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Follow These 3 Simple Steps to Supercharge Your Workforce Productivity

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You’ve got a very hard working team in your office – so hard working that the breakroom is often empty. That is the good news – or the bad news, depending on how you see it! Okay, I won’t confuse you anymore. Let’s get to the point: while you may be celebrating the hardworking nature of your employees, it may be the sign of an unseen, much bigger problem. It’s called the problem of productivity.

Yep – smart business leaders always understand the fact that by the end of the day it’s productivity that matters – not the man hours that went into it. If output isn’t increasing, an increase in work duration doesn’t really matter. And it’s also a fact that working for extraordinarily long duration hinders productivity instead of boosting it. There’re many studies to back this, including this study published in Harvard Business Review. So if your workforce is always in front of computer screens, there’s a good chance that you’re not getting the max out of it.

So what to do?

If your employees aren’t taking enough breaks, it’s only because of your company culture. They don’t take the breaks because they don’t find it good, and you need to change it. Some steps that can help are given below:

#1. Get Professional Workforce Management Software System

Excel is powerful, but if you want to maximize employee productivity then please, for your company’s sake, step out of it. There’re more professional and powerful workforce management solutions available in the market today that can alert you whenever there’s an increase in non-productive idle work hours. Utilize them, because you can’t cure something until you detect it.

#2. Make Your Breakroom(s) Inviting

The second most important step in that direction is to make your breakrooms inviting. Design and comfort are major factors here, so pay special attention to the choice of furniture and colors that’re present in your breakroom. If you can afford it then take help of some professional office interior designers to do this in a right manner.

#3. Lead by Example and Encourage Timely Breaks

While you don’t need to force your employees to take breaks, you should encourage them to take breaks whenever they feel burned out or unproductive. Lead by example and encourage your employees by inviting them to join you in the breakroom when you find some of them feeling unproductive. Eventually this will change things and you’ll see your employees using that breakroom whenever they need it.


Hard work is important, but smart work is even more important. Without productivity there’s no point in continuously sitting before the laptop. Breaks taken in timely manner can significantly increase employee productivity, and we’re sure that steps given above will help you in doing that.

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