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Engaging your employees is great, but should the HRs stop there?

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In the present day workplaces, employee engagement has a direct impact on productivity. The more engaged an employee is with the company, more likely they are to be sincere and dedicated towards their work. Therefore, employee engagement has become a critical activity for the HRs. But should the buck stop there?

If you really want to make your employees productive, HRs need to go beyond employee engagement. You have to inspire the employees too. A study by Bain and Co. revealed that inspired employees are 125% more productive than satisfied employees and 56% more productive than engaged employees.

So how do we make our employees “truly inspired”?

Connect the dots: Each individual has aspirations and goals. If you can connect their goals to the mission of your organization, and celebrate their milestones, employees will feel inspired to do more, achieve more.

The Basic Needs: The report by Eric Garton and Michael C. Mankins, defines a pyramid of employee needs. Basic employee needs like safety, job security, recognition are the foundation layers of this pyramid. To transition your employees into inspired folks, HRs and the management need to ensure that the fundamental needs are taken care of. Once this is done, the employees would be satisfied and would rapidly move to being engaged and then inspired.

Engagement Footprint: Elements of employee engagement, as defined in the report, talk about empowerment of employees. Enable your employees do more strategic work, give them opportunities to learn and acknowledge their impact on the organizational growth.  No employee wants to be stuck in the same monotonous task on a daily basis. If they get good chances to learn and grow their roles, they will be more engaged with their work and the organization.

Take them to inspiration: Inspiration is the crux of success, not just in office, but in everyday life. If we do not feel inspired to achieve something, we will never move in that direction. Give individual attention, maintain transparency, give ownership, and let them take decisions. Making real success stories about employees who are doing well, will inspire them and others to do even better.

Everyone faces obstacles, but if your employees are engaged and inspired, they will find a way around it!

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