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Handing Social HCM: Key Points for the HRs

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Adding social to HCM or HRMS is the new cool. Here is what the HRs need to know before they jump to this integration.

Integrating HRMS solutions with social is the new HR tech revelation. Many organizations are viewing it as an opportunity to map the humongous data on social and use it for recruitment and employee engagement effectively.

Social has immense power and freedom. Integrating it with HRMS enables the HRs and the employees in many ways, however, this needs to be handled with caution.

Before your start using the social HCM, here’s what the HRs need to know:

Benefits: Yes, there are many powerful benefits of a social HCM. From more effective communication to recruiting and engagement, the HRs can use social HCM in many ways. Integration of channels like LinkedIn to an HRMS means that hiring “known” candidates becomes easier. Your employees can directly refer their LinkedIn contacts and in turn HRs can quickly validate the social footprint of a prospective candidate. The whole process is a lot more interesting, simple, and engaging.

Social HCM also gives a great chance to the HRs to communicate more effectively with employees. Using social HCM HRs can discuss and share important updates and announcements with employees at different locations instantly and also capture their feedback online.

Caution: We have already experienced how powerful social can be in terms of its outreach and exposure. Given the scale of visibility, it is important that each and every info shared is correct and accurate as this has a direct impact on your brand.

Even a minor error like a poor formatted job posting can drastically impact the way your brand is perceived by its viewers. Similarly, the tone of the messaging needs to be correct – avoid sarcasm or aggression. It is best advised that HR should identify communication experts to handle social HCM content in the right way.

Here are some more cautions which the HRs must practice while using social HCM:

• Do not treat LinkedIn like a job portal: Be judicious about what vacancies you want to post, where and how.

• All the information shared should be linked to the correct sub group / detail either within the HCM or the company website.

• Keep your readers informed in the right way. Social HCM should not be treated like a sales stream. Keep the employees and other fraternity updated with the right company info and other facts pertaining to your industry, work culture etc.

• Maintain a consistent communication stream. Too long a gap would result in people losing interest in your postings.

Are you using social HCM at your organization? Do share your feedback and comments here!

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