HR-One Features that will Make Your Workplace Smart
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HR-One Features that will Make Your Workplace Smart

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What is the most important key element that companies of all sizes seek in achieving and maintaining goodwill, high revenues, and growth? Well, it is – handling the workforce of your organization.

However, as per the recent studies, the Human Resources department spends most of its time in handling meager routine administrative work. Because of this, they are unable to focus on crucial and high-value work, such as charting down plans for the existing workforce, coming out with strategic ways of recruiting, jotting down plans for organizational development, and compensation.

One way of transforming the traditional work-culture is automation through an efficient Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution. There are so many HRMS vendors that offering tools for the HR department and helping it in strategic decision-making, which is very essential in today’s highly charged business environment.

What are you expecting from HRMS vendors?

HR’s mission critical is absorbing the talented candidates, training them, offering them best compensations, and coming out with best schemes to retain them. There are HRMS vendors that offer powerful tools helping you to understand your workforce’s main skills, talents, and experience.

Here are some special features that you can expect in your HRMS system.

Employee central

If you have employee central feature, then you can easily manage your workforce locally as well as globally. In addition to this, the tool should be able to handle core data simultaneously with talent and crucial business processes for better vision, strategic decision making, and, last but not the least, better business performance.

Expense handling

You will definitely be thankful, if you get a tool that can easily manage all your official expenses. For example, expenditure incurred for organizing a training or throwing a new year’s bash for the staff. Also, it allows you to create multiple reports to be submitted to the senior management.

Managing leaves

Are you spending lot of time in managing employees’ leaves? The tool should allow you to set automated leave requests and create multiple leave policies as per company’s rules.

Timesheet management

Managing timesheet was never considered an easy task! But if you get a tool that provides you various features to manage this task in a better way through web portal or mobile interface, then life will become very easy for you.

Managing and tracking assets

It is necessary that there is a proper track of all the assets being issued to each and every employee of the organization till the time they are in use. The HR department will be very relieved if they get the asset management feature to state and update the current status of all the existing assets.


When you start hunting HRMS tools in India, you will get so many of them that provide employee self-service feature allowing you to focus on critical activities like taking strategic decisions. While opting one, you should ensure that it has the capability of handling above-mentioned features effectively and efficiently enabling HR staff to serve employees in a better way.

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