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Automation: The Key to easy Payroll processes

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Handling and maintaining the payroll of an organization is a complex procedure. It is certainly not an easy one as it involves a lot of processes and tasks which have to be carried out efficiently and in a timely manner.  Some of these task include executing manual data entry, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions.  Such tasks take up too much time and become tedious to execute.

For a company with a good employee strength, manual handling of payroll becomes a major concern and leads to various complexities. So, is it possible to make your payroll process smoother, accurate, and easier?  With automation, you can  systematize such chores that involve a lot of mundane work and increase probability of errors and risks.

Let’s find out how automation can ease the roll of payroll process and can be a valuable asset to your organization.

Safety of the employee records

A key benefit of automating the payroll process is that most of the automation software systems provide the option to back up your data as well. They offer the  flexibility to keep the employee information safe either with their cloud-based solution or an off-site backup solution. This is in contrast with the manual payroll where the data is stored physically or in the form of different files in an unorganized manner.

Improved recordkeeping with less clutter

Automation software systems make it easy for HR professionals to feed data to the system about new recruits or update data about older ones without creating any fuss. The process is significantly streamlined and since the data has to be fed to the system just once, the task of repetitive data input is eliminated.

Minimal human interaction and mistakes

In contrast to a manual payroll processing, the automated software system needs minimal human interaction . This greatly reduces the risk of miscalculations. Human interaction is needed just to feed data about various aspects once in a while.

Helps in Time Management

A major advantage of the automated system is the ease with which it calculates the working periods, leaves, etc. If an employee uses swipe cards or badges which are scanned, the data can be directly transferred to these systems and they can automatically calculate the total number of hours worked and accordingly generate the payslip. The important part is the accuracy with which these systems can calculate and manage all of these.

Managing statutory compliances needs

Another pain point for the HR professionals is the calculation of the payment amount for each employee and taking care of various deductions and statutory compliances at the same time. This is the process which has no scope of errors or else employees can raise a complaint or there can be other repercussions. Also, since it involves a lot of calculations various aspects has to be kept into mind. Automated software systems do this job with and take the minimal amount of time in doing so.

Hence, in conclusion, automation can drastically improve this aspect of the HR work in a company which is typically a very time-consuming process. If you’re interested, HR-One offers a payroll  management software which takes care of all of these aspects discussed and reduce the workload of HR professionals.

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