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Improve Employee Retention and Engagement with HR One Software

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Hiring the right personnel may be a tedious job but retaining them requires hard work and consistency that every HR needs to maintain.

In the world of organisational management, HR-One is the finest solution to maintain a good relationship with your employees. This comprehensive HR software enables you to track your employees’ right from recruitment to retirement.

HR-One is equipped with many modules like Payroll, Performance,  Workforce, Time Office, HelpDesk and more that are user-friendly. You can easily assess employees information, get direct access, give incentives and boost their morale at the tip of your finger!

Read how you can forge employee engagement with some of the HR-One modules.

  1. Payroll: Payroll software allows access on-the-go for both employees and employers. This module contains salary structures showing automated break-up of their salaries based on components like arrears, bonus, overtime, reimbursements, taxes, real-time attendance. This minimises errors and avoids confusion. Further, employees could update their profile, view their monthly salary, working hours, deductions, and easily check and download their payslips.

Payroll module allows transparency to each employee and any queries can go directly to the concerned department. Simply monitor the activities and save a lot of administrative hours. It makes life easier!

  1. Performance Management: Another competent module is the Performance Management software. This enables the employees to understand not only the visions and missions of the organisations but also performance as a team towards the goal.

The module allows HR personnel to set objectives for the team members, track their performance and give a real-time review. Appraisals and performance-based increments are vital in maintaining a healthy competition, growth and, productivity.

In HR-One, the Key Result Area (KRA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are factors that give a transparent Review and Appraisal system.

  1. Time Sheet: From a single dashboard, you can track your Timesheet. The Time Sheet module allows you to organise work allocation for projects under different teams. Employees can record their working hours while you can track the working hours of each employee.

It is also possible to track whether the project is running according to the actual plan or effort being made. The difference between the actual and effort could also be analysed.

As you track each progress, it enables you to make a better informed decision in efficiently managing the project. Moreover, you can also reset allocated timelines as necessary. This saves time and stress on administrative work.

  1. Training: The comprehensive Training module is one of the best investments to retain talented employees.

This module helps in planning training from schedules to feedback. It even manages invitations and record attendance, not to mention feedback. It maintains a pool of courses that could be taken from time to time. The employees can even nominate themselves and users can access all the scheduled training and course material relevant to each.

It gives a pre-training and post-training evaluation, feedback and even has an effectiveness sheet. The Training module allows customisation with various templates to choose from.

HR-One offers a simple solution that eliminates arduous tasks, encourage transparency, equip, and promote employees’ skill resulting in a happy and satisfied workforce ready to run the extra mile.

Change is beckoning at HR’s end

In such a digitally linked world, when the whole world is transforming at an unbelievable pace, it becomes more important to adapt to changes. It won’t be far before 2018 sweeps in with its own list of emerging trends and technologies Let’s have a look at how the change is knocking at HR’s end.

  •   New-Age Recruiting

One of the most important tasks in an HRs profile is recruiting employees, what if you have to scan through every file manually and interview all of them? In a digitally advanced world, the use of mobiles, social networks and other tools has increased, recruiters have been using these modules to  streamline profiling of candidates for a while now. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are a few potential examples.

  • Time Keeping Made Easier

As an HR manager, you are basically the person who has to maintain records of every employee leave and timings. You can use HR-One’s modules designed to help you define leave policies and types, company holidays etc. You can also track your employees work progress,  review it and evaluate their performances for more competent environment in your organization.

  • Compensations and Programs

 To simplify the hectic and monotonous task of preparing pay slips, taking care of travel incentives and defining expense policies you can try HRMS . It not only make things easier but is extremely efficient, reliable and streamlined.

  • Say adieu to all Employee Concerns

From handling intra office disputes to answering their queries regarding payments and leaves, it all falls on the HR manager. You can actually set up a HELPDESK with the help of  HRMS and take care of the employee concerns without having to go through the trouble of doing it all in person. One can always leave a query or concern at the helpdesk and you can take care of it without going through it manually.

Cutting short the work pressure without compromising with the quality of work done sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? It can’t get any easier and affordable.  So, the time is now to invest in a robust, scalable, and high-performing HRMS software. You will probably land up to the world of efficiency, agility, high performance, productivity and a great working environment.

Managing Talent On the Go Through HRMS

The workforce today is dynamic and are willing to opt the smart technology that can simplify their operations and help them work smarter. So, along with their aspirations, their style of working is also changing. Gone are the days when the candidates looked mainly for the salary package and a few basic perks before joining the company. Though these factors still dominate even today, there are other factors too that fall into the the priority list of the candidates. The workforce these days are willing to go one step beyond as compared to the preceding counterparts.

Traversing through cities or continents, working from home seems like a norm now. This is exactly why there must be a robust technology in place to accommodate this change. While the flexibility and mobility offered by the business world prove to be extremely useful both for employers and employees, but this may also call complexity and create a big challenge for any organization to manage their talent on the go.

However with HRMS software, it is easier to track the progress of your employees who are mostly on the go or prefer working from home.  HRMS can efficiently handle all the functions that are critical time-wise and allow the employees to embrace mobility in their professional life.  Organizations are evaluating HRMS to enable and empower their mobile workforce. An employee can scan his personal records, punch in attendance, apply and get leaves approved, view his payslip, reports, and raise issue from anywhere, anytime.

In a fast paced employee-centric world, organizations are moving information to employees’ hands. As the world has gone mobile, HR-One HRMS offers a comprehensive mobility solution required to manage a remote workforce.

Does your HRMS address the needs of today’s workforce? Make sure to talk to us and drop us a line.

How to Make Employees Feel Valued?

For the new-age workplace money isn’t only the driver of job satisfaction. And in that spirit, many organizations have realized that employees value other things more than just the monetary benefits. There are various studies and statistics that indicate while salary remains the important drive to attract job candidates – it isn’t the only thing to keep an employee inspired. So, what keeps an employee engaged and happy?

And, as Dale Carnegie says “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”. Here are some ideas to think about.

Flexibility for Balancing Work and Life

Technology is making things easier by which employees are available around the clock. As an employer, one should put the thinking hat and imagine what is the best thing that can be done to maintain a successful balance between personal and professional life. Flexibility at work is another key feature today’s employees consider over salary. It helps build a positive ambiance, energizes the workplace, keeps the workforce motivated, fosters positive vibes and team bonding.

Make Your Workplace Smart

Employees are intrinsically motivated to share their ideas, thoughts and collaborate freely when they have the platform where they can contribute and speak freely. The forum or an intranet communication platform. By using the right platform, you can improve communication, foster trust and productivity.

Enable Employees to Access Their Information Online

Employees are generally satisfied if they can extract information on need basis using the intuitive and secure self-service system.  Equip them with the software to diminish the manual efforts of keeping tabs on online attendance marking, employee self-service, payroll, or financial related queries. This in turn mitigates any confusion and improves engagement and experience with the organization. In addition to this, they seek the software where they can update their own personal details, apply leaves, manage leaves, track their assets, and is available 24/7 whenever they need it.

Recognize and Celebrate

It’s on the behavioural side that people want positive feedback, recognition they put forth in extra efforts, acknowledgment of great work.  Make them understand their inputs and efforts are valued. Prioritize employee recognition and you can ensure a positive and productive workplace. Recognition should not be confined to the team only, one should use a proper channel to help spread the word to peers and colleagues. People who feel appreciated are more positive about their organization and their ability to contribute. People with positive self-esteem are potentially your highly-motivated employees with greater efficiency and indeed best working professionals.

There is a consistent effort required to foster a culture of reward, engagement and recognition. However, the investment is worth it. Happier employees are more motivated and higher employee engagement is often linked with significant productivity gains along with employer branding. If you wish to foster a great culture in your organization too, you can pursue all the above steps and give us a call to give you a demo of our HRMS which will make your workplace smart.

Hey, HRs! Focus on Re-skilling and not Recruitment

“Mohan completed his B-Tech in the year, 2015. Today, he is working as a customer care executive in one of the mobile companies. After six months of fruitless job-hunting, he opted for this meager job to earn his bread and butter. Whatever he learnt had gone to waste because he is unable to utilize his capabilities in the giant IT companies.” Well, this is not a unique story. There are hundreds of youth like Mohan, who have completed their educations but are not able to find employment matching with their skills.

Here is a list of the few trends recently being followed in the big-shot companies.

  • Indian IT segment is facing major slowdown. One of the top-notch IT companies has sacked approximately thousands of its employees.
  • There is a Global slowdown, which is affecting Indian IT industry’s growth also.
  • Hiring is getting slow, which might lead to add challenges for the adult population in finding jobs.

This trend is due to overall global slowdown, automation, and lack of talented professional experts in the market.

These are the indications for the ones who are not ready or scared of upgrading their skills. If you do not upgrade yourself as per the demand in the market, you will be out of the business. To overcome this issue, there is only one way left –re-skilling oneself to be on the top of the demand list.

New trend being followed by companies

The next trend of the IT industry is shifting the focus from the labor-intensive employees to proposing skilled employees in the upcoming fields of business in technology like data-analytics and cloud computing.

Various companies have started introducing skilling programs for their junior and middle staff so that they can stay competitive in the industry. These companies are trying to upgrade their employees in the most demanding technologies, like BigData, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

What is Human Resource’s contribution?

The HR staff and senior management are concentrating on upgrading the skillsets of their existing staff so that these employees are can easily handle complex and crucial projects. This process will gradually assist companies to retain the deserving and loyal employees as well as save cost and time to hire newbies from outside.

  • HR’s new focus – Upgrading the skillsets rather than recruiting

HR department is focusing at a faster pace to train and upgrade existing workforce. This training includes how employees should work on more crucial and complex projects. There are times when few positions are flagged-off for hiring and re-assigned to HR team for an internal action. The main focus of HR is to identify employees from the existing workforce and upgrading them instead of hiring from outside.

  • The change management

It is not necessary that everyone in the company is flexible. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the HR to bring in the change, like reskilling. This change might become scary for some of the employees and they will be under the pressure. It is important for the new ones and existing employees (especially in the technology world) to accept the change and show high-level of learning capability and willingness. In this case, HR has to come up with different traits to experiment for the entire workforce.

  • Developing advanced skills

Everyday new technology is getting introduced in the market. Therefore, it is important to have niche skills. These skills combine the understanding of domain, technology, and consulting which is demanded at a high-rate. It is not necessary that you get these high-end skills at the lower level and, that is why, providing training will be a biggest game changer.


At this time when the IT sector is slowing down at a higher speed, it is time to look within the organization and start reskilling the existing employees at a fast speed. On the other hand, it is vital for the employees to come out of their comfort zone and be ready for the up-skilling programs being introduced by HR and senior management.

Retain your Gen Z workforce with these tips

Gen Z! What is it? Well, the ideal answer to this question will be – Gen Z or Generation Z, sometimes, also known as ‘iGeneration’ or ‘iGen’ refers to the generation that is familiar with devices like iPads. This generation lies in the era of 1996 and 2016.

When you talk about work, what are the expectations of Gen Z?

Gen Z wants their managers to be good listeners as well as value their ideas. They are the ones who strongly believe that the workplace should highlight the advantages of ideas rather than for the number of years an employee has stayed in the organization.

This generation gives high importance to in-person communication rather any type of social interaction taking place in the form of All Hands Meet. They are the true believers of soft skills and interpersonal relationships.

The iGeneration comes with a mindset of commencing their own business sometime in the lifetime. In other words, people with this mentality are the ones you would like to have in your team because they believe in implementing ideas to make the business flourishing. You should think about how you might integrate that attitude into your process.

Is Gen Z committed towards a long-term?

Mostly, Generation Z has a belief that three years or less is the reasonable amount of time they should spend at their first job.

Now, the real question is how one should retain Gen Z?

When it comes to retaining Gen Z, it is you who need to be trained a bit differently than what you’re used to! Let us share some tips that should help you in retaining this generation as well as keep your business running in a healthy way once they enter the workforce.

  • There should be a freedom in the workplace. One of the core values that Gen Z believes in is freedom! To achieve this goal, what are the steps that you should take? Well, you can start seeking help from your staff in preparing training courses that follow the rule of ‘train whenever or train wherever’ functionality.
  • This generation is tech savvy and is grown-up using iPads and smartphones. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to leverage these technologies in the office, wherever it is possible.
  • Take help of Millennials to train Generation Z! The Millennials are the closest group to Gen Z and hence, would be more comfortable to communicate with them. The former can easily play the role of the mentor for the later and can have better in-person communication. For this, make sure that you organize proper management and training skills to the Millennials.
  • The iGen wants to learn entrepreneurship, so you can make them feel that they are entrepreneurs. You can achieve this by offering options, like taking online professional development courses, attending conferences, and getting proper knowledge of your niche. If you make them feel that they are moving forward, then they will definitely help you to move forward.


To achieve the best results, you should make sure that you are few steps ahead of this generation in terms of what all steps are required to be taken to keep them happy. Once you start thinking this way, it is for sure that the iGeneration will be there to help you out in achieving the desired results for the best of the business!

Unique & Interesting HR Policies Followed by These Companies

It is very well said that if your employees are happy, then they will be more efficient and loyal towards their work. But to achieve this goal, it is very important for organizations to start focusing towards their employees than it used to be in the past, may be, 10 years back.

Let’s see what is so unique and special that Human Resource departments are following these days to hire and sustain the best talent in their organization.


  • A lot of organizations are using new hiring techniques, such as social media to hire the best talent. New jobs are increasingly being posted on these sites and other online communities allowing recruiters to get the right fitment for the desired position.
  • Other advanced ideas, such as gamification helps in finding potential employees. In this mode of hiring, you organize events where you provide challenges virtually that includes the skills required for a respective job and see the results.


Once hired, the next challenge that the Human Resource department faces is how to retain the best talent of the organization. Can right incentives make a big difference? Well, now it is time for the HR department to upgrade their processes and come up with new ideas where they keep themselves in employees’ shoes and consider what they are thinking, reason behind their thoughts, and what are their aspirations.

HR department has to be one step ahead of its employees and come up with ideas where they can keep up employees’ morale and make them productive. It will help in controlling the attrition rate and boost up their morale. Isn’t it true to say that if you lose a good talent, it means you are losing a big business opportunity?

Companies that have come up with unique policies

  • Google turned ‘Human Resources’ department to ‘People Operations’ where the management believes in building a strong relationship between employee and employer. The company encourages its employees to invest some of their time towards their imagination and come up with their own out of the box ideas and value-addition initiatives.
  • Flipkart, one of the biggest electronic retail giant grants its employees unpaid breaks to take care of their personal responsibilities. The company also grants special offs for special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even for any other urgency in family or friends. These leaves are above the regular leaved being granted.
  • Vodafone and Accenture have come up with more benefits for its female employees. The employees are allowed to take leaves beyond the regular limits.
  • Aptech has come up with the concept of ‘Aptech Cafe’, which is not only a cafeteria but has massage chairs as well. Apart from this, employees can take a break in a game center and can even enjoy sometime with music in a Karaoke Bar. It helps people to de-stress themselves and focus in their work. Like other companies, there is a gymnasium and a personal guidance such as, dietician and nutritionist for employees ensuring them a lifestyle full of health.
  • Other companies offer flexible working hours, in-house portal where employees are even allowed to sell and purchase their things, be it car, phone, or music system. There are gaming sessions, casual day, and numerous such incentives.


If you are willing to invest in your workforce, in return your workforce will also love to invest in your business. So, don’t wait for any miracle to happen and focus to bring up with more new ideas as the above-mentioned companies to sustain the best talent and increase the revenues.

10 tips for your next Employee Engagement Activity!

Engaging employees at every stage is considered healthy for the growth of an organization. On one side, it makes employees realize that they are the important element of the organization. On the other side, it helps in retaining the best talent within the company.

Let us see at some cool ideas of how to engage employees that can help them feel motivated at work and improve their performance.

Build wall less organization

You should have a rapport of being approachable. Employees should feel that they can approach you with questions, suggestions, and problems.

This way, you can boost your employees’ morale and instead of treating you as an HR monster, they will start treating you as a part of the team with whom they can interact anytime!

Spend quality time

It will not harmful if you invest quality time with your employees. Getting involved in games like Pictionary, carom, and chess will help you build a positive relation with your teammates.

Regular brainstorming sessions

It doesn’t matter whether you hold these sessions weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Try to bring all your teammates together and have healthy brainstorming sessions with them.

Exchange roles

To make work interesting, allow employees to work in a different team or in a different role. It helps employees to understand the challenges of their colleagues and gives them a chance of pace from their daily routines.

Organize training wherever required

Work without training can sometimes be demoralizing for employees. Being HR personnel, you should try to organize trainings (both technical and personalized) to raise the morale of employees. This should be one of your tasks in your calendar. Ensure that the employees continue to get all the trainings they need to keep moving forward.

Internal hiring

Internal hiring is one of the best ways that helps you to keep your employees motivated and engaged. It gives an opportunity to everyone to move up within the organization. It also generates excitement that can benefit the business as a whole because and internal hiring will always be experienced about company operations.

Improve your leadership skills

It is very important to have strong leadership to achieve an engaged team. It makes your team confident as well as boosts their morale and enthusiasm levels as they realize that their leader is aware about the work being assigned to them. The best way to improve leadership quality is to become a good listener and express trust in your team. If you work on yourself, then you can go a long way to improve engagements of people around you.

Contribute in the form of blog writing

Become a sport and contribute towards blogs. It will help you bridge the gap between the senior and lower levels. Encourage your staff to read and comment on blogs. It will help employees to feel that they are part of the organization.

Organize office outings

Work is important but taking breaks from work is equally important! Try to organize and outings with your team and just chill. It helps in building a strong relationship with your team and among themselves. This way you all can burn some of your office stress.

Do something different

For example, throw some challenges in front of your team, which will help them to come out of their comfort zone. You can ask them to lead a team or conduct team meetings.


If you follow the above-mentioned ideas, then you will definitely achieve the good results and be able to have a highly engaged team that is focused on overcoming all challenges.

HRs! Do any of these common questions sound familiar?

Human Resources (HRs) is one department that has to be on its toes – 24/7! The department has a lot on its plate to handle on a daily basis, like handling payroll, hiring talents, organizing and conducting trainings, defining policies on how to retain employees, etc.

Alas, the struggle is real and exists in all duties they have to perform! Isn’t it right?

You all will agree that the above-mentioned tasks are crucial for any organization. Each and every task has some standard queries that need to be answered.

Here is a list of some of the most common questions that HR needs to answer quite frequently.

  • “Can I get an experience letter?”
  • “How many vacations can I take in one go?”
  • “What are the medical benefits for my immediate family?”
  • “What is the notice period I need to serve at the time of putting on my papers?”

Most of the time, employees seek information on these queries over weekends, when you are thinking of relaxing or going for a movie or a date.

So, how can you handle these situations or provide answers to the questions when the demand arises.

To get away from these types of menial questions, go for a good Human Resource Management System (HRMS) tool! Be it requests for last three months’ pay stubs for income verification because an employee is planning to apply for a car loan. Or, they need to apply for a sick leave because they just got a call from their child’s school that their child is having a very high fever.

If you own a right HR tools, your life can become easier! So, if there is a tool that can:

  • Provide information about gross salary, deductions, overtime details, etc.
  • Provide information on leave travel allowance, house rental allowance, etc.
  • Provide a letter of residence that can be submitted to a bank at the time of applying for a home loan.
  • Provide access, to performance feedback.
  • And much more…

Then you can get some free time to focus on more tactical activities, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or even think about taking a vacation!

What if these HRMS tools are accessible through mobile?

If everyone in the organization can access the HRMS tool through mobile, then sky is the limit. In this technological era, people expect everything to be easily available on mobile (like booking an appointment with your saloon, booking a ticket for a latest move, etc.). Making this information available on the mobile platforms also helps the employees get this information on the go!


It has become important for the HR departments to make sure that employees can easily access their own information. A new HR technology should be provided enabling employees to carry out self-service functions. It will help everyone in the organization from the ones who are seeking information to the one who have to provide it.

Don’t say these things at your Performance Review

Year ending is a time when we all should raise a toast to celebrate our successes, learn from the mistakes, and define a roadmap for the next year!

Is it possible, to erase the performance review where nobody would evaluate anybody else? Instead of giving ranks or ratings to employees, there should be an end of year celebration for what we have achieved and a planning meeting for what is to be achieved.

Nobody likes to get a report card as we use to get in schools. Rather than providing ratings, such as above average, exceeds expectations, or needs improvements, it would be a good idea to have a positive conversation and encouraging employees in the form of gratitude for the work they have done over the past year.

During performance review discussions, an employee should be calm listener. You should listen to it all without coming to any conclusion and show that you are open to an honest feedback.

Whether you agree with what is being shared with you or can’t wait out to come out of the room when it’s over, here are few things you should not say during discussion.

  • But that is not my job description or it is not my responsibility.
  • You are evaluating me based on wrong goals.
  • I’m not paid to….
  • I need a bigger pay than what I have been offered.
  • I work harder than most of my colleagues.
  • You are wrong.
  • That mistake was not my fault.
  • I would like a transfer to a different department.
  • I think you’re being overly critical.
  • But that’s just who I am. You knew that when you hired me.
  • I quit!

Saying nothing is as bad as saying any of the above! If you feel that the feedback is unjustified then the best approach would be to say something like, “Thank-you for sharing the feedback. I need some time to consider it and maybe we can sit down again once I have studied it carefully.” Organizations, where Performance Management Systems are deployed, facilitate this line of interaction between the employee and their reviewer. In fact, if you use such software, make sure you have goal setting done and review it regularly with your reviewer, recording progress every time.


The extra time will help you to prepare your thoughts and put them into writing. Through a proper performance management system, you can channelize your performance review rebuttals to Human Resources.

Organizations that deploy good performance management review software can avoid the above-mentioned situations by showing the employee the review process, where it is in the pipeline and also facilitating the right kind of communication.