Don’t say these things at your Performance Review
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Don’t say these things at your Performance Review

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Year ending is a time when we all should raise a toast to celebrate our successes, learn from the mistakes, and define a roadmap for the next year!

Is it possible, to erase the performance review where nobody would evaluate anybody else? Instead of giving ranks or ratings to employees, there should be an end of year celebration for what we have achieved and a planning meeting for what is to be achieved.

Nobody likes to get a report card as we use to get in schools. Rather than providing ratings, such as above average, exceeds expectations, or needs improvements, it would be a good idea to have a positive conversation and encouraging employees in the form of gratitude for the work they have done over the past year.

During performance review discussions, an employee should be calm listener. You should listen to it all without coming to any conclusion and show that you are open to an honest feedback.

Whether you agree with what is being shared with you or can’t wait out to come out of the room when it’s over, here are few things you should not say during discussion.

  • But that is not my job description or it is not my responsibility.
  • You are evaluating me based on wrong goals.
  • I’m not paid to….
  • I need a bigger pay than what I have been offered.
  • I work harder than most of my colleagues.
  • You are wrong.
  • That mistake was not my fault.
  • I would like a transfer to a different department.
  • I think you’re being overly critical.
  • But that’s just who I am. You knew that when you hired me.
  • I quit!

Saying nothing is as bad as saying any of the above! If you feel that the feedback is unjustified then the best approach would be to say something like, “Thank-you for sharing the feedback. I need some time to consider it and maybe we can sit down again once I have studied it carefully.” Organizations, where Performance Management Systems are deployed, facilitate this line of interaction between the employee and their reviewer. In fact, if you use such software, make sure you have goal setting done and review it regularly with your reviewer, recording progress every time.


The extra time will help you to prepare your thoughts and put them into writing. Through a proper performance management system, you can channelize your performance review rebuttals to Human Resources.

Organizations that deploy good performance management review software can avoid the above-mentioned situations by showing the employee the review process, where it is in the pipeline and also facilitating the right kind of communication.

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