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Does Your HRMS Has These Major Functions ?

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Are you looking for an HRMS software in your organization? You’ll likely be surprised by features that today’s HRMS can offer. The best functions that most businesses expect from HRMS are there, along with many useful features that can automate your business processes and ease the way HR department and payroll team works. Although there are many functions of HRMS, we are listing down a few major functions that any good software can provide.

Payroll and Statutory

Payroll and compliance are major pain areas of any organization. Tedious paperwork and complex process make it extremely arduous to process payroll manually. Payroll is a crucial aspect and can be a tricky aspect to manage when done manually. A human resource management system with payroll functionality can track and manage all your data and ensure all the tax and statutory compliances are duly met.

Recruiting Analytics

HRMS has made the talent acquisition process almost effortless. With HRMS, HR members can devise methodologies and get the right sort of candidates in their organization. They can use social media intelligence, job portals, forums, professional network platforms and refine their recruitment workflow with this smart software.

Performance Management

Performance management is a bit tricky as it creates a direct impact on people. A good HRMS makes the whole review and performance tracking system feasible and fast. With clear goals and responsibilities defined for each employee, it becomes easy for managers to keep a track on progress and give ratings accordingly. This helps in avoiding any surprises and also paves a clear progress path for the employees thus raising employee satisfaction.  

Easy Clocking and Time Management

HRMS brings great perks alongside managing attendance and leaves. It helps to keep a close tab on working hours. This is instrumental for employees to mark attendance or raise any leave or request. To prevent misuse, you will get a respective user id and password where employees are free to manage their account without any hassle.

Expense Management

Expense Management enables the employer to define different expense policies. It also helps to define the types of expenses which can be claimed by a specific group or individual. Employees can enter their expenses through a HRMS and raise their expense request on the go. Payroll team will receive approved expenses and they will initiate the expense process. Therefore, an HRMS software takes care of all reimbursements and expenses incurred by any employee or organization. From travel bills to accommodation to issue of assets, everything is visible in a single click.


Self-Service is one of the key features which is the foundation of any good HRMS. HRMS works best by reducing the reliance on HR, payroll and finance team. It empowers employees to view all important information and announcements at a glance and enables them to raise any query or concern from the help desk. It saves a lot of time and efforts and at the same time helps employees to interact with key people in an interactive way.

Managing expenses, marking employees’ attendance from any location, time-management, simplifying the recruitment process, orientation, payroll integration are some of the pain points of an organization. However, as the technology advances we can resolve these issues by implementing the robust, scalable, fast and reliable HRMS just like HR-One.

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