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Does your HRM has these 5 things?

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A human resource management system (HRMS) manages the most important asset of your organization, your people. Hence, you must ensure that you choose the right system, one that perfectly meets the need of your people!

If you are thinking about a human resource management system for your organization, here are some MUST have features that your HRMS should come with:

Employee Self Service: This is a key feature that is also the foundation of any good HRMS. The employee self service module enables people to see and do a lot things on their own. It reduces their general dependencies on the HR and also keeps them updated about all important announcements. This also saves a lot of time and effort for the HR and at the same time helps employees to interact with the organization in an interactive way.

Payroll and Statutory: Payroll and compliance are big pain areas for the HR. Tedious paper work and complex procedures make it extremely difficult to process payroll manually. A human resource management system with payroll ensures that all your data is tracked and that the processing is error free. It also ensures that tax and other statutory compliances are met for all roles across the organization. This module automates the entire payroll process and makes it extremely simple, quick and accurate.

Database: How many of your struggle with heaps of files to maintain employee records? How safe is your data? An HRMS maintains your complete database in a secure way. All of employees’ details and activities from hire to retire can be tracked easily.

Reimbursements: A robust human resource management software would also take care of all reimbursements and expenses incurred by any employee or organization. From travel bills to issue of assets, everything is visible in a single click.

Performance Management: Performance management is a tricky space as it has a direct impact on people. A good human resource management system makes the whole review and performance tracking system transparent and simple. With clear goals and metrics defined for each employee, it becomes easy for the employee and the managers to keep a track on progress and ratings. This helps in avoiding any year end surprises and also paves a clear progress path for the employees.

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