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Still using excel sheets for processing payroll? Be careful

The time when there just used to be enterprise software and the manual pen and paper method; the idea of maintaining spreadsheets became the popular norm. The cloud HR and payroll software were not there and enterprise-based software were very costly.

Hence, back then, it was alright to work with excel as it was the best and most feasible option for many businesses. But now, it is may not be the best tool for payroll calculation.

However, if you are a business who still relies on excel sheets for processing payroll, there may be the following beliefs restraining you from investing in an HR and Payroll software.

Let us take a look at them and know the truth.

Excel sheet can process payroll the right way. A software is not really needed.

Ask a payroll manager and he will tell you the real plight. You need to add one row after the other. On top of that, formulas and rules have to be remembered thoroughly. One wrong click has the calibre to destroy the whole of your payroll sheet. It has to be done with extreme vigilance and attention. One small error and the chaos and errors raise so much that your organisation may get hit with penalties.

Excel is very simple and it is exactly what my business needs. We don’t need automation.

If you are a small organisation, excel may seem to be all fun. However, as the headcount of the company rise, you will realise how difficult it is. Also, the statutory compliance keeps on changing and with it, the calculation keeps getting all the more cumbersome.

The cloud-based payroll software has all the statutory laws updated in it. Also, it can be integrated with modules like that of attendance. This automates the calculation and entry of data as well. This results in error-free and timely payroll management.

Excel can be used by anyone, using a software will require training.

Using an HR and payroll management software is really easy and advance excel may be tricky. Prior to processing payroll, you have to know the right procedure to do it. Otherwise, things will go haywire. However, payroll software does most of the work on its own. Even if you are an expert in running excel, know that on an average, it takes more than seven days more to process a payroll via excel in comparison to a payroll management software.

The most common errors that happen when payroll is processed using Excel are related to data entry, copy-paste, wrong formulae, double entry and formats. They may go unnoticed and may lead to penalties for the company.

So, it is best to move past the Excel and choose a reliable HR and payroll software for better, faster, efficient, and easier payroll management.

Initiate the change today!

Employee Engagement Tool

8 Latest Ideas To Celebrate Diwali At Your Workplace

Yes, DIWALI is around the corner and there is not much time left for the festivities to begin. The time when we all are quite excited to dress and look our ethnic best. This festival is also the time when the family, friends  & neighbours gather for the feast and to share the beautiful bonding.

Diwali is not just a close family affair, it’s a gala. A great time to nurture office relationships too, as workplaces are just like their second homes.

We agree offices are supposed to be a place where employees need to put their time and skills to best use. But, how about giving a skip to the routine for a day? Diwali calls for a grand celebration at offices also! Let’s us look at these fresh Diwali celebration ideas to have a little more “JOY”.

Organise Fun contests- You can have a fortune cookie related session for all the employees. If not fortune cookies, use pistachio. Make it even more fun by giving them a task to do in it like speak something about your favourite colleague. Organise a Diwali related quiz. You can also ask them to complete the sentences with a funnier version of Ramayana Dialogues with “If this were said now!”. There can be thali decorating, Diya making, rangoli competition, and bay decorations also. Lantern making can also be fun.

Get some Henna artists- We bet women will love this surprise more than the chocolates. Bring a bunch of henna artists and see their faces lit up with glee and hands filled with beauteous Mehandi designs.

Find volunteers for office decoration-
Use flowers and organic colours and other handicrafts and traditionally printed clothes for the decoration. Don’t burst crackers. Instead of that light some candles or Diyas at the areas where there is no risk of fire. Doing decoration is an activity that requires a bunch of people. So, this reinforces your team coordination activities.

Best Ethnic Wear Contest- This goes without saying but you can surely arrange a competition for the employees. After all who doesn’t like to dress up? You can also have a ramp walk session, articulate a question for the final round and ask them to show a small piece of their talent (it can include dancing, singing, mimicry, or acting etc.) The one who wins gets a beautiful crown and the title. (the titles can go like Miss. Diva,etc.)

Make them groove- After the employees are done with decoration. Either call a Dholwala or play some music inside your office. Pep the party up with the musical chair game.

Have a fun photo booth- You can also create a photo booth area, wherein, you can keep various props like a big moustache a big crown, wigs, and praying beads etc. Employees can click photos here and also put their Instagram accounts to best use with boomerangs and superzooms.

Potluck or free lunch? You choose-
You can organise a potluck or take their day’s lunch on yourself. Everyone loves to hog on some delectable food, so make your employees enjoy the feast.

Make each employee do a good deed-
Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil. Ask every employee to never see an evil act or person suppress the good act or person. Stand for what is right and never be the one being evil to anyone. Moreover, a good deed like donating your old clothes to orphanage can be a great idea to light the faces of those who don’t have parents have the festive vibe. I would suggest you collect some amount and rather buy some new clothes.

Giving away gifts to each employee the typical way like a box of sweets, chocolates, alongwith some other items of necessity is quite bygone. Better to give them gifts along with a shopping voucher. Reimagine the way you celebrate Diwali at your workplace. Take a cue from the aforementioned Diwali celebration ideas, experience what increased employee engagement rate can do for your business.

Payroll Services for Small Business

Payroll errors cost you a lot more than money. Read this

Payroll is probably the most error-prone HR task. The HR needs to have a hawk’s eye so that the payroll is error free. But, it is quite unrealistic to expect a human to not commit errors, especially when the number of employees is above 50. After all, there are many things that need to be taken into account while calculating the payment of each employee like the employee records, leaves, absences, working hours etc.

Thus, it is important to use payroll services for small business and large business that offers impeccable compliance with tax and deducts the right amount. So, here is how payroll errors cost your business not just money but a lot more.

Hamper the productivity of employees

When any payroll error occurs, the first thing you do is get it corrected. The process can take a couple of minutes to hours. The situation gets worse when you do it manually. The employee file, you would want to see, may have been lost or misplaced by then. Then the time consumed can extend upto days. Not just the HR but the employee’s time will also go in vain. This will hamper the productivity of the employees.

Penalties for committing errors

There are many repercussions and penalties that you may have to pay if you do not comply with payroll. Even a single error can cost your business a lot, so why to make your business prone to it in the first place? Late tax submission, incorrect amount payment, or erroneous employee details- these are just a sneak peek to what payroll errors can lead to. Misclassifying an employee can also cost your business a lot.

Loss of employee trust

Employees trust their employer; they expect the employer to credit the right salaries to their account without any errors every time on time. So, when the employer fails to meet the expectation of the employees, they start losing trust and even get demotivated. This can affect productivity and attendance, both of the employees.

Additional recruitment costs

If the error is major, the employee may decide to start looking for a job change. When he will find one, he will leave. Searching for his replacement will add on to your recruitment costs unnecessarily.

While large companies may be embracing such software, Payroll services for small business are still considered to be an unnecessary expenditure. But now that you know how much payroll errors can cost you. Whether your organisation is small, medium or large, time, money and employees are valuable for each one of you. So, it’s always better late than never, deploy a robust payroll software today and stay assured of no errors ever again!

Recruitment Management Software

Make 9 to 5 the “Happy Hour” to get more productive and loyal workforce

They say happy employees are the most productive. Undoubtedly, they are. Nonetheless, it’s been years of contemplation and research, no one has yet been able to find that perfect recipe for employee happiness. Some say it’s the pick and drop facility, some say it is an understanding manager, some believe happiness comes down just to great compensation, and for some, it is free food, drinks, gifts, parties etc.

What if I say none of these is? Don’t be surprised, nothing solely out of these can be the only way for employee happiness. But then what else does? No, calm down! We aren’t asking you to give away free drinks or pop a champagne bottle at work. By happy hours we mean make working hours such that employee love working and staying at the workplace instead of seeing at the clock tick-tocking and waiting for their mandatory office hours to complete.

Surely, the aforementioned points constitute some part of employee happiness but the whole story has a lot more to it. So, let us see how you can collectively contribute to a happier workplace. In turn, the same will lead to greater employee retention and productivity. So, let us begin.

A little praise can go a long way- Agreed that appraisal matters, but recognition matters too. Recognizing the efforts of your workforce is really important. This doesn’t always have to come in the form of money. You may be in love with the work of that new hire, but will he ever get to know that? Certainly not, at least not till the time you let him know that straight up. Appreciate the effort of an employee in front of the team and see how happy it makes him. Recognition can do wonders, practice it more.

Set realistic deliverables- Work-life balance is what matters a lot to the employees. Likewise, productivity rather the quality of work is what matters the most to you. To achieve this, just like HRs use recruitment management software, managers need to use project management software. In order to see the productivity percentage of the employees, you should give them just the right amount of work so that neither quality of work nor the work-life balance gets compromised.

Avoid behaving like a strict school teacher- You as a senior may have more experience and knowledge with you and out of concern you may be trying to guide your team members at every step they take. However, it isn’t always the right thing to do. The same comes in the way of creativity. Don’t treat them like kids, they are adults. Give them the autonomy to work. Let them make mistakes (wherever there is scope). Let them learn things themselves and guide, rectify them thereafter.

Mutual respect is all they seek- Harmony, mutual respect, colleague motivation and positive environment is all that employees seek. Promote group activities, conduct workshops and games to make employee relations even more cordial. Make sure no employee (whether junior or senior) is impolite to another.

So the bottom line is to keep your employees engaged and foster a culture of happy workplaces.

Recruitment Management Software

5 Horrible mistakes you’re making with Recruitment Management Software

Most companies who buy HR software in India centralize and mobilize their workforce and the company overnight starts to fix their broken pieces. Employees learn to put payroll, attendance, leave and other personal data entry into the software smoothly and are very well integrated into the system. The HR teams handling of the employees and their related issues are much streamlined and are mostly automated. But one thing that most companies neglect with passing time is the importance of the recruitment software. The recruiters are blessed with this software but unfortunately; it is observed that it is not used up to its potential. So here are few mistakes that recruiters make while using recruitment management software.

  1. Under operating the ATS (applicant tracking system)

With HR automation the recruiting department is streamlined with the opening and closing of jobs but limiting the use of recruitment software only as a resume storehouse and job posting program is not enough. Vigorous reporting should assist you to track cost per hire; time to hire and duplicate profiles can be detected which helps you improve processes.

  1. Not integrating the recruitment management software with social media

Today’s applicants are increasingly finding jobs through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and so on. Integrate your HR software with various social network by giving candidates direct social sign-in, rather asking their email ids. Enterprises can raise their global existence with this tool as it increases social reach due to social channel integrations.

  1. Not being able to tap ATS’s optimized mobile device access

A majority of the applicants interact on the social media platforms using mobile job search applications so it is important that your job listings are mobile friendly, as well. After the implementation of the recruitment management software, most company’s employees fail to compile it with their respective mobile phones. The workers should take out time to optimize their basic features configured if not done at the time of implementation of the software.

  1. Not saving enough money when you can

The software helps you to take quick decision and right talent acquisition with half the cost but sometimes not paying attention to your recruiting repository might end up in unfulfilled positions and added opportunity cost. To refrain from committing this unwanted cost escalation the recruiter must be attentive and should have hands-on knowledge of using HR software to its maximum benefit. Right hiring helps company in moving ahead happily and monumentally.

The above-mentioned loopholes that are committed by the human resource team by neglecting this power tool are invisible to the companies but if corrected can streamline the basics of the company, making it work smarter and in timely fashion.

Attendance Management Software

Is PTO (paid time off) rush impacting your business goals? Read this…

Your employees keep on accumulating their earned leaves balance year after year. As they are tempted to use all or half of them at once. But when more and more of your employees start going on vacations, it becomes a problem for your business; it starts getting impacted.

Don’t worry we have a solution for this as well. Take a quick look at this blog to know the ways to let employees enjoy their vacations without putting restrictions on them using an attendance management software.

Stay arranged

While you should allow them to take their PTOs, you should always have a system in place. Make sure an employee informs you a month before that he would be on so and so days leaves. However, if he has casual sick leave balance, he can avail that as and when he requires as sickness can’t really be anticipated. It is also very essential to define the PTO limit. If you will not do so, just imagine how the scenario would be. Management would be hard for you then. Have a procedure in place for everything. You may use a robust attendance management solution for crediting the right amount and marking the leaves but it cannot chase people on its own for you. If the policies will not be in place, your business will definitely suffer.

Authorize managers

Not just HRs but managers also should be able to access the necessary tools to have a substitute for the person going. They can even get some more important work done by the employee on a priority basis etc. Also, instead of maintaining everything in a spreadsheet, it is way wiser to use an attendance management software and asking the managers to filter the leave requests. This will lessen the burden of HR.

Make the environment happier

Appreciate the employees who are making it to the office daily even in the scorching heat or spine-chilling winters. Organise a potluck, order breakfasts, have team lunches and other fun activities. Take them to a picnic on Fridays. (at least once a month) You basically need to figure out what makes your workforce want to come back to the office daily.

Offer flexibility

Focus more on project reports and performance of the employees rather than making them sit in the office and complete the fixed working hours. Have a fair work policy in place and motivate employees to sort their PTO schedules according to one another, instead of all of them vanishing altogether.

The Way Forward

Managers must ask the employee taking PTOs to make sure he gives every material required from his end. The work of other teammates should not suffer because of his absence in office. Moreover, if not on vacay, and the person is working from home, make sure you have all the necessary conferencing tools in place and a good network connection for a hassle-free communication.

Study By Nielsen Reveals What New-Gen Expects From Its 1st Workplace

Study By Nielsen Reveals What New-Gen Expects From Its 1st Workplace

This goes beyond fair compensation!

Millennials- The new gen doesn’t go by the traditional norms at all. For anything and everything, the first thing they turn up to is the Internet. So, even before they appear for an interview they will check the website, google reviews, scan social media channels, glassdoor etc. But they don’t solely rely on online sources. They trust a mix of offline and online sources.

Thus, apart from internet, they also take advice of friends, and family.

They research extensively and this clearly shows how concerned they are about the organisation they are thinking of beginning their careers with. Yes, they don’t have the experience with them but you cannot consider it as a con. They are a pool of young brains filled with new ideas, untouched by the traditional ways of getting the job done.

So, if you want to make use of the young brain power optimally, here are some of the excerpts from the Nielsen study alongwith our recommendations.

Let’s begin.

  • Growth and advancement opportunities- According to the Nielsen survey, apart from the salary benefits 44% of this generation seeks the opportunity to learn and grow more than anything else. This sets the foundation of their career, so they want to join an organisation that can enhance their existing skills and make them realise their hidden talent alongwith new learnings. They also want to see a career path for a long-term association with the organisation.


  • Work- life balance- 43% consider work-life balance as an important factor. The generation is more like the ones that believe in work smart and party hard. They are quite impulsive, outspoken and social. As much as they want to perform well at work, they also want to enjoy their personal life. For instance, they are more likely to opt a company that is 5 days working.


  • Fair and right treatment– 41% say they will take employee treatment into consideration before joining a company. This may be because millennials are more apprehensive of the way they will be treated more because its their first job. We recommend you to bring in the notice of such candidates to use a performance appraisal software. This will reassure them of the warm and welcoming culture of your organisation.


  • Sense of making a difference-30% say they want to know the bigger picture as to how their contribution is helping the organisation.


Other factors that impact the choice of the future talent are-

  • 77% said that they will love to work for an organisation that contributes to a positive and social environment impact.


  • 48% said they will prefer an MNC, 22% are open to a company’s footprint, and 28% said that they will prefer domestic companies.


  • The decision of this generation to join a company is more likely to be influenced by discussion with friends, family and colleagues (34%), the website of the company (32%), discussions with the existing employees of the company (29%), company career sites (26%) and search engines (26%).


The main motto of the young generation is to stay proactive in their organisation, let their ideas spur and speak their hearts and minds out. In search of an environment like so, they become  extremely vigilant of the first organisation they join. Hence, company reputation, work culture and perks play an important role. Do you have what it takes to attract a young worthful resource to your place? Make a checklist of what you have and what you don’t have. Thereafter, work upon things that need improvement and get ready to charm the best pool of fresh talent to your company.

Project Management Solutions

How to make your project meetings more fruitful than ever

Meetings are important, very very important! As a manager, you know you just cannot manage things all alone. Given that, you have a team working with you towards a specific goal, you need to know what everyone is up to i.e the progress of the tasks they have been assigned. But is the agenda of every meeting limited to just that?

Certainly not. The meetings can also help you in motivating the team, and in return expecting better results. Infact, there are a lot of project management solutions out there to help you with that.

Take a look at this blog to know what can be done to pep up your meetings and make them more than just matching the to do checklist.

Invite Ideas- Your entire month’s meeting should revolve around the completion of a milestone for which you have set certain benchmarks throughout the month. Focus on getting them accomplished. Set smaller, realistic goals and timelines for the achievement of the bigger one. Also, don’t make meetings only about task completion, discuss with your teammates what else could be done for the accomplishment of the bigger goal. You would never get to know the hidden gem of your team, till the time you just pass on orders and do one-way communication.

Make agenda more purposeful- Everytime you hold a meeting, whether ad-hoc or pre-planned, let the team members prepare themselves for it. Let them give some suggestion on the situation. However, if the meeting is for the announcement of something great, let the meeting’s agenda be a surprise! Intimation of the purpose of the meeting saves you from seeing the blank faces, excuses and unpreparedness.

Keep a track of actions and decisions- Talking about the “minutes of meeting” here but not asking you to pass them on via emails. An even better way to do so is making the use of project management solutions optimally. If you want, you can float the mail, but don’t forget to add the tasks to the team mate’s dashboard and put comments, then and there.

Show them the progress- Being a good manager, you should strive to motivate employees to improve or perform even better. You can show them the progress using robust project management solutions. However, it is always better to look at the graphs yourself first.

Apart from this, to make meetings more effective, you also need to promote an environment of cooperation and problem-solving rather than the habit of putting the blame on each other.

Sitting in meetings and making other also sit in it without a goal bigger than checking deliverables is nothing less than underutilisation of time and your team. Change the way you have been holding meetings if you are doing it that way only. However, if you weren’t, then don’t shy away from suggesting tips to others in the comment section below.

Payroll Outsourcing Company

When payroll management becomes a cakewalk with HR-One

Payroll processing has never been easy. Be it processing monthly salaries or handling company’s year end requirements to consolidating error-free documents and reports. Luckily, we have one enterprise-ready software in place that enables you to view your employee data at ease and access all your HR-related information in minutes. With this software, it is easy to say goodbye to payroll inconsistencies. HR-One is such software that is just right for your business. With this software, you can give your employees a bird’s eye view of their leave status, provide quick links to apply for leaves, view and download payslips and declare their investments at any point of time.

Managing end-to-end payroll requirements

Create Multiple Pay Structures

Do you have hundreds or thousands of workforce and feel intimidated to make their pay structures? You can use HR-One software with which it is like a piece of cake to create pay structures for your workforce. This software provides you an automatic breakup of CTC.

Address Complex Payroll Calculations

Spending long hours on complex payroll calculations is a thing of passé . This software ensures that all you calculation logic is taken care of in a jiffy. So, for HR personnel HR-One is always on their top priority list.

Auto-Generate Reports

Reporting has never been this easier. With HRMS software, you can generate a variety of payroll and statutory reports with greater ease. This includes paysheets, PF, ESI statements, tax sheets at the click of a button.

Automate Your Payroll

No more spreadsheets or clunky software when you have this amazing software besides you. Your HR and admin team is working tirelessly to bring great talent on board and managing everything from end-to-end. So, it’s time to gift your business and your employees with an intuitive and simple payroll software. HR-One team has done all the smart work to give you an interface to run your payroll in just a few simple steps.

Configure Leaves based on Organisation Policies

Is your business based out of disparate locations? No worries. You can use this smart solution to configure location-based holiday and workweek calendars based on your organizational needs.

Automate Your Taxes

Every state has a different tax structure, but are these differences bothering you?  HR-One is a smart HRMS software that automatically updates all state-level payroll compliances. There is nothing to worry about payroll compliances  as (PF, PT, ESI and LWF) get calculated simultaneously.

Automatic Full and Final Settlement (FnF) Process

As HR folks initiate the F&F process, this HRMS intelligently calculates full and final payables and receivables for an employee.  Key payroll details such as yearly bonus, payable days, gratuity, leave encashment, medical and other details along with exit formalities are handles down easily and with great precision.

Help you store sensitive information

Your employees’ data is critical for managing the entire employment lifecycle. This smart and robust software helps you store both sensitive and professional information in an extremely secure manner.  As you expand your database, there is nothing to worry about storing and updating personal employee records.

Handling all facets of payroll task can really be a mundane job replete with complexities and errors. Being a robust and enterprise-ready software, HR-One is a software which helps you to stay on top on payroll tax regulations, lower risk of compliance, errors and penalties, and support your entire employee payroll life-cycle, from date of joining to full and final.

Should you be looking for a payroll outsourcing company that can help you mitigate all complexities in payroll management, then HR-One team is just a step away to meet you in person.