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Help Desk Management Software: Your Partner to Handle Employee Concerns

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Harpreet Singh

To whom does any employee come up to when he or she faces any problem? Certainly, the HRs. The bigger the organization, the more are the employees and hence the grievances and complaints.  Hence, a sight where employees keep coming one after the other in your HR den must be quite common for you. Tired of it? Want to find a way to escape from this routine that keeps deviating from other necessary functions like that of managing payroll?  We hear you and here is the solution- The Help Desk Management software!

Let us see how it can help the HRs in the points mentioned below.

Reduces the number of employees visiting HR room- Different employees come up with different problems and if your office has something like “HR Wednesday” you are screwed. The queue of employees coming and going doesn’t end then. However, with a software that lets the employee generate tickets, this lessens to a great extent. The employees can easily get a solution to their concerns by raising a ticket right from their work desk.

Allows you to handle the concern on the basis of priority- While raising a ticket, the employee has the option to set the priority level. The levels namely are high, medium, and low. This helps you in deciding the resolution time and also mark the status which can be in progress, closed etc.

Never lets you lose your cool- Sometimes, there might be a concern worrying an employee since long. Thus, he enters the HR room with the same negative aura. The situation worsens when the discussion turns into an argument between you and the employee because you both are not on the same page.

But, with HR-One’s Help Desk Management software you demote face-to-face conversations and promote issue resolution professionally through tickets.

Lessens the queries and speedens solution- If you have a software to hear employee concerns, you must be having a platform with a comprehensive description of your company policies as well. If you don’t have, you must make one so that the employee can read the same anytime or you can link the same when such policy-related questions are asked.

Measures satisfaction after issue resolution- It is of paramount importance for the employer to know if the query has been resolved entirely or if the situation is still cloudy. So, the software allows you to generate reports instantly and know the status of closed, opened, solved and unresolved tickets. The employees also have the option to re-raise the ticket if they are not satisfied with the solution. This ensures that the query and grievance are heard and taken action upon earliest possible.

So, try a reliant, efficient, user-friendly help desk management software to redefine the way you HRs work today!

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