality
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Here is how HRs are getting creative with Virtual Reality

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When it comes to a discussion on virtual reality (VR), the first point comes in our mind is how it is involved with entertainment. Few examples are, Pokemon, Zombie-Shooting games, Car Chase games, etc.

It is true that VR has a lot of entertainment value. But, if we look forward many companies are discovering its potential to revolutionize hiring and training activities. These companies have discovered that VR is more than a gimmick. In other words, it is a very useful tool for the human resources as well.

How it has been implemented?

  • It’s very delightful as well as inspiring that consulting firms like PwC are using VR technology. They came up with the idea of ‘you visit’ VR video. This video was uploaded to the management consultancy’s US website. It helps potential candidates with a tour of its new Boston office, providing them an idea of how the office environment looks like as well as share some vision of the company’s culture.
  • Applicants can get 360-degree VR tour around the company like, employee workspaces, lounge, gym, breakout areas, conference rooms, training rooms. It makes them feel what it is like to be an employee and experience the corporate culture directly. This is a new as well as positive approach taken by HR departments of many organizations.
  • Using VR technology, the HR experts try to take their candidates to a place where they cannot go otherwise. For example, General Mills, General Electric has discovered a new way to take an advantage of VR in its recruiting activities. With the help of VR headset, all the interested candidates can take a journey to the bottom of the sea and see the company’s oil and gas recovery machines.
  • Some companies have combined the traditional training with the virtual training. For example, Lincoln Electric offers all its trainees a chance to practice on a VR arc-welding trainer in addition to the traditional hands-on training. This combined approach helps in improving communications that results in high certification rates.


There are endless ways of how HR departments are moving towards embracing virtual reality. There are so many companies that have already started using VR to attract and recruit top talent as well as impart trainings to its existing employees. The above-mentioned instances might be helpful to come up with more innovative ideas of how HR departments can use VR to overcome their everyday challenges.

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