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Are Your Employees Happy with Your HRMS? 5 basic questions every HR should ask!

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Just implementing a HRMS software is not the end of the story. It is the beginning, in fact.  The real success of a product is determined by the happiness of its users. Here are 5 questions every HR MUST ask its employees to check user acceptance and success of their HRMS software.

  • Do you think installation of HRMS has made your life easier? Is it simple to use?
    The sole job of the HRMS is to make the work-life easier for each employee. The menial and manual tasks of recording and reporting must be simplified. No one other than the user of the software knows about the bugs in the system. Ask your employees how it has helped them abridge the gaps in their daily operations?
  • How do you like being able to track you attendance, leaves and more through the software?
    HRMS allows the employees to keep a track of their attendance, holidays taken as well as their salary slip. It also helps them get a response to a leave request easily without any rush and push to the HR department. Ask them if they like the new way!
  • Is it easy for you to know about the upcoming company events and get a quicker response to your tickets through HRMS?
    There could have been many events which the employees must have missed only because they forgot to check the notice board. Has the system helped reduce this communication gap? Do their queries to the support team get prompt response now?  Ask your employees if the virtual helpdesk has helped reduce their headache for small things
  • Has it improved your connections with the fellow employees?
    HRM softwares often come with the features of showing the upcoming birthdays/ anniversaries of the fellow employees on the dashboard, allowing the user to send a wish. Also, every employee can know about the new recruitment made in any department of the company, making it easier to connect with the newbies. Ask if this has helped in breaking the barriers of communication.
  • Is your paper work reduced after the installation of the HRMS?
    HRM software must introduce your employees to new technology. If they are still working with same paper load than earlier, then it’s time to know that something is wrong!

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