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Get In-depth Analysis of All Your HR Data with HR-One!

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Analytics can help all departments in an organization including the Human Resource department. It helps in optimizing the performance of an organization, forecasting as well as reporting. But how does it care of all the above-mentioned parameters.

Let us have a look at how the data is created and then analyzed to improve organization’s performance.

Create data

Is there any system that can assist you in creating consistent records of all employees in your organization? Can it guide you in building HR module defining and supporting your organization’s structures and policies?

Well, with HR-One HRMS, you can easily do so! It helps you in creating data, such as personal as well as professional details of all your employees. Not only this, it provides access of this information within a well-defined workflow.

You can have data points of the organization, departments, and employees across all levels – horizontally as well as vertically.

How is it helpful for the organization?

Analyzing these data points can help you in various situations. For example,

  • The entire HR process will become transparent, paperless, and swifter. We all agree that HR is always flooded with thousands of applications for various positions. But with HR-One HRMS, you can easily raise a request for the upcoming requirements within the team and then analyze candidate information and fitment with their requisition.
  • With the help of HR analytics, you can easily gather employees’ information, such as attendance, leave, expenses incurred on behalf of the company, etc. It helps you in studying the pattern and modifying or updating the current HR policies.
  • Not only this, with HR analytics you can study and analyze employees’ health data.

Generate reports

Do you want to create customized reports as per the requirement of modules? Here is the solution! With HR-One HRMS, you can create and publish custom reports for various modules. For example, hiring, in-house expenses incurred, tracking employees’ attendance, etc. Without any worry, you can generate reports of different levels.

What types of reports can you generate?

Here are a few reports that you can easily generate using HR-One HRMS.

Module reports

Create graphical reports for all your data – be it for workforce or payroll. The best part is that you can extract the information at organization level, department level, as well as employee level.


Are you looking for customized dashboards? Well, HR-One HRMS provides you this feature. It shows real-time data of all modules in the form of graphs and charts.

Statutory Reports

This module helps in generating important statutory reports related to payroll and finance. It’s very simple! Just pick up the template matching your business requirements and start generating reports.


With HR-One HRMS you not only gather data related to your employees but also get a detailed insight about various data points of your organization. This is all done with the help of analytics that helps the HR department in taking strategic decisions.

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