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Every one faces “Frenemies” at work. Here are tips to handle them

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Among the biggest example of consequences people bear when failing to identify their frenemies is Shakespeare’s tragic hero Julius Caesar. He failed to recognize his frenemies and never expected that Brutus would kill him. When he was assaulted by the conspirators, Caesar approached Brutus for help since he considered him as his incredible companion. Sadly, Brutus stabbed him and Caesar dies with his last words, ‘Et tu Brute?‘

People frequently neglect to recognize their enemies who are in guise of friends. We frequently come across frenemies in our personal, work and social lives. They are risky buddies who cause more harm to us than good. Spotting them early and keeping up a safe distance from them puts us safe rationally and physically. We regularly don’t perceive who our enemies are as we don’t have any magical stick to identify them. Here are a few gears to recognize frenemies:

On the off-chance, if you find that there is any conflict between their body and oral dialect, they could be frenemies. Uneecops, the best HRMS software company in India identify the following characteristics of a frenemy –

  • They commonly censure and betray your trust;
  • They often contrast you with others to de-motivate you;
  • They may not turn up when you are in pressing need of assistance;
  • They regularly castigate you and defame;
  • They regularly restrict what you say without substantial reasons;
  • They think of harmful conversations that intoxicate your thoughts;
  • They are in constant rivalry with you to stay updated about your advancement.

In today’s cut-throat competition where an employee attempts to subdue the other keeping in mind the end goal to lead the other, it is obvious to come across a ton of frenemies (friend + enemies) at professional arena. There might be numerous explanations behind the same, extending from conceit to fear of being marked as uncouth. For instance – two friends working on a same task can likely be transformed into enemies once the task becomes unsuccessful as they start accusing one another for the failure. One ought to be vigilant while managing frenemies:

  • Don’t talk about your individual matters with them;
  • Don’t condemn your boss before them. You never know when they use that data to get into their good books;
  • Maintain professionalism in your behavior with others.

Having said this, you can in any case discover great friends as well, who won’t just help you in your expert and individual matters, but additionally take stand for you when required. There is an old colloquial that your foe’s foe is your companion. Yet in today’s relentlessly competitive world you might not need to go too far to search for enemies. On the other hand, this foe is diverse in light of the fact that he/she is a part of your team and works on the same assignments as those of yours. To make matters more impulsive, he/she is also in the same race for that promotion or appraisal at the end of the year as you are.

Things are different now and so are the ways we carry on at the professional environment. The workplace environment during this modern time is a great deal more casual and open. Gone are the times of nine to five employments. The inborn human need to socialize and discover familial bonds in the workplace drives individuals to verge on one another. On one hand, it has prompted an upsurge in chances of office sentiments; on the other hand, it likewise implies that we create contenders around us who are camouflaged in the cover of friends. Such guised friends are known as frenemies.

As long as you view your frenemy as your rival and play the sport inside the tenets, it ought to enhance your performance hence, improved benefit. The minute line between a companion and a frenemy is drawn by trust. In any case, not believing somebody doesn’t provide you the permit to backstab them. Play the game according to the principles, face individuals focused around your aptitudes and dominate them focused around your execution.

Playing blindly to the inevitable danger doesn’t deflect the danger. The alternatives we have are to fight or flight. The latter occasionally lives up to expectations. It is additionally impossible in light of the reliance you have created with your frenemy, having cooperating for so long. Face it, work for the similar objectives that both of you impart and attempt and comprehend why the relationship created the way it did. The developers of HR One, the human resource management software for small business think that tolerance is the key. The reason could be that you don’t believe your frenemy in light of the fact that he/she doesn’t believe you and that is the reason. Regardless, correspondence is imperative. Act genuinely on your part and recall, there is no divider which cannot be destructed.

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