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Create & Analyze: Bring your data to life with HR-One

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What is analytics? How does it impact the various departments, such as HR in the organization? Can it help in optimizing organization performance, forecasting, and reporting? If yes, how?

These are the few questions that can come to your mind whenever anyone talks about Data Analytics or Big Data.

Let us see how the data is created and then analyzed for the betterment of the organization.

Create data

What if you get a system that can help you in creating a consistent record of each and every employee of your organization? And further, it can help you in creating Human Resource (HR) module defining and supporting your organization’s structures and policies.

Well, with the help of HR-One HRMS, you can do so! You can create data (such as personal details and professional details) of all your employees and provide access of this information within a well-defined workflow. It will help you in having data points about the organization, departments and employees across all levels – be it horizontally or vertically.

How will it help?

The analysis of these data points can be helpful for various scenarios. Some of them are described below.

  • The HR can get a transparent, paperless and a quicker hiring process. It is a known fact that HR can be flooded with applications for a position. Hiring managers can raise a request for the upcoming requirements in the team and can analyze candidate information and fitment with their requisition.
  • HR analytics, such can help you to gather information about all employees, such as attendance, leave, travel request, or any expense incurred on behalf of the company and study the pattern based on these parameters to modify or update any existing company policy.
  • HR analytics is helping companies to study and analyze their health data. For example, it helps in evaluating the effectiveness of their defined programs, determine the gaps in these programs or employee benefits, and improve these programs.


A good HRMS tool with in-built Analytics (like HR-One) not only deals in gathering data related to employees but also helps provide insight into various data points of the organization via analytics so that HR can take strategic decisions.

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