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Choosing an Asset Management Software? Look for these elements before investing…

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To be able to grow your business fast, you need to take faster decisions. And to be able to make the right decisions quickly, you need the right asset management software. SO, if you are looking for an asset management/ inventory management system, make sure it covers these points!

  1. MobilityThe program must provide mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices to make it easier for off-site access of the asset information.
  2. Auditing Options
    Conducting regular audits of fixed asset inventory ensures your company’s asset records are accurate. Some softwares allows you to audit the data from any mode and also helps in limiting the information the user sees when you have more than one user for the auditing process.
  3. Asset Tag Design
    Each asset should have a unique barcode label to make the identification by the machine easy. It is one the basic and important requirements and the system should have the built-in-ability to design them.
  4. Customizing is easy
    These softwares comes with many default categories which might not be your relevance. So make sure that it allows you to customize the pre-existing data fields and also create new ones according to your requirement.
  5. Pro active system
    The system must be user friendly and shall notify the user about any updates of the past information, asset abuse, funding limitations, audit checklists and other issues. It should also be able to schedule and send pre-existing or new reports to the chosen employees.
  6. Cloud based System
    Web has already decreased the intervention of the IT department of a company. Cloud based systems has made the data more secure and can be easily managed. The cloud solutions often prove to be more cost-effective and are automatically updated.
  7. Security
    As the asset data will be accessible by multiple users, make sure that it comes with an option of setting up access categories to give specific access rights (update, edit and set up data administration tools, reports, and modules) to specific access types.
  8. Recovery Option
    There can be a need which can only be satisfied with an unused or old asset which was once sent to the lumber room. Many softwares provides you with option of disposing an asset but it is always better to search for a solution which can activate the old asset numbers and make the recovery easier.
  9. Help Desk
    This system should provide a very easy to access and report help desk to make it simple for employees to raise tickets when technical issues arise.

Asset management tools can surely make your life easier by reducing the chances of errors, but investing in the right choice depends on you. Look for a system with desired features and equal terms of user-friendliness and your business is good to go.

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