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Recruitment Management Software

3 Quick Tips to Hire a Candidate You Won’t Regret Hiring Ever

Success relies on finding the best fit for the job position and keeping him motivated to maximize the output. The best of candidates can turn out to be the worst of employees and vice versa.

Long story short, many times candidates don’t actually turn out to be as good as they were when you interviewed them. They had a pleasing personality, the right set of skills, experience and even said exactly what you wanted to hear only to make you realize later they are not what they pretended to be then.

Nonetheless, what is done cannot be undone, all that you can do now is read these quick tips to hire a candidate you won’t regret hiring ever. Take a look.

Pre-plan the interview process

One mistake most of the recruiters commit is not preparing well off in advance for the interview. No matter how many interviews you have taken as an HR or manager, it is not just the interviewee but the interviewer too who needs to prepare for the interview. The best practice is to have a list of questions, both general and profile related ready. This will help you greatly in analyzing the candidates you have interviewed without any chance of bias as you will asking the same set of questions to different interviewees.

Use recruitment management software

The software can make your work of finding the job seekers easy. An efficient software can get integrated with the careers page and the consultants can also be allowed access to the software. This helps in gathering a reliable database for screening the liked candidates. Moreover, the recruitment management software can also help you mark the status of applications as rejected, put on hold, shortlisted or selected. These functions along with many others help you in handling the hiring process in the best manner possible.

Remember your instincts aren’t always right

The notion of following your instinct has been hyped all over more than it should have been. Let me tell you this, in an interview, it isn’t your gut feeling but the skills of the interviewee required for the job profile that should matter or overrule. No instinct or experience should influence your choice, It is way better to rely on the tests you have taken like the aptitude and the skill test one than to rely on the resume solely. A person might be very confident and having good communication skills as well. But would that be of any use if he is screening for a profile that demands something else? No! So, skills are what you should always hunt for. Sometimes, the one you are skeptical about turns out to be the better one.

The Final Takeaway

Most of the companies follow a typical process of filtering candidates based on their resume, a telephonic interview, followed by face-to-face rounds. Ideally, in order to save time and screen only the best ones, a skill test should be conducted initially. This way you will get a finer pool of candidates to analyze further.

HR Software

How HR-One Mitigates Your Recruitment Challenges Effectively?

The entire recruitment process is quite cumbersome. You have to find the right candidates, screen them, select the right fit, all of that while sticking to the budget. Apart from this, there are also many other tasks that need to be done on time. We consider HR-One amongst one of the best HRMS software in that regard. It eases the recruitment process in multifarious ways. Let’s look further to know some of those ways.

Consultant Portal

For recruiting the best candidate, HRs need support. While having a recruitment software simplifies the work, it cannot find the candidates for the job position itself. Hence, the assistance of a recruitment consultant is required to find the most appropriate candidate fastly. The software allows you to integrate it with the consultant portal to broaden your search horizon. You can share the open vacancies with the consultant and they can upload the resumes directly on the software instead of sending you emails every now and then.

Candidate Portal

Many candidates land up to the careers page of your website. Without HR-One, you will have to check the emails and entries received again and again. Due to this, some emails might even get unnoticed or to the spam folder. With one of the best HRMS software like HR-One, you can let the candidate login and update his or her CV. This also helps the HR in having a data of potential candidates for various job profiles.

Extend Offer

After harnessing the recruitment module of HR-One optimally, you can choose the right candidate easily after conducting the interview. By using the software, you can easily input the required data in the set offer letter template and extend the offer to the hire. Infact, a comprehensive CTC breakup can also be generated using a standardized payment method for every employee grade. This clear communication will make things easier for the new joiner.

Pre-onboarding Engagement-

It is very crucial to keep the candidate who has accepted the job offer engaged to stop his mind from wandering to other options. The best way to keep the candidates engaged is to keep them engaged in Background Verification Check, and other document details. Also, to make them already feel like they are a part of your company, you can send them anniversary, festival or birthday wishes and news and tips related to their work.

The Final Takeaway

Remember, an HR software, no matter how good, cannot solely do the task of hiring the best. It is very essential to have a balance between automation and human interaction. If the interview would not be planned and executed properly, it will lead to poor experience for both the interviewee and the interviewer. So, select the best HRMS software for your company but don’t compromise on the interview process ever!

Help Desk Management Software

Feel The Freedom: Celebrate Independence Day Everyday at Work

Why celebrate Independence Day only on a day and not everyday? As an employer, think about your workforce– Are they really independent? Are your policies and work environment allowing them to feel the freedom in the true sense? Are they really free to voice their opinions at the office? Are they able to work according to their terms while complying with rules set by you? Are your work policies flexible enough or are they too rigid?

We are celebrating 72nd year of Independence in India tomorrow and are a democratic country since 1950. But what is the use of all of this, when the populace still cannot feel free and just be themselves, especially at the workplace?

Office-goers invest most of the time at their offices and it is much like their second home. Think again! Isn’t it quintessential to make their second home actually feel like one?

Certainly. So, let us take a look at some of the ways to fulfill the pledge we have been taking since so many years on Independence Day. Let’s support our employees, make them grow and shun whatever is obstructing their Independence. Take a look.

Freedom to voice their opinions-

Just like different people have different opinions, different employees have different opinions too. For example, some of them would want to take a single break during the whole day and some would like to take three small ones during the day. Even if the same doesn’t align with your work policies, listen. Do you know how good you can make an employee feel just by listening to his concern? Trust me, it makes a world of difference. However, if there are many employees working under you, listening to all of them might hamper the other tasks you are supposed to do. Help Desk Management software can be used to let the employees raise tickets. Their concerns and complains all can be heard and taken actions upon that way.

Freedom to make selections-

As they say, along with responsibility should come equal authority. It is very important to give employees the power to make decisions and select the best. Whether it is about selecting a candidate for their team or taking small decisions related to their work, give them the power to take those decisions. Infringing every now and then for the little things isn’t really a good practice. Let them take the not so prominent decisions and become more responsible.

Freedom to be creative and innovative-

A business can only surpass its competition when it is either doing things differently or offering something different. Both require your employees to be creative and innovative. So, let them have the freedom to do their work differently and think differently. Allow them to flow their creative juices, you never know what can work in the favor of your business. Stop following the traditional ways to perform tasks.

Do whatever it takes to bring freedom to your organization. Our forefathers have fought for the Independence years back; don’t let their sacrifices go vain. Introduce an environment of freedom, inclusion, respect, and diversity in your office today. Also, strove to maintain and improve it even more regularly. Use workforce management, help desk management software or whatever it takes to reinforce freedom into your organization.

Let’s enjoy freedom in its true sense!

HR Software

Are You Really Using The Best HR Software For Your Company?

The biggest question surrounding the minds of potential and existing HRMS users is- are they actually using the best HR software?

Well, to that we would say, it depends. What the best means to you? Do you believe Google, your peers, or your own analysis? Whatever your answer to this may be, all we are trying to say here is that the definition of best differentiates from person to person.

However, doing a little research about it and meeting a few of the companies for their software demo should be done. It is only then that you can tell which HR software is the best. According to us, the best software would be the one that caters to your business specific needs in the best way possible.

Still unable to find the answer? Here are some modules for you to analyze the HR software you have or are considering to buy. Take a look.

Basic HR tools– What an HR software is without the basic HR tools? So, first of all, you should see if the software you are using or planning to try has the tools that are quintessential for the HR department to increase its efficiency. These tools are payroll, attendance, helpdesk and more. These tools help in automating the work that consumes most of the time of the HR department. When attendance is integrated with a biometric, the attendance gets updated automatically and the payroll tool also fetches the information from there. This saves ample time of the HR team thereby leaving them with a lot of time to manage the workforce and hire new talent.

Workforce management tools– This is a great add-on! If you want to add this module keeping in mind the large workforce you have, it can be of great help. These tools can help you in managing the employee database. Moreover, it helps the employees in applying for leaves and regularisations. When the employees can get most of the queries solved or answered through the software, the work of HRs lessens automatically. A tool that can help you manage your workforce, assign them tasks is the best.

Performance management tools– The performance management tool is also a great module to add on to the software. It will let you analyze the performance of the employees. This will help you in giving the deserved appraisal amount to the employees and in avoiding any conflict or disagreement as well.

The three modules are the ones which we feel can cater to most of the HR needs. However, you may have other requirements depending on your industry type. For instance, if you have a Business Development team, the travel module and attendance feature along with the benefit of Geo-tracking would be of extreme importance. Don’t fall for every company’s demo, they will make you look at the best of the software always. In the end, it’s your company and you who needs to decide. So, choose wisely!

Expense Management Software

Here’s How to Manage Employee Expenses Without Paperwork

Managing business expenses is one of the most mundane jobs. Especially, when you have a large workforce, you have lot many other things also to look after and manage. There is payroll, attendance, recruitment, asset management and much more. All of that becomes more and more complex with a continuously increasing workforce. In such a situation, automation is the best way to manage employee expenses. Otherwise, a significant amount of your time will get wasted in calculating such expenses; doing everything manually will certainly hamper the working of the employees and admin and HR departments.

In this blog, we tell you how an expense management software can help you in mitigating all the aforementioned concerns. Take a look.

Define and Configure Policies-

You can easily define all your employee expense related policies in the software. The maximum claim limit for marriage, medi claim, business promotion, data card, mobile, and conveyance can also be mentioned in the policies for each employee grade. This will mitigate any confusion as whenever an employee will have some doubt, he can read the policies thereby reducing HR and frequent admin room visits.

Quick Approvals and Reimbursements-

It also becomes easy for employees to claim expenses. They can add what they are claiming for- local conveyance or some other expenses. As soon as the employee will add the expense, a notification will go straight up to the concerned authority. He can look at it, approve it quickly and reimburse the claim according to the reimbursement cycle.

Paperless expense reporting-

Why use paper when you can switch to digital paperless records? The receipts can be uploaded from anywhere and anytime. No manual input or maintenance of paper records is required; paperless digital expense management makes everything from claiming to reimbursement hassle-free. One can create, track, submit, capture, and apply for expenses with ease.

Make categories-

The employee expenses can also be categorized. For instance, you can give employees the option of expense claims like local conveyance or other expenses. Within the local conveyance option, sub-options like the vehicle used, distance traveled etc. can be given. Moreover, under other expense tab marriage, mobile, data card, business promotion options can be given while mentioning the claim frequency. Basically, the software can be tailor-made according to your business requirements.

Increase the visibility, control, fasten the process, and reduce paperwork substantially. Use expense management software to manage employee expenses and improve the overall productivity of your business today!

HR Payroll Software

Not using an HR Payroll Software? You are missing on these…

Business owners have to manage a lot. They wear different hats throughout the day. Infact, if a business person is not a jack of all trades, he cannot run his business smoothly. However, when there is so much already for the owner to supervise and manage, errors are bound to happen. While some errors can be overlooked some can cause a great loss to the business. Such are the errors related to money matters.

Hence, it becomes quintessential for the business, whether big or small, to have an automation software that can ease the management and accounting tasks. A payroll software can help you with the same greatly. However, if you still haven’t deployed an HR payroll software, here is what you are missing on. Take a look.

Staying compliant always

Adhering to each and every state law is difficult, they keep on changing. Also, if your business operates in various locations, you have to remember every law and work accordingly. A slight mistake can cause a great loss. An HRMS can help you in staying compliant to all the labor, employment laws at the time of salary calculation and tax deductions. Whether it is Gratuity, Employee State Insurance (ESI), Bonus, Labour Welfare Fund (LWF), provident fund (PF), you can rest assured. However, without it, you are always prone to making mistakes.

Accurate processing of salary

The salary is processed after keeping in mind the legislative laws, and the investment declaration plan of the new joinees. It also manages arrears, bonuses, leaves, leaves balance and every other aspect affecting the salary. It is only after that, that the software processes the salary. Without it, you will have tiresome days at work and errorsome salary processions.

Managing reimbursements & claims easily

Traveling to different cities and countries for converting prospects into business clients would be quite common for them. Without HR software, you would be entangled always in coordinating with them. You would not be able to take advantage of the hassle-free reimbursement of the amount they have claimed. With a software, your personnel can upload their hotel bills, traveling bills or ask the company to book all of that according to the policies and their preferences.

Handling year-end tasks smartly

Year end is undoubtedly a busy time for businesses. While an HR software can help you with that, not having one will make it hard for you to make tax slips, employee wise rejection reports, query status reports, daily proof submission status reports and much more.

Clearly, if you don’t have an HR payroll software, you are wasting a significant amount of time in calculating and processing the salaries. Doing all this, only to find out some errors later and wasting another couple of hours in finding the error and correcting it. So, it’s better to not to miss out on a software that can help you save so much of your time and money. Don’t want to miss out these benefits? It’s simple, reach out to a enterprise-ready HR payroll software like HR-One today!

HR Software Cost

Unleashing Factors Dictating HR Software Costs

The pricing of every software depends on various factors. However, it is not necessary that every business owner will know the right price he should be paying for a particular software. The demand for HR software is rising at an exponential rate as more and more companies are realizing its importance lately. The software saves a lot of time and money for your business definitely but what if you are paying more than you should for the software you are using? Isn’t that a sheer wastage of money?

In this article, we will explain the complex HR software costs so that you pay just the right amount. Although, number of users, kind of modules and on-premise or cloud play a critical part on deciding the pricing of an HR software. There are various other factors that determine the price of software, which can also help you make a decision. These include:


Depending on your industry needs, you may wish to integrate HRMS with third-party tools or other valuable modules. Integrations allow you to expand the feature of your software by enhancing its value. So, this remains one of the most deciding factors too when pricing of HR software is to be fixed.

Technical assistance

Troubleshooting technical issues can become a hassle for your business while implementing a new software. Be ready to question your vendor that the HR software you are intending to purchase offers some type of technical support, whether it’s through a helpdesk, or user guides and tutorials to troubleshoot any challenges that come up. You should ask them in advance as to how often you can reach their customer care through chat or phone if any issues crop up.

There can be a number of factors that can influence the pricing of an HRMS. In a recent research, it was found that the price of HR software wasn’t a factor that dissuaded HR professionals from making a purchase. It clearly means that a challenge in buying HRMS  isn’t the price of the system alone but different factors altogether. This is further triggered by the lack of transparency when it comes to discovering what you will need to pay.

The need of the hour is to implement HR software to ease the burden of HR professionals and business users alike. Not because it is something everybody is doing, but because it completely transforms the way the entire business operates. No one wants to purchase a system that cost a fortune.

With the advancement of HRMS cloud, the pricing of key business systems has drastically changed. You no longer have to pay heavily. Instead, you can opt to pay lower as per the subscription and plan.

Check out the HR software costs to identify the best HR software solution which can meet your cost and strategic requirements.

HR Software Company in Noida

How HRMS is driving change in the modern day workplace?

Finding the best and the right talent continues to be one of the top priorities of companies to propel growth. And, hence talent acquisition leaders are leveraging technology to re-design the role of recruiters for more strategic partnership. With great efforts and money invested in the talent acquisition market, the recruiters today can access technology and can benefit that has not been experienced before. So, how are intelligent technologies transforming talent acquisition technology stacks?

A recruiter’s job today is not just about driving the recruitment process but they are also expected to spot the right talent for the right job in the right time framework. To do this in today’s competitive talent marketplace, a recruiter must become the advocate of the company’s brand. A company that has a well articulated HR software in the marketplace is at an advantage. Communicating what you have to offer, and what makes your workplace an excellent place to work is critical to retaining talent.

How and where do you start?

The most monotonous and mundane tasks can be easily streamlined, automated and efficiently managed.  Here’s how HRMS is impacting the processes in HR and driving the change at the modern workplace.

Imagine a system recommending at least four to five candidates with a maximum number of chance of getting hired. Recruitment managers no longer have to manually find, source and screen applicants from hundreds of candidates.They can rely on HR software which can source from multiple sources which includes Job boards, Social Media, etc.,


HRMS can help to keep a regular touch point with a new candidate joining the company. You can streamline the process of onboarding and facilitate the employee to go for the effortless process of joining with many of the aspects of onboarding being automated.

Learning and Development

HR in collaboration with respective managers often decide the learning curve of employees.  Using HRMS, employees can be recommended as the best learning courses. The advantage of using these HRMS in Noida is to personalize learning based on a person’s profile, job experience, past learning patterns and skills needed to go an extra mile in the job.

Managing attendance, time and leave  

In today’s time recording attendance has drastically moved from manual register to biometrics, to mobile apps to even facial recognition to capture accurate time and attendance. Technology tools like HRMS ease the experience for both employees as well as managers. Companies using such technologies have seen significant time savings.

There are a range of functions that HRMS can be put to use. Helping employees to submit their investment declaration, download payslips, view personal records, view performance evaluation tab and so much more. It also empowers employees to mark attendance while on the go with geo-attendance functionality and perform 40+ request from a single dashboard.  Should you be finding the best HRMS software company in Noida? Contact us for a free demo.

IT assets management software

How can IT assets management software add value to your business?

Undoubtedly, it is hard for a business to function without using IT assets. In fact, it is impossible to grow or even function properly without the use of hardware & software. The usage of the same becomes all the more inevitable when you have a large team working under you. But there are humongous of assets then, and keeping a track of all of these and managing each one of them is much like an unnecessarily added burden. Even if your company has a BYOD policy, there are assets like headphones, pen drives, USBs and phones etc. that you assign to your employees.

But have you ever been able to maintain a track of that manually without an error?  Even if you have, hasn’t that continually kept you haunted of theft fear, the inclusion of ghost assets etc?

Moreover, just imagine the amount of time that goes vain that way!

Hence, instead of bringing your guessing game on and committing mistakes every now and then it is a wise decision to opt for any reliable asset management software from India. With that being said, let us take a look at some of the ways in which the IT assets management software can add value to your business and help it thrive.

Saves time & eliminates errors– The automation of this hassle-some task already speaks volumes about the amount of time it would save. It allows the user to create an inventory and maintain it. Not just this, it becomes really easy to assign the asset or reassign it to someone else. The software also makes it easy to check the status of every asset in your company across different locations. The same also eliminates ghost assets entry which occurs many times when the data is maintained manually.

Increases efficiency–  The efficiency increases right from the time you start using an HRMS software as there are no errors and the time saved is used in doing some other productive tasks for the growth of the business. Also, whenever a new employee joins it becomes easy for the company to give him access to the software he may need and assign the hardware (Laptop, desktop, pen drive, phone etc.) he requires to begin with. The concerned person doesn’t need to go through a pile of papers, he can easily check which assets are free and where are they. Thereby, making the new joinee work as soon as possible instead of sitting idle.

Reduces maintenance cost–  A lot of cost goes in maintaining the assets. In fact, it saves you from over-maintenance and low maintenance as well. The low maintenance can lead to your business personnel not being able to work at all or not to his fullest potential which may affect the productivity greatly and cost you a fortune in the long run. Also, over-maintenance is itself a waste of money. Hence, by analyzing which hardware is used how much, it ascertains the lifecycle and tells you the frequency at which a particular asset requires some maintenance.

Eases management– Managing assets becomes as smooth as butter as it saves your business  from theft fears, double entry and what not. Not just the aforementioned points prove the same but the fact that it keeps the user notified when the software needs renewal or hardware needs maintenance is also a great boon to the admin personnel of every company.

Increased productivity, reduced cost, eased management and more time in making other strategic decisions- What more can you expect from an asset software? Don’t think much, get an asset management software from India and automate the asset management and start tracking today!

Travel Management Software

Manage Business Travel end-to-end with HR-One

Your business relationship is quite similar to an institution of marriage. Till the time, you- the employer and the employee won’t give your 100% percent to each other, the chances of your relationship being fruitful and long-term are scarce.

Let us explain you how. The employees especially, your Business Development team has to travel across seas, mountains, and boundaries to make your business grow. After all how do you get your clients? Through them. Hence, it is clear that it is not till the time they put all of their efforts into the client meeting that you get business.

However, in return, they also expect the same amount of effort from your end. They expect you to reimburse their expenses quickly, pay them in advance and what not. Basically, more or less, they want you to make their business travel experience a cakewalk. Alas! Let’s accept it! You fail to keep the employees happy in that regard. No worries! Travel management software can change the game for you by handling this end-to-end. Let’s see how.

Travel planning– Make Travel policies, customize them and set travel expense claim limits according to the grade of the employee with greater ease. With HR-One employees can raise requests and the admin personnel can book the tickets according to their preferences. A comprehensive policy list can also be made. Moreover, the employees can set their preferences for hotel, flight or train according to the claim limit for their grade.

Expense management- Delineate approval matrix for claims/ reimbursements, facilitate employees with the option of self-service and get reports and analytics in a click. It is easy for the employees and the employers to claim and reimburse the amount respectively. The employees can check the status of their requests and send reminder emails without any hassle.

Travel desk- Manage travel, boarding requests and share the booking details swiftly using the travel desk. The travel management software allows you to make detailed travel itineraries. Accept the requests, book the tickets according to the grade and share the details with the employee. Liberate them from the added task of booking the tickets and place to stay themselves and later claiming the amount from you.

The Final Takeaway

You can save a lot of time and money by using this simple, intuitive, user-friendly smart interface to automate and manage the business travel experience. It is as simple as that- You be good to your BD employees and they will be good to you.  Close fist your business travel expenses the smart way and contact us for a free demo now!