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Does HRMS encourage Peer to Peer learning

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HRMS is a solution that comes across as being extremely useful to the company and mainly the HR department. Employees may find that HRMS makes it easier to track their attendance, payroll details and reimbursements. However, HRMS has one more feature that may instill a new-found respect amongst all the employees. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could learn something through the web based HRMS software?

It has been proven that peer-to-peer learning results in a better learning experience. The employees greatly benefit from an environment that encourages them to engage with each other and exchange their knowledge of multiple business aspects with each other. When the company promotes this attitude within its employees, it will benefit in multiple ways. If you are wondering how a software solution can bring employees together in learning, well it is possible. HRMS connects all the employees and has several data points which facilitates in learning. Let us see how HRMS encourages peer-to-peer learning.

Many Faces of HRMS

HRMS is one of the best HR payroll management software solutions that are available in the market. This is where data of all the employees is stored and this can be used to determine how one employee can learn from the other. It encourages the employee learning in the following ways:

–          It makes skills and experiences visible

Every employee has different strengths and weaknesses. Usually the teams are made in a way that team-members complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and form a strong union. However these days, employees show initiative to learn and work upon their limitations. HRMS stores data of every employee and enlists their fortes, skills and various competencies. Their project experiences are also mentioned. Initially, all this data was available just to the managers and senior management but the latest developments in HRMS support the visibility to all the employees as well. This makes it easier to peers to connect with one another and learn the skills from someone who is an expert in that field. Furthermore, HRMS has the ability to mine data profiles and suggest recommendations to employees, thus helping in engaging them and learning from each other.

–          Social HRMS appeals to the net-savvy millennials

Millennials are quite comfortable with the idea of using social media, websites and blogs. While some companies allow the use of social media, most are still wary of it fearing a loss of productivity. It can be quite a catch-22 situation for companies if they want to limit the social media usage but at the same time want their employees to milk its benefits. The answer lies in social HRMS which allows the employees to connect with each other on various social platforms and share their queries, thoughts and problems. Blogging is encouraged within the employees where they can write on their field of expertise and learn from others at the same time. This is quite an effective peer-to-peer learning platform. And the best part, it won’t harm the productivity in any way.

–          It provides platforms for social collaborations

The best HR payroll management software solutions support social collaborations. When an employee is working on a report, HRMS may provide him with important links and material. However, when one gets stuck during the process or is facing some problem while completing the report, they can use content that is created by their peers instead of sieving through the internet for finding the solution. This kind of social collaboration facilitates in peer learning and benefits all the employees.

Don’t limit your learning to the internet and various social media platforms. And let’s be honest, most of the times these two are more successful in distracting us through random games, videos and articles rather than helping us finish our work. So stop accepting candy crush requests and watching funny videos.

Take a break from those training sessions and turn to HRMS. Who knows, your colleague on a separate floor may end up sharing more learning that a session amidst various web pages. You also get a chance to share your knowledge with others. Showing off once in a while can be fun. On a serious note, utilize this web based HRMS software as a learning tool and expand your learnings.

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