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Are your employees happy? 10 Signs HRs should always look for

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As an HR person, it’s important to know if your employees are happy. Here are 10 tell-a-tale signs that you can look out for inconspicuously to ensure that your folks are doing well!

  1. Smiling

A real smile always gets reflected in your eyes. While talking to your employees, observe their smiles. Is the smile natural or fake? With the smile and eyes, you would be able to measure the happiness of a person.

  1. Vacation Pattern

Employees, who have planned vacations are generally happier than those who have unplanned frequent vacations. If the employee’s availability is predictable and balanced with planned vacations, it is generally a sign of a happy employee, who knows when a break is needed and also eager to be back at work.

  1. Reaching To Work On Time

A satisfied employee would love to come to work on time. If a person reaches office in time with a genuine smile, you can easily make out that they are motivated towards their work assignments.

  1. Building Friendly Relationship With Colleagues

Studies have shown, when co-workers spend more time together it can be good for business. Good working relationships and camaraderie help organizations create higher performance in the workplace.

  1. Contributing Towards Voluntary Work Events

If your company is organizing voluntary work events over and above the normal working hours, employees, who participate, are reflecting happiness with their jobs.

  1. Preserving Company Resources

A happy employee would never like to misuse or see wastage of their company’s resources. Consider how often an employee is asking for office supplies, such as stationary. Other examples can be wastage of electricity and coffee.

  1. Behaving Passionately

An unhappy person can never work with passion or energy. Passionate employees strive to do their best, are quick to alert if things are not going well and always ready with suggestions on how to make things better. Look out for employees, who exhibit high energy and passion levels.

  1. Proposing Solutions

A satisfied employee will always like to contribute in discussions and can invest time towards the growth of the organization. If your employees voluntarily take the time to think about the company’s future, take it positively.

  1. Showing Optimistic Attitude

To determine the number of employees that are optimistic and happy with the company, conduct a meeting. Take their feedback. People providing positive feedback are happier and vice-versa.

  1. Good Working Relationship With Manager or Boss

It is not necessary for employees to be friends with their boss but they need to have a good rapport. Employees, who have a good rapport, generally tend to get recognition and support from their manager and perform better.

A happy employee can help in creating a productive and vibrant work atmosphere. Employees, who do not display any of the above signs, need support and action from the HR to bring them into the happy zone.  

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