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Artificial Intelligence: Meet the Game Changer for Recruitment Processes!

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are taking lot of attention lately! These technologies are also disrupting talent acquisition and human resources management. There are companies that are in favor of bringing in robots to work place. But, what does AI means to HR? And, how the HR technology can benefit from AI?

Benefit of AI For HR

HR has more complex data management and analytics than any other department in the organization. With AI, these analytics and data processing can be accomplished in seconds. Below are some benefits that can help you understand how you can embrace the AI strategy in your recruitment process.

Turn Piles of Resumes into Short-Listed Candidates

On an average, every corporate job opening attracts around 250 resumes. Out of these only 4-6 candidates are invited for the first-round of interview. It is further refined and then finally one candidate is selected and offered the job. In a scenario where the company wants to fill 5-6 positions in a month, just imagine how many resumes the HR go through to get the right candidate.

Using AI technology, the above-mentioned process can be handled in lesser time. AI just needs feeding of certain keywords that can help it to scrutinize the profiles so far received for the respective job position. It can easily turn piles of resumes into a short-list of qualified candidates.

The AI technology can help the HR department to focus on resumes that need more attention rather than spending time on dealing with the ones who are not qualified for the position. The entire process can be cut-short with more appropriate results and help the HR to focus on other important chores that are crucial for the growth of the organization.

Chatbot – Say Hello to Your New Friend!

To scrutinize piles of resumes is a tiresome task. On the other hand, it is frustrating for job seekers when they send their resumes and never been contacted by the organization. They keep on thinking day-in and day-out, whether someone has received their application or cared. Implementing Chatbots can improve candidate experience.

There are employers who think that getting a negative candidate experience can also affect the company’s goodwill. But, how to overcome this issue? Well, this is where AI in the form of chatbot can be of a big help! Chatbot can help the candidates throughout the application process. It can also help the candidates by sharing the status of their candidature. The chatbot also helps the recruiters in saving time.

Voila! Now this is what the companies are looking for!


AI can do the mundane task of sifting through thousands of resumes and shortlisting the ones that match your needs. It frees the HR team’s time to focus more on hiring the right candidates, than just going through a pile of resumes. It also helps candidates get a better experience when coupled with chatbots. Lack of response is a very big frustration for candidates, and negative word of mouth doesn’t help your business when you need quality resumes to go through. A chatbot can do what an automated email cannot – it can establish a conversation and give a personal touch to the communication.

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